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Default Re: RE Electra Custom

I strongly suggest you transport it to a mech.Those tata ace flat beds won't take more than 200 Rs for transport I presume.

From what you've said it seems like the axle bolt is bent,hence preventing it from coming out.Try posting the same query here.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/motorb...d-queries.html (Royal Enfield Queries)

A few more pics would be helpful too.
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Default Re: RE Electra Custom

Originally Posted by rbppt View Post

I recently had an accident and my Bullet suffered a few damages and I'm currently in the process of stripping it down entirely to check for more signs of damage. The reason I write this post is that I'm stuck in a slight problem I can't seem to resolve.

The front shockers have been bent on impact and I'm guessing the axle's been damaged as well. As I reached the point where I had to loosen the axle nut, I realized that it won't come off. It came off till a certain point and refused to spin further. I tried everything. I sprayed some WD40 and left it overnight, but the nut was still as stuck as earlier. Then, I heated the nut with a Dremel, but the nut still won't come off. I cannot take the bike to an expert, for it's not really in a rideable condition at the moment. So the only way to overhaul the sitch is to cut the axle in the little half an inch gap I have there using a power tool. My question is, is there any other way to go about it and if I do have to cut it, will the axle get cut easily (aren't they specially hardened)?

Is there a better thread I can post this query where I might get more answers?

Admins, if you would be kind enough to shift this to an apt thread, please do so. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks in advance.
Why don't you just cut the nut, wedge a flat screw driver into the cut and take the nut off . Those wheel axle nuts are a cheap replacement. The job will be easier if you have access to a dremel cutter. And be careful if you are heating the nut with a blow torch while it is still in the axle because the heat could easily damage the rubber grease seals and may damage your speedometer pinion mechanism as well.
regards adrian

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Default Re: RE Electra Custom


Thanks for the replies. I did manage to free the nut from the axle. Luckily, I didn't have to go as far as cut the nut or the axle. Fizing a long rod to the spanner and loads of brute force and patience did the trick. Will keep you all updated on the progress. Thanks so much for the quick replies again. Really appreciate it. Cheers.
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Default Re: RE Electra Custom

You will need a pair of 10mm wrenches, a 16mm open end wrench and a 24mm open or box end wrench. (spanners).

Use the 24mm box end (closed end) wrench to loosen the large nut on the axle. If the axle tries to turn, use the 16mm (or an adjustable spanner) on the small flats to hold the end without a hexagon to keep the axle from turning.

If the large 24mm nut is presently unscrewed as far as it will go, screw it back on until it starts to tighten. This will expose the threaded end of the axle.

Now, examine the exposed threads on the axle. They should be precision V shaped with sharp ends but I suspect that those towards the outer end of the axle have been flattened or otherwise damaged in the accident. If they are damaged (flattened), that is the reason the nut is not coming off.

The threads that are exposed while the nut is tightened serve little purpose except to align and start the nut so, using your Dremel, carefully grind away any of the damaged exposed threads. This will not reduce the strength of the axle or the "working" threads.

Once the damaged threads are ground away, the large 24mm nut should unscrew easily.

Once the large nut is removed, use the two 10mm wrenches to loosen the clamp bolts and nuts and the axle should pull out of the wheel.
Don't lose the spacer(s) and be sure to give a good visual inspection of the speedometer drive so you can remember how to put it back together.
(IMO, taking a few photos of the speedometer drive and the spacer can be helpful when you need to reassemble it).

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