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Thanks Sn1p3r!! Could you also give info about the type of IR LED's used? Like their wavelength, Power and range? (Asking so that this can be made from scratch)
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Default Re: Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) Camera now available

Reviving an old thread...

An active night-vision system is not as effective because it just works like headlights - you see only as far as the headlight beam will go. Only in this case instead of visible lights headlights, an IR headlight is used (which is not visible to human eye) and a near IR camera is used to capture the light. You might as well use your high beams!
These cameras have short range, poor identification of live stock and also get blinded by the oncoming headlights. These do not work well in fog and snow. Mercs use active night assist using IR headlamps. The advantage is high resolution good quality near vision.
Since pedestrian detection is very poor most cars (mercs & Lexus) using this technology further process this signal and highlight pedestrians artificially.

A thermal camera capturing far IR (passive system) is much more complex, than a simple near IR camera and it is many many times more sensitive, So much that it can pick up natural heat radiated by any object from even a km away. Hence it's advantage in night vision. There are no headlamps required, it doesn't get blinded by the oncoming headlamps, and it can see through smoke and fog. Disadvantage is poor resolution. Audi, BMW, GM, Honda all use thermal camera for night vision.

PathfindIR is specifically designed for automotive use and gives 25hz(PAL), 30hz(NTSC) output. Though due to US govt regulation only 8-9hz is allowed to be exported out of US.
Originally Posted by sn1p3r
The maintenance of microbolometer is not that simple and these are good for static surveillance,
The microbolometer used in pathfinder is zero maintenance one. This is used like a simple camera with a 12v input and a composite video out. It is hermatically sealed and weather proof.

Originally Posted by tsk1979
The cost seems to be a bit too high.
CMOS/CCD cams are inherently sensitive to IR light. for example you can get a sony nighshot camera for 200$ approx, and it will show the night in green in 640x480 resolution.
The while system with camera, wiring and screen should not cost more than 50-60K.
To mistake a Thermal camera for a regular IR camera will be a big mistake. As I said above the thermal camera captures Far infrared (wavelength closer to microwave) which is actual heat that you can feel.
Whereas the regular IR camera capture near IR (wavelength closer to visible light), not hot - like what comes out of remote control.

Humans, at normal body temperature, radiate most strongly in the infrared at a wavelength of about 10 microns. And the pathfindir cameras are designed to be sensitive and highlight this (8-14microns).

So has anyone got it here yet???

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