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Old 10th October 2005, 23:03   #31
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Slightly off topic....

As far as I know, right since the very beginning, HM sold the Contessa with Tinted Glasses (Including the windscreen) as standard fitment.

Anyone has any idea which cars these days have tints as standard fitment ?
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Old 10th October 2005, 23:18   #32
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Originally Posted by adya33
yes ofcourse & if your search forum I have always opposed to underaged driving

found it just wierd that a seniour member like you would actually discuss some illegal stuff

if you want to look at things from that angle then even street racing is illegal.and many members iindulge in a little drag race(without betting).vtec againt baleno.you and i have read countless such stories.as i said in some other post a lot of the members including me began driving before the legal aged.at that time we felt it was okay as long as we abided with the rules.if we did it and didnt find anything wrong i dont see why dadude or for that matter any other underaged driver shouldnt drive.if he drives safe and follows the laws(except the one which hes braking)i see nothing wrong.

secondly most underaged drivers know that they well get sc***** if they bang or something so they tend to drive more carefully.the ones that usually meet with accidents are those who drink and drive and i dont stand by that at all.here hes just driving and i see nothing wrong.senior member or newbie everyone is here to express their opinion.some may agree with me most wont.but i know a lot of people drove before they turned 18 some of the mods did too.so why not now?? just because we have passed that phase ??
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Old 11th October 2005, 10:03   #33
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dark films do look cool....but i wud suggest one should not go for it ...unless uve got influnce in the police or ministry
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Old 12th October 2005, 05:14   #34
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There are film varieties made by Llumar, 3M and V-kool, that I know of, which claim to do the work of blocking glare, UV rays, etc, significantly, without being very dark at all. These are extremely expensive, in the region of 10-15K per car for sides and rear.
Anybody know whether these "clear" films work as well as claimed?
and what technology is used in their manufacture?
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:17   #35
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Default Sun Film

hey guys,

What kind of film do i put in to my XING to prevent excesive Sun and for more effective airconditining....
Most of teh film ive seen starts peeling aftera while and stetrs lookin very shabby indeed....

P.s: should be able to see outside whiel driving....
P.s: shouldnt have cops breathign down my necks...
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:21   #36
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I thinkign I posted on this on the wrong forum section..oops sorry
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:27   #37
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You can go for VCool.. If u are looking for more life of film. Many of my friends are using it. They are happy with it.
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:33   #38
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thankx prakash,

but i hope its no too dark..I only want it for better air con....
What wud it cost??
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:54   #39
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http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/modifi...light=sun+film (Front windscreen sunfilm?)
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/modifi...light=sun+film (Sunfilm - Which is your favourite Colour ?)

ther! Do a search next time. Phew!

Last edited by jkdas : 8th June 2006 at 14:56.
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:57   #40
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sk456 there are many options

and another big name i'm forgetting the name
and garware (lower end ones are avoidable).

Get a branded one and also get ur windscreen tinted it helps a lot in AC cooling with the delhi temperatures. All the brands come with different shades choose the one thats legit.


Ps. Looking forward to see to at the NCR Meet
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Old 8th June 2006, 14:57   #41
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3m charcoal st35......cops wont catch u

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Old 8th June 2006, 15:10   #42
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Llumar... and yes.. wrong section.. this has been discussed enough! Go thru those threads JK has posted..
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Old 8th June 2006, 22:35   #43
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have put 3M charcoal st35 on my nhc vtec which cost me Rs3000 and put garware sunfilm on my siena for 1200.the difference isnt that noticable....atleast not worth the 1800rs difference.
im not debating the quality of the 3M film but im just letting u know my observation.
the possible reason can also be that the nhc has a bigger greenhouse area and due to the excessive slant of the windshield it gets heated up more than the siena's interiors.
so in all probabilities the 3M wud be better.
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Old 12th June 2006, 17:54   #44
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can even try raybarrier(minimum tint 2 colours green and black) have it on my fiesta and its is good full car cost me 13grands
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Old 13th June 2006, 01:38   #45
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Can anyone please let me know the contact info of dealers of 3M sunfilms in delhi as it very hard to find a good one.
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