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Scissor doors anyday.

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Originally Posted by aveek View Post
The Benz 300 SL has me enraptured by it wings... totally spectacular... but you need the lines to carry them off... they'll look crappy on, lets say, a Lancer or a Honda, but amazing on a Jaguar or a Maserati...
Classic .... Beautiful car ... Beautifully executed doors .... It's a stunner ... !!
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lambo doors for me.guys do have any idea about these doors's prices?
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Cool Car door types

Originally Posted by devarshi84 View Post
no doors have any particular pros or cons.

See what you like and see what suits your car.

gull wings





While the gull wing and scissors examples are correct, the butterfly example is definitely wrong.

Butterfly doors are similar to scissor doors, but while scissor doors merely tilt forward and up, butterfly doors also rotate as they move forward.

OK, in detail:

Scissor, aka lambo, vertical

The name scissor comes from the way it comes straight down like a pair of hand scissors. Because Lamborghini knew that their door would be opening this way, they have the A-pillar out of the way, and the door comes straight down, just like the blade on your scissors. The pivot point is usually at the top corner of the door, near the A-pillar. It is assisted by a shock to raise the weight of the door.


Even if you don't think you know what this is, you do. Marty McFly drove a gullwing Delorean in Back to the Future, making it one of the most well known cars in the world.

The gullwing name comes from the profile of the doors open when looking straight at the car. They rise up as if a seagull in mid flight, about to swing its wings down. The pivot point for these doors is above the passenger compartment, where the roof is. This means the roof needs to be nicely supported because the weight of the door will be placed squarely on the top.

If you think about it though.... the gull wing setup is actually pretty common on vehicles... just not for the passenger compartment. Yep, you guessed it... SUV's use this setup for their hatchbacks. The door pivots on the roof, opens straight up, out of the way. Good for loading.

Well, if we have seagulls, we need butterflys, right? Yes, your mean $400,000 dollar Supercharged V8 618 HP McLaren SLR has cute butterfly doors. Don't feel bad though... they look incredible. Butterfly wings are close to scissor doors in that there pivot points are very close, and the doors end up in the same area. The difference is that with butterfly the pivot is usually on the a-pillar so that the doors turn towards the front, exposing more of the side of the door towards the front. The profile of a scissor door would be much less from a front angle... a butterfly lets you see the side of the door as it pivots sideways and turns up.


1. Sounds cool, doesn't it? It is, but dying isn't... so why "Suicide"?

Suicide doors have their pivot on the exact opposite side of "regular/OEM" doors, so they open up "backwards". The most common place you will see this is on newer trucks with extended cabs. Truck companies realized that they could have a bigger opening if they put the hinge on the other side, and now bigger people can squeeze into those little compartments behind the front seats.

Now, that is technically "OEM" because it came like that from the factory, but don't get confused... no ones calling it that.

But why "suicide". They call it suicide because if the car was driving, and you decided to roll out, you would be killed by the door smacking into you, whereas a "regular' opening door wouldn't be there to ruin your day with a nice headshot.

2. A suicide door is a car door that is hinged on the trailing edge; the edge closer to the rear of the vehicle. The term reflects a perceived increased danger of the door falling open if it becomes unlatched while the car is moving[COLOR=#0000ff][1][/COLOR]. Because of the obviously negative connotations, the term is avoided in major automobile manufacturers' promotional literature, although it is familiar to many English-speakers and often used openly in the custom-car trade.

The door arrangement also instills other negative perceptions. While the vehicle is parked, such a door would hide an entering or exiting passenger from the view of passing cars. The result of the door being hit by another vehicle would likely be more catastrophic, since the door would be slammed shut onto the passenger, even if merely nicked on the outside edge. In contrast, a door hinged at the front would be pushed away from the passenger and possibly torn off entirely.

An arrangement where only the rear doors on a four door vehicle open in this fashion is sometimes called "kidnapping doors", presumably because it would make it easier to drag a victim into the car.


Come on guys, we are the land of the evergreen Maruti Omni; surely we know what it is!

Well, I'm no automobile engineer; just a Brain Surgeon. I did not write them up all by myself.

Here is the link to the original article with photographs of these types and more:

oem, lambo, scissor, gullwing, butterfly, sliding, suicide,

Also see:

Suicide door - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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My favourite has got to be the ones on the Koenigsegg CCX

"The dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors are a unique piece of engineering from Koenigsegg, which allow for maximum space efficiency when parked." - source: wikipedia.org
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NOTE: Post copied from another thread to this one for reference.

Originally Posted by jubin View Post
...i think sera comes with Scissor doors ?
Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 View Post
...it comes with Gullwing doors i think!
Originally Posted by skyline gtr r34 View Post
yup the sera has scissor doors , the 300 sl merc had gullwing doors .
Gentlemen, you are all mistaken.

Originally Posted by Cyrus43 View Post
The Sera has Enzo styled doors. Those are NOT scissor doors. The Scissor doors are what comes on Lamborghini Diablo/Murci..

The Gullwings came in the SL.
Cyrus here is correct - though he has not mentioned the type of door

The lambos have scissor doors - they are hinged at the front and they go up and down only.

Name:  03lamboorange.jpg
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The 300 SL gullwing has (no points for guessing) gullwing doors - they are hinged on the top (Like a seagull's wings).

Name:  IMG_4616 Custom.jpg
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The Koenigsegg CCR has Dihedral Synchro-Helix doors....umm..yeah. They are the only ones in this list that do more than just pivot on one axis. They pivot upwards but slide out at the same time.

Name:  koenigseggccrdoorsopen.jpg
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And getting to the point...the sera, just like the Enzo and Mclaren F1 has Butterfly doors, they go up and out. Usually hinged on the front and the roof.

Name:  IMG_4572 Custom.jpg
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Name:  199120sera1.jpg
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Picture sources:
rehaan13's photos and albums on webshots

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