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Old 10th October 2013, 18:56   #76
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)


I have a bad experience with EVO. My friend took a new fiesta and the OEM headlights bulb were not good. Called EVO and asked if they can fit 90/100W for new ford fiesta. Satya said it can be done and we visited there. On reaching there he did not have branded bulbs. We said no for the cheap Chinese one and asked for osram or philips. [Kindly note that these are not regular H4 bulbs]. So we need to go back next day to install the bulbs. He did install it by changing the plastic holder to ceramic and without a relay. On enquiry he said this will work without any issues. But within 3 months the headlight has gone bad. On opening we found that the ceramic holder is fully black and burnt. Also the worker has not closed the headlamp back assembly properly because of which full dust and other particles has gone inside.
Even when we went there we did not get proper service. I thought since it's just 1K job he is not paying proper attention. Hence I did not give the feedback initially.

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Old 17th October 2013, 21:10   #77
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

I live closeby & while I went for a walk, just visited Evo to ask if they had Diesel additives.

T'was like they don't care for walk-in customers irrespective of knowing what the person wants!

Anyway, its just a Diesel additive, I'll get it at any fuel pump. But would've p*ss*d me off if I went there for other stuff and was treated so.
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Old 20th October 2013, 14:38   #78
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

I called this guy (Sathya) twice, asking for directions so I could get reverse parking sensors fitted in my car. He couldn't be bothered less. Needless to say my business will go elsewhere.
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Old 11th April 2014, 17:11   #79
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

Replaced the stock speakers in my Polo at Evo on Saturday. Satya patiently listened to my needs and gave me 3 options out of which I decided to go for the Focal Integration series components in front and coaxials at the rear. Wanted to change my head unit too but Satya said that I would lose the steering controls functionality so I decided to leave the head unit as stock. It was a busy day and his staff was pretty busy working on a Duster that was there before me. So it was pretty late once they started work on my car. But in the end the work done was very satisfactory. I will be visiting him again to install an amp to power the speakers.
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

I recently got some work done at Evo. I wanted to get damping and audio upgrade done for quite some time now, but it kept getting postponed for some reasons. I didn't do much research, but went to Evo on some recommendations from other BHPians.

Satya recommended American Damping sheets (apparently, Dynamat has been unavailable for quite some time now), and Auditor brand speakers for both components and coaxials. Not having much idea about this stuff, I simply went by his recommendations.
Job quality was decent. Only sour point was they forgot to connect the antenna input to the deck, for which I had to go back to them again. I have since discovered that I have been charged on the higher side.

OT: I have been wanting to write Long term ownership review of my Fiat Palio Stile 1.1 SLX for some time now as I've now clocked 37K kms in the last 7 years of ownership. So, I'll share details of the work done and pics in that thread. In the meantime, if any one has any questions, please PM me.
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Old 21st January 2015, 19:01   #81
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

I called up Satya regarding alloy fitment for my car. I asked him to send me some pictures and price details.

Even after a couple of reminders, he was least bothered to respond. I approached this person just because he was a bhpian.

Also saw some dis-satisfied experiences in the previous pages. So I will stay away from this place.

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Old 5th May 2015, 11:54   #82
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

A colleague got a big audio job done on his Hyundai Elantra at Evo. If there is one thing I will say, this joint is a lot cheaper than EB Bass.

Lots of mixed opinions though about this place.
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Old 28th April 2016, 12:58   #83
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

Had my share of disappointment with Evo. Full details in my thread here - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/car-en...ml#post3961418 (Punto 90HP ICE upgrade with PHD, DLS and JBL. EDIT: Upgraded HU to Clarion CZ703A)

Mentioning the parts related to Evo only here -

a) Loose wiring in the cabin and several new rattles introduced after install. The clips on the left side of the fascia console seem to have been broken during the install and glue applied to avoid rattles, but it does anyways! The below picture should give an idea of the wiring issues. I'll need to clip the wiring behind the steering column myself since it obstructed with a braking situation few days back!

Name:  IMG_3761_800.jpg
Views: 1456
Size:  255.8 KB

b) RC cable issues - Not sure if it is the quality of cables or not, but the cables are just too loose fitting with the amplifier. It plays on and off every five minutes rendering the sub (and the music) useless. It plays at random on and off, and replugging the wire makes it play for another 10 minutes before the whole drama starts again.

c) Tuning - The boys at Evo completely manage the installation on their own without the supervision of the owner. So I was pretty excited when the owner came in at the tuning stage, got into the car on his own and started playing some tracks from his collection. 10 minutes later, he invited me to the car to listened to the setup.

Which i found as totally boomy and with the midbass and sub dominating everything else. Pointed out the same to him, and he only said - "Thats because you have been listening to the wrong music till now. This is how it should sound". Pretty much a direct poke, but said thanks, paid up and left probably wondering if I was wrong since I was used to the weak FIAT HU.

But no, other BHP'ians who listened to the setup were disappointed as well. Even with a high quality original CD, the bass was too boomy to make out the different notes. And it took a good two weeks of tuning to finally get the setup sound anywhere near to what I wanted. By the way - he also didn't know the head unit was active capable till i pointed out the specs. Wasn't bothered to do a background check on the product he was selling considering the low volumes I guess.

Overall, I would NOT be recommending Evo as an installation shop. A good place probably to buy the products, but I would recommend getting it installed somewhere else. My first stage of install was done at Powerzone, Chennai who was a dedicated installer in comparison - doing all the work himself, and supervising every small detail where his boys were involved. I would prefer to drive down to Chennai from Bangalore, if it comes to choosing between these two outlets.

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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Overall, I would NOT be recommending Evo as an installation shop.
I second that. Same experience when I got my ICE done at EVO. The boys did a shoddy job. A few week's later the speaker's cover came off. The owner does not even recommend if there would be a potential problem doing installation in a certain way. Listening to customer is one thing and doing everything as per customer needs even when it might lead to wrong configuration is a different thing - which the owner does not understand. I regret that I got my ICE done at EVO.
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Old 25th October 2016, 10:09   #85
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

Had to visit this place to re-connect the wires and cables on the amp in my car.

The only reason I visited this place was because it was close to my office and I didn't want to go all the way to EB Bass who was my ICE installer and tuner otherwise. This was my first visit and I did read this thread before heading out.

To start off, the shop looks so run down that it looks like a shack in a desert. There was just one guy in the shop(not the owner) who didn't bother enquiring even after seeing me park in front of his shop.
From his attitude from the beginning, I was starting to loose my cool. The way he spoke and asked questions were like he was doing this for free and I woke him up from his siesta.
All the wires and speakers were present and he started giving me the usual lines like these wires are not right, the connections are wrong and I had to tell him my assumptions on which wire goes where so he gets an idea. Finally he connected everything correct and like mentioned by Crazy Driver, slipped in their disc for tuning. That didn't matter since I had become good in tuning the system to my choice so I let him fiddle.

Not to forget the rough handling in which he moved the front seat and backrest like it is his toilet lid. When he did the same with the sub woofer, I gave him a piece of my mind and as expected he says nothing will happen.

Thankfully all I wanted was the amp to be re-connected. Not recommended otherwise especially when there are places who knows how to deal with a customer nicely so they are retained.

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Old 21st June 2017, 11:54   #86
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

Some of us had recently procured Bi-Xenon projector lamps from another vendor to be installed from Evo. Needless to say, our experience is very poor and I wouldn't recommend it at all. We had to re-do the wiring to avoid voiding warranty and safety. Full details here

Link (DIY Install: 3" XP Micro Bi-Xenon Foglight Projectors on my Swift)

I wouldn't recommend this place as a good source for installing after market stuff
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Old 5th July 2017, 15:41   #87
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Default Re: ICE/ Accessories : EVO (Ulsoor, Bangalore)

I will never recommend this place to anyone. They do not even know basics of safe automotive wiring. They cut corners everywhere. They were Authorised installers for Xenon Planet products and did a very bad wiring job in my S-Cross. Maruti has voided the electrical warranty.

Details here :

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