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Default Re: Royal Enfield: Cracked Frame?

No. XRay, not DP.

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Default Re: Royal Enfield: Cracked Frame?

Originally Posted by gthang View Post
Wouldn't you have to strip the paint of the area that you are testing?

Dunno about expense, but stripping paint and repainting the frame does not seem like an easy thing to do unless you are doing that already to fix your broken weld.


Ride Safe.
X-Raying doesn't need to have the paint removed.
It is just like the X-Ray's people get but the kind needed for seeing thru steel parts is MUCH more powerful than the ones made for use on people.
A photo is taken of the area using the X-Rays as the energy and if there are any flaws in the material it looks different in the picture.
It takes a lot of training to learn how to analyze an X-Ray photo because often the flaw will just appear as a smudge or difference in brightness.

While I'm talking, there are other types of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) that perhaps your familiar with.

The easiest kind of these is Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI).
This kind is a dye that can creep into the smallest of cracks.

After it is applied and given a chance to soak in, the excess is washed off of the surface. This does not remove the dye that has soaked into any cracks.

A "black light" (ultra-violet) will cause the dye to glow brightly so any cracks on the surface will stand out and easily be seen.

This kind of NDT does require all surface coatings like paint to be removed.

It will work on steel, aluminum, titanium and every other metal you can think of.
It's weakness is it cannot detect cracks or flaws that are below the surface unless they actually reach the surface.

Because FPI works on all metals, it is used extensively in the aircraft industry.

There are some inexpensive Penatrant inspection fluids that don't need the black light to work.

These usually have some sort of bright dye in them, often red in color. They also can have a white material that covers the surface and allows the red to show up better.
These types of Penatrant are not as accurate as a true Fluorescent Penetrant inspection but they do have their place if their shortcomings are recognized.

The other common NDT is Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI).

It uses a fluid that contains a dye and very fine particles of steel.
This is applied to the surface of the part and while it is still wet, the part is subjected to a very powerful magnetic field.

If there are any cracks on the surface or totally buried below the surface, the ends of the cracks become tiny, individual magnets.
These tiny magnets cause the steel particles in the fluid to move into lines that follow the flaw magnetic field.

This allows the inspector to "see" below the surface to detect cracks or other non-magnetic things that may be buried there.
Because it shows non-metallic things and most common steel has some of this in it, it takes a trained technician to analyze what he's looking at.

MPI is often used in good Auto Repair/Engine Rebuilding shops to determine if the crankshaft, cam shaft or (iron) engine block has internal damage.

The biggest problem with MPI is it only works on steel or iron parts.

Now, you know more than you ever wanted to know.

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