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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Oh!!! I forgot to add another point; though it might sound silly for most people, motorcycle fanatics like me cannot accept this...

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This is how the ODO reads. So if I need to know how much I've clocked on the new engine block, I've to subtract 1205 from what ever it reads. Reason? HMSI personnel says the ODO CANNOT BE RESET. I really find it hard to believe!!!. He says, HMSI has a track record of my ODO & I don't need to worry. I really don't know what to say.

Forget the new engine block, does this justify that I've bought a new motorcycle?

Forget about the confidence, I'm only worried that I shouldn't regret at some point in the future to have bought this motorcycle!!!

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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Oh man ,so sorry to hear this.Its so frustrating incident for a 2 lac bike.My experience with HMSI dealers are so pathetic, they are either rude or too much confident about their products because of which they lost me as a customer. Bajaj dealer as well as their Officials are slightly better.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

aargee - Sorry to hear that man. Just hang in there.

I felt a distinct drop in power after 12 days of running in in CBR. HMSI messed up the delivery date and the date that I paid and I had to give the bike for service in 20 days! (only 480 kms done) They did not have oil filter,and they changed only the oil - After the service, the bike seems ok (no such lack of grunt)

Did some mods on my R15 and am running it in (Joel's big bore kit and some more stuff) - So not running my CBR much. I'll check out for such issues in my bike too (since I felt total lack of grunt after 12 days)
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

This is indeed shocking. Completely unacceptable for premium sports bikes really.

Good old avengers, unicorns, pulsars, ZMAs have been ripped from the delivery moment onwards and never suffered anything.

That said, consider it a lemon and move on. Figure out how you can enjoy things from here on. Next time, take wifey on another ride and do 150 (speedo) this time
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

I had been to one of the HOnda Dealers Sai Point Honda in thane and they were very rude and no one bothered to even attend even though I had questions on CBR. The sales guy rudely tells me the booking is closed due to the Tsunami in Japan. Now I am so very happy to know that I did not book the CBR - Probably the Ninja will be a much better option after all.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Damn bad to read about this incident! Hope the bike performs fine after this and you overcome this bad experience you have gone through, aargee!!

Man, this reminds me of the lousy service and issues I have had with an RE bike - and I just booked the CBR yesterday trusting Honda to be better!. But it is in this situation that I am glad that you put up this post - respect! I want Honda (not HMS-whatever) to come across this post and understand that if they go the same way RE and other Indian bike manufacturers go with terms to service and all-round A.S.S, they will lose something that they are trying to build up - TRUST.

So Honda, hopefully you read this and the nightmare stories that we have been reading of A.S.S are all sorted out soon - get your act together. Numbers are not the game you are in for!

Damn - that was close to a heartfelt rant! Good luck with your biking aargee.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

I think we are over reacting. The HMSI have done not so bad a job by giving him a completely new engine within a reasonable time and the workshop has done their bit too. I agree that this should not happen but we have to understand that there are going to be a few lemons in every brand and the unfortunate thing is it came to you.

It is not nice experience but consider it as the past and now you have a brand new engine which is equivalent to a new bike. Enjoy the ride.

Is it a good thing to pile up the run-in kms in just a couple of days and then expect to revv the bike hard as though it was thoroughly run-in? I know the number of kms is the same but I feel there is more to controlled run-in than just completing it in a day and assuming the vehicle has required clearances to redline it.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Sorry to hear about this experience.

I can understand your pain. My brand new P180 DTSi engine almost stalled when service guys forgot to fill oil after first service. To say that i was shattered would be an understatement. However, 5 years down the line, the bike still is such a joy to ride. Hopefully, your experience will be too.

Thanks for putting up this thread! Will help a lot of people like me decide whether or not to put down their hard earned money.
Originally Posted by aargee View Post
What HMSI could've done better?
1. Ensure proper quality levels on the CBR250R. Sad to say, but some parts on CBR250R feel cheaper than some of their entry level bikes. Only assurance was that its a Honda, so mechanical parts will run for ever. But this thread shatters those hopes too.

2. Ensure proper treatment for the "premium" bike customers. Oil filters not being available for service is simply not acceptable. Infact, i was surprised reading your oil filter was replaced.

3. Ensure proper supply. The waiting period for many customers has been 6 months!

Anyways, i have been doubtful regarding my purchase decision. This thread seals the decision process. I am NOT putting down 2 lakhs of my hard earned money on this Honda till they relaunch it as a proper Honda. Sadly, N250r is way out of my budget. So the wait for a proper 250 continues.
Originally Posted by n_aditya View Post
Now the engine seizure is another hammer in the coffin for HMSI's brand image.
+ 1.

Honda's are known for their reliable machinery. Inspite of cheap plastic feel and visible rusts in some places, people believed the mechanicals will run forever! I have lost my trust to put such a big amount of this Honda now.

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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

@aargee:Sorry to hear this.I can understand when you spend such a huge amount and get such treatment/product,it is always frustrating.Do not lose heart.Everything will be OK.

The point is your old RX is still running fine but these 'World class' products for which they charge so much fail to deliver.As far as I know you from Team BHP,you are one of the best bike 'care takers' so far.Extremely shocking to see such bad attitude from HMSI towards customer.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

My apologies for your pain that you underwent with your Brand New Honda. Would still feel that Honda have done their best and given you a engine replacement within a week's time. Remember whatever circumstances are, Honda would have their share of process/procedures and conditions to be evaluated before they agree. They have managed to do this without you having to raise hue/cry or threatening them with any legal action. Few tales that we get to read on this very forum.
End of the day would say you have been given your due with a replacement engine which i supposedly think it a brand new. Lets be practical with these things and 'aamse matlabi rakhengey' rather than tree. On serious thoughts Honda will do sufficient if not exhaustive soul searching on this 'lemon' and might be able to have your specimen documented.

Enjoy your reborn stead with all Josh and free your mind. Agree time is the only healing factor which will need baby steps

PS: Not a big fan of Honda myself, but genuinely feel that they have done a honest job. They did go beyond the mile by shipping engine on a sunday instead of indulging in self denials.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Hi Aargee, sorry to hear about your ordeal with a new bike. But what HMSI did was excellent. Don't be put off by all this and enjoy your bike . I think the engine may have some manufacturing defect, running in method cannot destroy a engine like that.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

First of all you should have asked for a new BIKE, surprising that you were ready for piston/engine change for a 1k kms done bike? Your resale will go for toss if some one sees your bike history in RTO/Honda database.

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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

@aargee: We are sorry to hear you painful experience.

I am glad that I cancelled my buying decision.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Dude aargee, I read your post last night and I have been thinking of it all day today. If I was in your place I could have been quite devastated by now. Such buys are about passion alone. So bigger the heartbreak.

I have been closely following the CBR 250 launch in India. Actually I did book a bike back in Goa and is being picked up by a friend. I showed him your post and till sometime back he was in doubt whether he needs to still go with it or not.

He was told his bike will be delivered on 6-7 July.

We might possibly be seeing a lost customer for Honda due to this thread.

And he is quite alarmed at this and probably might be pointing some more potential customers to this post.

Honda has screwed this deep.

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Default re: Honda CBR 250R Review

Sorry to hear about the bad experience. I think you ought to look at the bright side, you got a new engine block in no time, which is a very big deal. You can find lots of threads here where people have had to leave their rides at the dealers, for months no end. Considering this, You are Lucky!

Sure, you will have little heartburn for a while. Nothing can resolve that better than a solo ride - for you to make peace with your ride.

Ride On.
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