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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!


Start with a small, used, inexpensive motorcycle (not a scooter which has its own quirks).

It's small size will make it easy to handle (and pick up). Its used condition will mask any other dents/scratches you will add and its low cost will be easy to write off if you really cause any major damage to it.

Once you feel comfortable riding the SUIM (small used inexpensive motorcycle), have learned how to control it at speeds over 30 kmph, brake with both front and rear brakes and perhaps done a bit of maintenance to it then, sell it and use the money to buy the Royal Enfield of your choice.
If you did no damage to your SUIM, you can sell it for what you paid for it so nothing lost.

At the risk of raising peoples backhair I'll add that you should get one of the newer UCE models of the Royal Enfield.
There have been so many improvements made to it that improve dependability and reduce maintenance that I can't begin to list them but trust me, they are there.

Happy Riding and keep it rubber side down.
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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!

I believe that for you riding will be a leisure activity like it is for most of us born gain riders. In such a case you would generally ride over weekends. You can join biking clubs in Delhi / NCR like Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run. These are brand agnostic and hold a couple of rides on sunday mornings when the traffic is relatively sparse.

I case the RE bug bites you, you can join the RE Clubs which are also fairly numerous and active. The Thunderbird is the closest you will get to a Lazy Boy on a RE bike. I own one and can vouch for it.

Happy Riding.

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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!

As someone suggested, get a RE on rent, they are available for daily rent, quite cheap, about Rs 500/day or somewhere close. Try living/riding the bike for one week or so, you will come to know, how easy/hard it is for you to adapt. Based on your learning, you can then decide if you need to directly buy a RE, or spend some time with a 100 cc commuter, to refine your basic biking skills before buying a slightly bigger machine. Likewise, after the first week, you can hire a Harley for a week too, just to check....
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I don't know if this would be a relevant example however the situation sounds similar. My wife wanted to try a hand at two wheelers after 100k kms of experience behind the wheel. I thought that the best vehicle to begin with would be an activa, which she managed to ride but could never feel confident. One of these days she made a request to try my 2010 Electra, I was apprehensive considering the weight of the bike however gave in to her excitement. To my surprise she rode it really well in the first attempt, all the extra weight of the bike added to stability. She's now a pro.

In my view, RE is indeed a good choice to kickstart your journey
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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!

I think the simplest thing to do would be to rent the bike for a week and see what really works for you. there are loads of places where you can rent a RE or harley for a day. The Price range from Rs 1000 onwards.

If you are buying a new car the best you can hope to do is read lots of reviews and maybe do couple of test rides. There is nothing better then riding something for a whole weekend to see how it feels.

btw, i have somewhat similar background in terms of riding bikes, i was an early learner , started riding a vespa at the age of 10! and then fast forward like 15 years (no bikes or scooters) in between, out of now where the bullet bug bit me and have been riding again for couple of years now.

cheers and enjoy the ride!!
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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!

I am no bike guy myself. Do want to learn how to ride and eventually own a bike or two (maybe) someday, but it doesn't tempt me enough at the moment. However, I distinctly remember my mother learning how to ride a bike on an old Bullet and a really old Yezdi, back when I was 4 years old. These were on muddy farm roads mind you. The biking fad washed away soon after a year or so but she did it. She had never ridden a bike before and even today I don't really think of her as a good driver, but if she could do it I'm sure I or anyone else could
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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!

Originally Posted by prakattack View Post
Greetings All,

As the title reads I have never (really) owned a bike or ridden one. Due to accidents in the family growing up I was never allowed to ride. I rode pillion quite a few times but never enjoyed it. I'm a car guy is what I chalked it out to and let it rest.

So while I picked up the topic with the Mrs. (Who owns a 1980 bullet which she last rode maybe 5-6years ago and I think just rusted to the ground)
Mate I would advice you to take the plunge and buy a RE Motorcycle, and from what I have read so far about your expectations, I think RE Thunderbird will be an ideal choice for you.

Also I am amazed at the replies of our members who haven't suggested asking your wife to teach you riding. You have mentioned she owned a 80's Bullet and used to ride it. I believe she will be the best person to teach you how to ride a motorcycle especially RE. Also leave all the apprehensions about learning to ride on a Bullet. An RE Bullet is a very forgiving motorcycle and you will experience it once it starts rolling. I myself rode many a bikes before I bought my first Bullet Standard CI 350 1996 model 5 years back. Believe me mate I had a long gap before I rode any motorcycle after college. When I first bought my Bullet, I rode it on first and second gear for an entire week during the night to practice. I got to know that, "You don't ride the machine, the machine rides you." Royal Enfield motorcycles have a special bonding with their owners and vice versa. Go ahead and fulfill your passion and you will not regret. As you are a learner, I will suggest go for modern UCE motorcycles from RE stable. Thunderbird is my choice for you.
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Originally Posted by prakattack View Post
So here's the question ( or questions)

- RE Classic or thunderbird for a newbie? Or Royal Enfield in genera for a novice Good or Bad idea?

- Learn then buy (I know no one who owns a RE in town a few HD street 750 owners but no RE)? Inputs?

And any general feedback appreciated

Classic or Thunderbird - that's personal preference, isn't it? Don't think you should go by public opinion on that front.

Learning and then buying would be the better option. But then not on a Harley!! I don't know how close this friend of yours is to you, who's willing to lend you his Harley. If you think a few tumbles and dents on the Harley wouldn't affect your friendship at all, then maybe go ahead. Otherwise learn the balance-clutch/gears-braking on a smaller, older motorcycle, and then graduate to the RE of your choice. You don't wanna drop or dent your brand new RE, do you??
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Default Re: Never ridden a bike, want to buy an Enfield Bullet!

Curious to know what you finally did sir.

In literally the same boat (minus the rider wife). Had booked a bike last year but was out so didn't Take delivery. Now looking forward to it.

Did you learn on your bike? How was the experience?

Went to the Saket RE showroom yesterday as well. Definitely getting a bike, just want to know on the learning part.
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