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Default re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

Thanks for the detailed thread OP, bought an Blue access with alloy and disc, bike is exactly as you described! Hope to do few long rides(long for a scooter) apart from daily commute.
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Default re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

I recently purchased Activa 125 (Alloy+Drum) for my wife. I already have Access 125 (Alloy+Disc) for almost about a year, purchased for my father. Access is BS3 and Activa, obviously, BS4. The following are the quick comparison points I observed after driving Activa 125, hope it helps buyers in choosing the correct one.

1) The pick-up of Access is more, about 10%, to get an idea.
2) The footboard of Access is little long, useful to carry little more cargo.
3) The handle bar of Access is little higher. While driving, it feels like big head ahead of us. It also make getting in and out little easier.
4) The under seat lock is coupled with main lock. Also, there is small pocket on the front left, handy for some.
5) Only the front nose bumper is metal, rest of the body is fiber.

1) The engine of Activa is smooth, you can feel it on your accelerator lever.
2) The front telescopic suspension is little on softer side. I could feel little more bouncing on the same road compared to Access. I could also feel more front body vibration in Activa compared to Access, may be fixed in 1st service.
3) For handle lock, I had to turn handle little clock wise to lock it. It was same in other Activas I checked at dealership. Getting in detail, I found the slot for pin to lock is aligned in such a manner. Why Honda?
4) The accelerator lever had some sideway play, <- ->, giving vibration to hand during jumpy road. I think it can be corrected during 1st service.
5) The front hook (not the under seat hook), is sideways retractable.
6) Only the front body piece near battery and license plate is fiber, rest is metal.
7) Comes with Combi Brake + Equalizer. I doubt how Equalizer works!
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Default re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

On 18th May, I updated

Originally Posted by daretodream View Post
There have been drastic changes in personal life and professional life in last 3 months and I've not got time to update this thread.
.....- it is sad, but this life.
.....I intend to take My Milky bar for free servicing in next 7 days.

2nd Free Service Experience
  1. Originally due on 11th Apr @ 3500-4000 KMs.
  2. Actually done on 21st May @ 3067 KMs.

21st May was a Sunday and, thank god that Advaith Suzuki accepts appointment for servicing - else there was no way I could've got time to do servicing on weekday.

I reached service center sharp at 08:30AM sharp against advised time of 9 AM. I was 3rd customer to reach there. Staff processed customer vehicles on FIFO(First In First Out) basis.

During job card preparation, I did not report any malfunction/issue- asked them to do regular job. Since I had over-ran the 2nd free service window, I was told that I will have to pay Rs 100 as labour charge- I was fine with it.

I asked for below 2 extra accessories to be fitted:
  1. Ladies Footrest – my mother-in-law requested for this
  2. Indicator buzzer – I needed for this from safety perspective. I realized that I sometimes miss out disabling the indicator after a turn. Also, bigger vehicles' drivers are used to buzzer from scooters

This time also I intended to oversee things while my scooter was attended. Within 10 minutes, the mechanic/staff requested to sit in customer lounge and not in stand in shop-floor. The mechanics/staff were pointing at CCTV camera and saying it’s against policy. I neither pushed-back on this nor argued. I went back and stood near the customer lounge and tried to see what was being done.
It was a standard affair – drain oil and lubricate all joints. For some reason the mechanic was also working on adjusting the rear view mirror- when I had not asked for it!

I asked the supervisor (Mr. Bhaskar) for 2 things:
1. Clean polyurethane foam element of Air Filter(should be cleaned every 3000 KM as per manual)
2. Inspect and clean Oil Strainer (as per manual, should’ve been done in 1st servicing, but was not done. So, I insisted this time)

Mr Bhaskar replied that these works need not done as scooter is in pretty good condition. When I insisted, on the foam cleaning, he said that its overkill at this stage and he’ll do it in next servicing.

On the oil strainer cleaning, after oil was drained, Mr. Bhaskar called me over, had a mechanic tilt the scooter to show scooter under-belly. He pointed to the oil strainer and said that it is clean. I insisted that it should be taken out and cleaned, what he said – I could not completely understand it. I could make out that it requires fine skills to do it and we’ll do it perhaps next time. He repeatedly assured me that it is in good condition. So I just shrugged and let it go.
Below is photo of oil strainer at belly bottom:
My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-oil-strainer-belly-bottom.jpg

When I took delivery, the mirrors were so badly aligned. I asked Mr. Bhaskar to do the adjustment after I seated on scooter.

The total bill came to Rs 1366. The line item wise amount is as below
  1. Footrest Set: Rs 880
  2. Indicator Buzzer: Rs 100
  3. Idemitsu Engine Oil+Additive: Rs 220
  4. Consumables and GB Oil: 70
  5. Labour: Rs 100

If we remove the accessories, then my servicing cost would've been Rs 390.
My first servicing had costed Rs 289.

Scooter photo after the delivery:
My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-scooter-pics-after-servicing.jpg

Photo of Ladies foot-rest:
My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-ladies-footrest-fitted.jpg

Name:  ladies footrest folded.jpg
Views: 1194
Size:  115.3 KB

Friendly Neighbour Mechanic
I got the scooter by 11:30 and took it to friendly neighborhood garage. I asked them to clean the air filter. After the air filter was cleaned, there was hardly any visible difference between air filter before and after cleaning. My respect for Mr. Bhaskar’s credibility went few notches up after that.

Some pictures:

My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-airfilter1.jpg

My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-filter-beforecleaning.jpg

My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-filter-aftercleaning.jpg

I paid Rs 70 to the mechanic and went home with a relative peace of mind.

I will put in a subsequent post which will cover some updates about me and scooter.
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Default re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

The paper element filter in the Suzuki access ( the yellow filter in the above image) is smeared with oil from the company itself. I was surprised that there was oil on it but it's the same with all these filters. The foam filter ( black one in the image above) just needs cleaning with petrol or mild detergent and water. Dry and use it again.
BTW why did you remove the entire air-box for cleaning? You just need to clean the filter elements and the box from within.
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Default re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

Third Free Service Experience
Date: 16-July
Day: Sunday

If you have followed my ownership thread, you will see that Advaith Suzuki allows Sunday Service basis appointment.

I'd taken appointment and I reached Service center at 09:15AM and was 18th of 20 in queue. I was attended by 09:45AM and asked to come collect scooter by 12:30-1PM.

I'd some prior commitments and hence I could not stay at service center to oversee things personally.

As per Scooter Manual, below Inspections and Replacements are to be done at 210-275 days (6500-7000KM) servicing:

What needed to be done
Replace: Spark Plug, Engine Oil, Gear Oil

Inspect: Air filter paper Element, Valve clearance, Fuel Hose, Throtle cable play, Idle Speed, PAIR(air supply system), Drive Belt, Brakes, Brake Hose, Brake Fluid, Tyres, Steering, Front forks, Rear Suspension

Tight: Chassis bolts and nuts

What was actually done
  1. Engine Oil changed
  2. Gear Box oil topped up
  3. Rear Brake Shoe cleaned
  4. Idle Speed increased from earlier perfect setting (now idling at very high speed)
  5. Mirror stalks adjusted from earlier perfect setting (again!)

When I asked about below things, I was told that it is not required,
1. Gear Oil Replacements,
2. Engine oil strainer cleaning
3. Spark plug replacements

I have now realized that on Sundays, this service center does only below things and nothing else:
1. Clean scooter
2. Drain Engine oil
3. Pour fresh engine oil with additive
4. Top-up gearbox oil
5. Lubricate all joints
6. Clean drum brake shoes
7. Tighten chassis bolts
8. Play with idle rpm
9. Adjust cables
10. Polish

Requests denied till date
Why- because mechanic/supervisor feels after inspection that it is not required:
1. Air filter foam element cleaning (Denied once)
2. Replace Spark Plug (Denied once)
3. Clean Oil strainer (denied 2 times)

For #1, I'd shown a FNG and it was indeed fine.
So, I want to give benefit of doubt to the service center for now.

Mileage so far
The mileage before 3rd free service was: 44, 45, 43, 45 for each full tank
The mileage after 3rd free service has been : 44, 37, 41 for each full tank

I believe this is due to
a) high idlle rpm
b)driving in more chaotic bangalore peak hour traffic

The scooter has done 4901 Kms as of now.

Servicing Costs:
1st Free Servicing: Rs 289
2nd Free Servicing: Rs 1366 (purchsed buzzer and ladies foot rest)
3rd Free Servicing: Rs 694

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Default re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

On 7th September, my Milky Bar crossed 5000KMs milestone.
It took around 9 months since I got delivery on 12th December 2016.

This post is to discuss:
  • likes and dislikes
  • different stats of the scooter(mileage, fuel costs, servicing costs)

My Milky Bar
Name:  Suzuki Access.jpg
Views: 432
Size:  84.4 KB

Crossing the 5K Milestone
My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed-5k-kms-done.jpg


Engine: Engine is smooth and refined. Starts in 1-2 kicks every morning. I've been filling regular petrol from same fuel pump.

Power Delivery: This is the biggest reason I am so satisfied with my scooter. Very strong acceleration- pulls aggressively upto 60KMPH. Point and shoot and you break off from the traffic pack every single time- this is a boon in office commutes. Once I reach >40 KMPH, I yield and give space to larger displacement bikes/4-wheelers to overtake.

Ride Quality: The ride quality is firm and not plush. I have realized that if I ride this scooter beyond 1 hour, my back pains. A 20 Km ride from HSR to WTC takes about an hour in peak traffic. Any longer and my back would complain. On smooth roads, ride can be borderline plush. On bad roads or when you go through bumps/potholes - the jerks do get transferred to your back. The ride is more pliant with a pillion (I drive solo 95% of time)

Handling: The telescopic forks with 12 inch alloy wheel & disc brake give you enough confidence to push on clean roads upto 60-65 KMPH. I am very vigilant of the type of road surface- and I am very careful in gravel/sandy roads left after sun dries up the rain soaked roads. The scooter is very nimble, light and I am able to filter through the dense traffic. The turning radius is very small.

Other points:
  • The headlights are proper for the city commutes - no need for auxiliary lights or to bulb upgrade.
  • The chrome circular mirrors are very nice and functional.
  • One of the best looking scooters- In white– its looks so pure & pristine.
  • Exhaust Note is best among the scooters.
  • Service appointment and servicing has been hassle-free. Service has scope to improve.

  • Features: I do miss Pass-Light switch and a Clock on the console
  • Foot Mat is very thin and doesn’t stay put.
  • Servicing: Service center doesn’t do some inspections/cleaning/replacements as suggested by manual even when you insist.

KEY STATS(As per app- Fuelio):
  • Last Odo counter value: 5211 KM
  • Total Distance: 5210 KM
  • Total Fuel: 120.62 L
  • Total Fuel Cost: Rs 8755.46
  • Total Fill Ups: 25

  • Average fill-up: 4.82 L
  • Average Fill Up bill: Rs 350.218
  • Average cost per Kilometer: Rs 1.63 / KM
  • Average cost per day: Rs 31.61
  • Average cost per month: Rs 962.07
  • Average mileage per day: 18.8 KMs
  • Average mileage per month: 521 KMs
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 45.01 KM/L
  • Best fuel consumption: 49.5 KM/L
  • Worst fuel Consumption: 37.04 KM/L

Total Service Cost Rs: 1372
  • 1st free Service: Rs 289
  • 2nd Free Service: Rs 389
  • 3rd Free Service: Rs 694

  • Ladies footrest and buzzer worth Rs. 977

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Default Re: My Milky Bar: All-New Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition. EDIT: 5000 km completed

I live in Bangalore and Bangalore folks can understand the deteriorated road and traffic conditions in last 1 months due to rains. We've pot-holes, flooding and then traffic jams!

Due to road, weather and traffic conditions, it has been the hardest/harshest month for my Milky Bar in my ownership journey so far. I've not shied away from taking it out (I carry raincoat in under seat storage). My Milky bar has been as reliable as ever!

Past weekend, I washed up the scooter and did Ayudh Puja (Similar to Vishwakarma Puja of North India). I'm a North Indian, married to South Indian and we follow both! :-)

Some pics of Ayudh Puja of my 2016 Access and 2006 Activa:

Name:  ayudh puja1.jpg
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Size:  87.7 KB

Name:  ayudh puja2.jpg
Views: 183
Size:  86.6 KB

I plan to take the scooter for 4th Free Service.
I will post update post the service.
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