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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

If you can try convincing the show room guys to fit the brakes from GT TBTS500 makes sense. The brakes on the Continental GT is the best i have seen in RE.

Those front brakes are of greater effectiveness than the standard brakes from RE.

To be honest, the TBTS is not a really comfortable bike unless you are ready to make some minor changes to handle bar, seat and how you finally want to be positioned in the bike on those long and short runs. Its heavy yet torque which has its own benefits and its own cons as well.

Each bike has its own pros and cons. Having tried a wide range and owned a bull for 10 9years now and had my stint with the KTM's i still think KTM200 or 390 makes more sense by fun/cost ration. Amount of fun per rupee spent for me was highest in the 390. Nothing else came close except for the RX100 .

The 200 is the most practical city bike with so much traffic because of its gear box, weight and its ability to be nimble and ready all the time.

Try them all and find which one suits you well.
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

Originally Posted by VW2010 View Post
If you can try convincing the show room guys to fit the brakes from GT TBTS500 makes sense. The brakes on the Continental GT is the best i have seen in RE.

Those front brakes are of greater effectiveness than the standard brakes from RE.
Yes you are right due to different tyres and braking system used on the GT as compared to TBTS 500. Just attaching a screen shot comparison between the TBTS 500 and Continental GT.

Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs-untitled.jpg

SOURCE: Information taken from Royal Enfield website.

If anyone can get hold of the tyres as well as the front brakes then IMO things should be well in favour of the TB 500.

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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

Originally Posted by sam_sant2005 View Post
1) He will use the bike twice or thrice a week to office.

2) Commute is from Electric City Phase 2 to World Trade Center in Bangalore. Distance to and fro total is 67 kms. This includes 20 kms (both sides combined) of Elevated non stop expressway.

3) He is not concerned about mileage - 30 is ok.

4) Comfort and decent Riding position are preferred. Bike should not lead to back pain

5) Last bike he rode in Bangalore was Pulsar 150 in 2003-04 and last month my last Karizma R for sometime for "commute testing" and he was happy it!

6) Planning to buy in 2015 first quarter.

7) Since ride is 65+ kms daily, occasional bursts of "unstressed" 100+ is essential.
Two bikes immediately came to mind are Suzuki Inazuma and RE ThunderBird 500.

Suzuki Inazuma

+ves : 250cc parallel twin with exceptional ride quality and stress free 100kmph cruising, fit and finish are with international quality, engine refinement, niggle free, price recently slashed by a huge margin.

-ves : Suzuki's A.S.S. is mediocre and the dealer/ service network is not great.

RE ThunderBird 500:

+ves : Its a Bullet , new age Bullet indeed with dual discs, FI, great instrument cluster, 500cc mill cruises stress free at 90-100 kmph, highway guru - relaxed posture, comfy ergonomics.

-ves : Its a Bullet , one might need to treat it with respect and care, you can't just abuse like any other bike.

Good luck with the purchase.
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

Just came accross news in overdrive that the Inazuma will be discontinued!

Link: http://overdrive.in/news/suzuki-to-w...ng-march-2015/
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs


I would strongly suggest you to have a look at the RE Bullet 500 too, apart from the list of bikes you posted. Bullets are always known for its ride quality. Unlike, the RE Classic series that come with springs under its split seat, the Bullet 500 comes with a wider and more comfortable single seat with great cushioning for medium and long rides, especially a plus point after a hectic day at the office I have heard few of my friends complaining about the seats on the Classic series, as they don't do great if you weigh less than 75-80KG due to the stiff springs but im not sure about it.

Occasional short bursts of 100Kmph+ would not be a problem on a Bullet 500 but the vibration is irritating above 120+. But ultimately, its the feel and comfort you would love on a Bullet rather than the explosive power when you crack open the throttle. Im not saying its slow and not fun. The sudden surge of power is great on the Bullet 500 due its "massive" torque and i guarantee that it would leave a grin on your brothers face when he is in the mood to have some fun.

Mileage would be around 28-30kmpl in the city and around 35kmpl on the highways. Due to the lack of a fuel gauge, the fuel knob ensures that you know when the bike is on Reserve, unlike the Classic where you have to guess the remaining fuel in the tank.

Maintenance was an serious issue on the old Bullets but things have become far better now. Oil leaks are almost gone and false neutrals happen only once in a while too.

Whatever it is, make sure you take your brother for a TD before buying. Hope my info was helpful. Regards !
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

Didn't he write somewhere earlier in this thread that he has already booked a Pulsar 200 ? Correct me if I am wrong brothers.

EDIT: My bad, his brother is yet to buy a bike !!

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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

I travel from Madiwala to WTC (about 75% of the OP's route) most of the days in my R15.
Traffic in evenings is amazingly bad.
Sometimes upto 1.25 hours for a 18 km ride even though i have tried so many different routes and changing gears every few seconds.
Mornings are generally better.

I would personally not recommend ThunderBird or Classic 500 even though they are lovely bikes on the highways. Not so easy to maneuver them in peak traffic (of course you ll learn to adjust after a while)
R15/Duke both are too stiff.

CBR 250R/ Suzuzi GS150R / Karizma / Pulsar 220 / Unicorn 160 - Any of these should provide a comfortable ride without too many hazzles.
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

Originally Posted by HillMan View Post
Honestly my suggestion would be to drop the idea of a motorcycle. Specially for Bangalore environment. Plainly he is not used to the polluted drive with your shirt changing its color by the time you reach office. The strain and irritation might be just too much for him to shun the bike after a few rides.

Bangalore has already moved on from a fan less city. A/C is a must in cars. You will sweat inside the helmet. Also Bangalore rains are pretty much unpredictable most of the year. It will be shiny when you leave home and raining by evening for your return commute. Better to exchange the M800 and add the 2.5L to get a more comfortable small car. You will save at the most a 15-20mins time riding a motorcycle, but the stress wont be worth it.

Small car because of a smaller footprint and good turning radius for navigating our busy roads.

Here is a nice thread to help kick start the decision making process http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/hatchb...atchbacks.html (Maruti Alto K10 vs other Rs. 3 lakh Hatchbacks)
+1 to the suggestion of getting a small car instead. Being a US returnee my self, I was considering the same option. MY first trip to K.R Puram, Majestic (no offence) changed the full idea of getting a bike. It's literally like a war zone out there in our city roads. Would not recommend such a long commute by bike.

In my humble opinion, get a small city car for commute to office, and a bike for weekend drives. Suzuki Gixer is a really good bike if you really want to go for the bike. Again, choice of bike would depend on how you wold be using it, if it's mostly intercity, it makes more sense to go for a 150cc mill. If you are looking at weekend drives, then a higher capacity motorcycle makes sense.
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

Simple, cost-effective solution is to go in for a RE Thunderbird 350cc, suggesting this ahead of the 500, because giving the driving conditions and traffic, after say a year or so, the bike shall only come out on a lazy sunday for a casual ride. Have seen many of my friends doing the same, and moreover, I guess 350 is easy on maintenance as well.
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Default Re: Office commute bike for 1.5 - 2.5 Lakhs

For my money, a lot depends on the kind of ride required. There are two different types of rides.

One is a cruiser, where the speed thrill is not the goal, you get a reasonably large engine spitting out even power and good torque. Mostly, heavy bikes. If this is the kind of requirement, a Thunderbird 500 fits the bill. I ride one and I can vouch for its highway cred and city friendliness. NO OTHER cruiser comes close to this in terms of city riding. BUT, it will not go beyond 100 (well, it will but you don't want it to).

The second type of ride is a racer. In essence speed thrill. Its very taxing on the body, however, some like it, and I do not blame them. In this case given the requirements, a Honda CBR 250R or a Duke RC390 might work well. However, if riding with a pillion is required, then the answer is undisputably Hero Karizma ZMR.

In any case, please ensure a proper riding gear for safety (helmet, jacket and gloves). Happy Riding to your brother!
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