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Default Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

At the outset, this is going to be one long thread (at least from my end), I somehow get a feeling of pouring out all at one place knowing that there are people around on this forum who think alike and respect your thoughts. Thank you, guys. Team-BHP Rocks!!

I was out of college in 2005 and had never owned a bike. Got into my first job and the only thing on my mind while at college was to own a bike within 2 months of getting into a job. I did miss the fun of owning a bike as a college goer; I come from the old school where my parents philosophised always "earning" things rather than "owning" things. Although I did miss out on the fun, but today I know what I learnt from it--I value my things even more and care for them. A BIG THANKS TO MY PARENTS.

So, exactly after 2 months of joining my first company, I was ready to make a downpayment for my first bike. Options were limited due to the axiomatic reason, Vitamin M. I wanted a bike, some bike honestly. It had to be fuel efficient, low on maintenance, and easy to own.

Here were my options
1. Went to Hero Honda in November 2005, test rode the most obvious stress-free bike of its time, the Splendor; did not like the gear shift and seemed very light--ruled out
2. Went to TVS, test rode Victor GX, booked it. The sales person, Manjunath, was more than helpful and got all the formalities done, including bank work, and I got the delivery a week after on November 21, 2005, in spite of my mom advising me to postpone the purchase to January 2006 to get a futuristic registration on the RC book (I know it is replaced by SmartCard now)

So, after years of dreaming, the day had arrived when I finally earned and eventually owned a bike!

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Default re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

The feeling of riding a bike was overwhelming, I know some might find it rib-tickling, but honestly, it was a feeling that no word can explain. It was a big thing for me. TVS is not a go-to name now given the fact that there are providers providing better-quality bikes, but it offered me all that I wanted in my first bike. It was a lovely little kiddo. I recall even reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h on the Mysore Road highway on my first long trip with my friends. For the record, that was the only time I reached speeds of that order of magnitude on my Victor.

Days became weeks, weeks months, and months years. Neither did the Victor made me think of other alternatives nor did I have an iota of feeling of replacing it altogether at any point until recently after 8.5 years of continuous (I must add, trouble-free) use. My humble workhorse (as aptly represented by the logo on the tank) had served me to the crest, more than what I could ask for.

I very well remember petrol cost was 35 per liter when I first filled fuel in this bike and I could go for weeks together without bothering to fill the tank up again. The bike used to easily fetch me 65 km/L and warranted only regular engine oil change, oiling, and cleanup and polishing. That is all I had to do to keep it in pristine condition without having to bother about breakdowns. The acceleration/power/pickup was optimum enough for me in city-riding conditions, but obviously I missed the adrenaline rush that we get with other powerful bikes; you get only what you pay for, isn't it?

Over the entire period of my ownership, I had to replace the clutch plates once and replaced the not-so-reassuring stock TVS tyres with CEAT. The headlight was adequate enough and the buzzer-inclusive indicators had to be replaced a couple of times, thanks to the ill-mannered "parkers" at office and elsewhere too. The bike continued to fetch me a decent FE up until its bequeath. A very satisfying, trouble-free ownership experience was taking a turn to finally end the long association with this bike.

Now, one day I realized, I need to move on and can upgrade too. This thought at the outset was bewildering, but I could not afford to park 2 bikes in my stable and neither would I have the time to take care of her, so I had to swallow the hard pill and decided to partway with it. I clicked some of its pictures, posted on a portal, and got a call the next day when I was starting to go to office asking me to get the documents along, just in case if the deal can be finalized. With a heavy heart and almost reluctantly, I carried the RC book with me to the office that day, with a very low believability that the bike is going to be SOLD the same day. The purchaser liked the bike after riding it and handed over the cash to me, I was almost in a comatose state when I had to walk back slowly to my workstation without the bike keys in my pocket. I actually had to come back home by bus that day, with no idea as to how I will travel the next day.

The time had now come to buy another transport. I gave a thought to a car, but traveling 40 km a day during busy hours in the bustle of Bangalore's infamous traffic gave me panic attacks and I had to abandon the idea knowing that the most convenient means per me, the bike, is a must, and car can be a recreational option, but not a regular option. The hunt began vigorously for my second bike, and this time I had the luxury of choosing the "right" and the most compelling one. I turned to TEAM-BHP for advise.

Uploading some of the last few pictures of my Victor
Attached Thumbnails
Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-wp_20140531_001.jpg  

Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-wp_20140531_004.jpg  

Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-wp_20140531_006.jpg  

Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-wp_20140531_007.jpg  

Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-wp_20140531_008.jpg  

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Thumbs up re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Now that I did not have a means of transport of my own, I desperately needed to decide on a bike and started typing out vigorously on the forum. Knowing that I am going to keep this one for may be a decade or so, if all goes well, it had to be a reliable yet powerful bike that would never let me down. Since I was using a more sedate, albeit satisfying, bike in Victor, this time around I wanted a bit more stylish and better-quality brand. It had to be a 150-cc bike with adequate pull and thrust.

I had the following on my mind:
1. Bajaj Pulsar 150
2. TVS Apache RTR 160
3. Honda Unicorn
4. Suzuki GS150R
5. Yamaha SZ-RR

The above list was drawn after due consideration to my usage and association of a pillion most of the times and the weekend outings with my progenies. The others were never on the shortlist.

After a week of grueling travel by bus (not that I mind traveling by bus on occasions, but had to do a lot of holahooping to board these, change 3 before reaching my office), I was getting restless and had to buy a bike NOW. I did not see this forthcoming since I never expected the Victor to get sold in such a brusque time.

Waited for the weekend impatiently and finally when the Saturday arrived, the first thing I did was to go to the bike showrooms to test ride some. I straightaway went to Bajaj (not in a preferential order, but was closest to my house), spoke to the sales executive who was kind enough in explaining the pros and even the cons of the bike, offered a test ride. Although I had rode the P150 on occasions, never did I ride it with the sense of observing its behavior, but this time I had to heed more to its behavioral characteristics. As soon as I sat on the bike, it felt stylish and the handle bar distinctly give me a rider's aura. Stepped on the gear lever and I was clear in my mind, this is not what I want. The bike was raw power, was noisy, and the gear shift was not smooth either. I walked out of the showroom with a strong "NO" in my heart and mind (mean no offence to the P150 loyalists).

Next, was the Suzuki GS150R. The first dealer on KH Road did not have one for me to test ride and had to go to Jayanagar to find one. Here, I met a very humble salesperson who very gratefully offered me a test ride. The GS150R came across as a no-nonsense bike. The 6-speed gearbox was a welcome change for the city- and occasional highway-riding conditions. The only thing I hated was that my knees kept hitting the bulge on the fuel tank, I am 6-foot tall. This annoyed me, but the bike felt super smooth, was very powerful, and meant business. The dealer quoted 85 K on-road with additional 15 K if opting for a loan. I had to rethink if it was worth it and the answer was NO.

Yamaha bike station was the next pit stop. The moment I stepped into the showroom, my heart told me "hell, boy! this is what you call a 'bike' showroom and these are 'the' bikes." They have an array of bikes with all fancy sequencing. It is overwhelming and also confusing (FZ, FZ-S, SZ-S, SZ-RR, YBR). I put my hands on the SZ-SS. This was stylish and had the executive look. The SZ-RR had a higher style quotient when compared to its sedate sibling, the SZ-SS. The FZ series was never considered given that my wify might find it uncomfortable because of the elevated and narrowed out backseat. The FZ was never meant to be for families after all. I rode the SZ-RR and had my adrenaline pumping. It sounded yum, the sound off the exhaust was music to my ears, the breaking was sharp, turning was crisp, and I was in love with it, totally! Walked out of the showroom thinking this bike is going to give me a tough time making my decision.

Next, went to Sapphire Honda in JP Nagar. The Unicorn fitted the bill in all aspects. Test rode it and found it to be a silent performer. No squeaking sounds, smooth engine, and most importantly for me, smooth gear shifts. I hate when the gear lever makes that "tak-tak" sound. Just because you are sober, doesn't mean that you cannot be aggressive, isn't it? The bike offered me enough pull to move from a stationary position with a pillion rider behind me in 2nd gear. This was reassuring, though low on the style quotient. Shortlisted.

Came back home with only 2 bikes on my mind. The YAMAHA SZ-S and the HONDA UNICORN. Thought to myself, this is going to be one hell of a selection. Went through some pages on the web, wrote a few lines on the forum, spoke to a couple of friends, but still the answer was not outright. It was a huge dilemma. I liked the SZ-S but the thought of poor Yamaha ASS and the wallet-killing spares made me hold back.

Went to bed on Saturday night still unsure in my mind, but I knew I had to make a choice in another day before office comes calling. Got up in the morning, closed my eyes, and listed down the pros and cons of both the bikes. My mind told me to go with the Uni but my heart vouched for the SZ. Given that I will have to travel roughly around 40 KM a day, the time I might have to spend going around the Yamaha service and Shell petrol stations seemed not worthy. The Uni answered all my questions and ticked all the check boxes in my mind.

It had to be the Honda Unicorn! Went straight to Sapphire Honda and made the booking. The sales executive who was coordinating the paperwork was on leave the day I went in for the booking and had delegated his work to a colleague of his. I handed over the initial booking amount and the required documents. I was informed that the verification process would take a couple of days, post which I might have to wait for a couple more days for registration and the bike can then be delivered. Waiting eagerly to get my hands on the silent beast!

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Default re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

The verification process (Capital First Limited) was a rather smooth one and was done and dusted in a day. Got a call from Saphire Honda asking me to make the payment. Went straight to the showroom and made the payment.

Here is the breakup
Downpayment=32565 (exclusive of accessories)

Total amount minus on-road price

1. Crash guard (complimentary) 0
2. Teflon coating (complimentary) 0
3. Engine guard (paid) 195
3. Seat cover (paid) 270
4. Hand grip (paid) 80
5. Indicator buzzer (paid) 70
6. IND number plate (paid) 750

I was also offered 0% deprecation insurance scheme that would be valid for a year and 5-year extended warranty at an additional cost, but I opted against it. If I opt for the 5-year extended warranty, I will have to service my bike only at authorized Honda service centers for the next 5 years, failing which my warranty would cease and Honda would not take any responsibility for any damages/issues arising out of non-Honda services. I only intend to get it serviced from Honda for the next 2 years, maybe, post which I will have to go back to my beloved mechanic, who has good knowledge about the nuances of a four-stroke vehicle.

Post payment, I was informed that I might have to wait for a couple more days . I was getting a little jittery, but registration and insurance had to be done, so no other option but to wait. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the silent beast!

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Default The Day Finally Arrived

After a week of painstaking wait, the day finally arrived on 17 June when I boarded an auto in the morning and went straight to the showroom along with the laptop, hoping that I can go to office directly from the showroom on the silent beast. Only a couple of guys were at the showroom. I went to the delivery bay and saw a Unicorn nicely polished and I thought to myself "here she is." Paperwork was done in the next few minutes and I was on my way to office on my new bike. I have uploaded the pic of my bike waiting for me to take her home.

Went straight to the Shell petrol station and filled up the tank to the brim. The ride quality was excellent. Adrenaline was pumping and I wanted to give her a serious workout on the Bellary Road on my way to office, but the words of the salesperson echoed in my ears "Ride within the economy range of 40-45 kmph." I had to heed to his advise in order for the engine and other components to give the due time they require to pump up before I can test her limits.

Here are the specifications:
Honda CB Unicorn - Standard Specifications
Speedometer Analogue
Tachometer Yes
Tachometer Type Analogue
Electric Start Yes
Tripmeter Yes
No Of Tripmeters 1
Tripmeter Type Analogue
Low Fuel Indicator Yes
Low Oil Indicator Yes
Low Battery Indicator No
Fuel Gauge Yes
Digital Fuel Gauge No
Pillion Footrest Yes
Pillion Backrest No
Pillion Grabrail Yes
Stand Alarm No
Stepped Seat No
Antilock Braking System No
Killswitch No
Clock No
Displacement (cc) 149
Cylinders 1
Max Power 13
Maximum Torque 12
Bore (mm) 57
Stroke (mm) 58
Valves Per Cylinder 2
Fuel Delivery System Carb
Fuel Type Petrol
Ignition Digital CDI
Spark Plugs (Per Cylinder) 1
Cooling System Air Cooled
Gearbox Type Manual
No Of Gears 5
Transmission Type Chain Drive
Clutch Wet Multiplate Type
Dimensions & Weight
Kerb Weight (Kg) 146
Overall Length (mm) 2095
Overall Width (mm) 756
Overall Height (mm) 1100
Wheelbase (mm) 1340
Ground Clearance (mm) 179
Seat Height (mm) 790
Fuel Efficiency & Range
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 13
Reserve Fuel Capacity (Litres) 1.3
Fuel Efficiency Overall (Kmpl) 60
Fuel Efficiency Range (Km) 780
Chassis & Suspension
Chassis Type Advanced Design Diamond
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Advanced Technology Mono-Suspension
Brake Type Disc
Front Disc Yes
Front Disc/Drum Size (mm) 240
Rear Disc No
Rear Disc/Drum Size (mm) 130
Calliper Type --
Wheels & Tyres
Wheel Size (inches) 18
Front Tyre 2.75x18 42P (4PR)
Rear Tyre 100/90-18 56P
Tubeless Tyres No
Radial Tyres No
Alloy Wheels Yes
Battery 12V-7Ah
Headlight Type Multi-Reflector Type
Headlight Bulb Type Halogen 12V 35/35W
Brake/Tail Light LED Tail Lamp
Turn Signal Yes
Pass Light Yes

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Default Riding Experience

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pro, but don't expect a high-fidelity review of the bike. I am just to trying to share my experience with whatever words I can muster.

The Honda Unicorn is built for executives who want the added advantages of fuel efficiency, power, and looks all in one package. Its 149.1-cc enough has enough juice to pull 2 adults in start-stop traffic of a busy city. The engine is super refined and the gear shift is smooth; gears never slip. I reached my first milestone of 111 KM on the third day of purchase and as of now I can say that the riding experience has been satisfying. The bike has maximum power of 13.3 bhp at 8000 rpm and torque of 1.3 at 5500 rpm, but these figures are not the right indicators for the pure bliss that this bike has to offer. On the first day of my riding, the engine felt a little raw and rough, but I knew this was because the engine was still too new and needed some lubrication to spruce up and show its true colors. Although the bike has still not reached a state where I can say that the ride is butter smooth, but I surely hope that things will change after at least the first round of service is done between 500 to 750 KM.

The toe-shift gear lever is not to my liking personally but is a new thing for me and I want to give it the due time it requires for me to get acclimatize to it. There is always an option for changing the gear lever to a toe-heel type for a mere 150 Rs. The bike offers you decent pickup and you would feel no jerks on moving from a stationary position. Honda claims a speed of 0-60 in 5 seconds which I am yet to test, but I am sure it can match up to those numbers, if not go beyond it at least.

The Unicorn comes with a front disc (240 mm) and a rear drum (130 mm) brakes. The brakes are adequate and reassuring. The brakes felt a tad tight, but I expect this to change post the first service. I use both the brakes simultaneously; hence, haven't been able to test the efficiency of the brakes individually. Using only the rear brake might not be adequate enough to stop the bike in a jiffy, but "combi-braking" is highly recommended, not just in this bike for reassured braking. The suspension felt too low to my liking, not sure if it is a flaw with my bike but anyway will get it checked from the mechanic when I go to the showroom to collect my new IND number plates.

The looks of the bike are not the ones to die for. It cannot match the road presence and the looks of a Pulsar or an Apache, but it surely can match them when it comes to performance. Like I said earlier, this one is meant to be for executives and not to the college-going-high-flying-party-loving creatures. The plastic used is of good quality; however, I felt that the fitments and the alignment could have been better. In the same breathe, I would also like to point out that the rear tyre and the bud flap are not in exact symmetry (will try an upload a pic some time later); not sure if this is a flaw only with my bike or is it an alignment issue, will get it checked anyway. The headlight is not very lustrous but is adequate enough I guess. The indicators could have been better. Bajaj wins this one hands down for the innovation it has displayed by using the flexible ones to avoid frequent breakages. Unlike the headlight, the rear lamp is super bright and stylish too. The high-set lights give it a premium look mounted on the not-to-firm capsule.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. This one seems to be the one who is going to go a long way and is surely going to be a humble workhorse who is not going to let me down. Awaiting the first service as I am surely testing my patients to the crest trying to ride withing the specified limit of 40 KM. I would definitely recommend this bike for anyone who is looking for a reliable yet stylish bike for daily use.
Overall Rating
Attached Thumbnails
Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-first-pic.jpg  

Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-key.jpg  

Review: My Honda CB Unicorn-111-km.jpg  

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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Motorbikes Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Went to the service center and got the misalignment checked. Per the showroom manager, the slight tilt in the rear mud guard is due to the bikes being stacked up in the truck during transportation from Haryana. A very weird reason for me to believe. He anyway adjusted the rear wheel and the alignment between the rear mudguard and the rear wheel is almost symmetrical now (not satisfied though).

The one thing I sorely miss in this bike is the push-button that would allow me to switch the engine off without having to use the key. A friend of mine suggested getting it installed. Want opinion from you guys if it is possible without disrupting the originality of the bike to a larger extent.

Please suggest!

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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Don't get the Engine Kill Switch installed. You will get used to the key. It is a convenience, sure, but not at the expense of possible errors by outside installation of such switch.
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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Originally Posted by ani_meher View Post
Don't get the Engine Kill Switch installed
I was considering getting an Apache assembly and replacing it altogether on the right hand side of the handle. This would include the kill switch, the starter, and the headlight control. I am presuming it wont affect the overall functioning since we are not modifying the existent assembly but replacing it. Please advise.
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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Congrats on your purchase buddy.
Originally Posted by HorsPwr View Post
I was considering getting an Apache assembly and replacing it altogether on the right hand side of the handle. This would include the kill switch, the starter, and the headlight control. .
IMHO it will void the warranty as Honda is finicky about outside installations (experts?). Also, Apache headlight switch has three modes (off, pilot lamps on and headlight on) where as Unicorn has just off and on configuration. How will this be handled?

Give yourself some time you will get used to the current setup or else you can go for the planned mod after the warranty period is over.
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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Time flies indeed! It is almost a month since I bought home the Uni and it was time to replenish her. One of Honda's service centers, Dhruvdesh Honda, is opposite my office and was the first-choice for me for this reason. So, called them up on a Saturday evening to get a booking and I was informed that they do not accept/expect any booking and it was on a first-come-first-serve basis. Come Monday morning, took out the bike and went straight to the service center at 9 AM. Pleasingly, the service center itself wore a professional look. As soon as I stopped in front of the entrance, an office boy welcomed me and I was made to wait where vehicles were being received by 2 servicemen.

I waited for 10 min and the serviceman came towards my bike, inspected it very carefully, asked for any issues/concers, noted all the things down, and handed over the acknowledgement. My bike has already taken up some minor scratches that the serviceman pointed out (I never knew about these!). He advised me to go for a polishing/buffing round to clear these out, and there was a "BUY 1, GET 1 FREE" offer on it too.. Confused? Yes, I am right, you pay for one session and the next time you go to the service center, you get the service free of cost. It sounded good enough and also those minor scratches necessitated it, so I went for it for an additional 400 Rs.

The seat makes a squeaky sound whenever there is a weight fluctuation on it, the clamp is not seated correctly in the slot obviously. I pointed this out to the service center guy, and to my surprise, he informed me that it was normal for a Unicorn and almost all the bikes have this problem. This sounds pretty strange to me.

Unicorn owners: Please advise if this is true, and if yes, what is the solution to get rid of this noise??

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Default Re: Review: My Honda CB Unicorn

Originally Posted by HorsPwr View Post
I pointed this out to the service center guy, and to my surprise, he informed me that it was normal for a Unicorn and almost all the bikes have this problem. This sounds pretty strange to me.

Unicorn owners: Please advise if this is true, and if yes, what is the solution to get rid of this noise??
My Unicorn is over 9 years old and I have not had this problem at all. However, I can only think of the rectangular rubber blocks (attached to the seat) resting on the chassis that could probably be the culprit. If you care to spend some time on the bike, I suggest you remove the seat and do a careful inspection around the area from where you feel the noise is coming and do a bit of dampening over there. It could be a simple DIY for all you know. None of the service centers are interested in taking up small niggles such as this as it may not add to their coffer.

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