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Whoa I think you have beaten all records withe 3.5L odo reading on the AX100.

Please post a detailed review in a separate thread
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Just went through the entire thread 2004 to 2009 - awesome stuff! Why is it dormant? No more bikers joining TBHP? My list of 2-wheelers:

1. Ind Suzuki 1995 - just rode couple of times
2. Bajaj Priya 1996 - 2001
3. Kinetic Honda 1996-2001
4. Hero Puch 2-speed 1997-2001
5. Yamaha RX-Z 5-speed 2002 - present

Dream Bike: Yamaha R1 & Yamaha VMAX
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1. Bajaj Chetak
2. Hero Puch
3. Bajaj Discover 125
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1. IND-Suzuki AX100 (first bike, in 1987)
2. Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 RTZ
3. Yamaha RX100
4. Yamaha RD350
5. Yamaha R15
6. Kawasaki ER6N (Current)

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Bikes have been my obsession since i was a kid. My bikes:

1. IND-Suzuki AX100 (first bike, in 1987. Had an expansion chamber on it!)
2. Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 RTZ (Second bike, a real dog, used to seize at the drop of a hat! Sold it within 2 years)
3. Yamaha RX100 (bought second hand with 13,000 km on the clock, put in a 5th gear, rode it all over the hills, had it for 5 years. Wheelied in 2nd gear! An amazing bike, loved it.)
4. Yamaha RD350.(had a CDI from a RX100 i think, so not much power. I was the 3rd owner, but had it done up, so looked and ran like new. Still dream of the sound it made, sometimes Deserves the iconic status it has in the bike world)
5. Suzuki Shogun (rode this to Leh. Ok bike, but after the two before it, very forgettable)
6. Yamaha R15 (bought this after being bike-less for a few years.. blew my mind as to how far bikes had come int the few years. Cruise at 100 all day, no vibrations, amazing brakes and tyres. Heaven)
7. Kawasaki ER6n (current bike. Great for commuting as well as scraping footpegs through each bend in the hills every weekend.)

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Originally Posted by r_nairtvm View Post
Hello Guys1

Have been riding Motor Cycle & Scooters since 1970. List goes as follows:

In India

All the bikes listed here were in my pocession at some point of time or other and not just one off rides ( I have not included the moppeds here)
  1. Royal Enfield Villier 150 CC
  2. Royal Enfield Sherpa 150
  3. Royal Enfield Crisader 150
  4. Enfield Fury
  5. Royal Efield Bulley 350 & 500
  6. Lambretta 150
  7. Lamby 150
  8. Mac 175
  9. Vespa 150
  10. Bajaj (all varients)
  11. Jawa 250
  12. Yezdi 250
  13. Yesdi 350
  14. Vijai Scooters (all variants)
  15. Triumph 500
  16. Ariel 350
  17. Matchless 350
  18. AJS 500
  19. Indian 350
  20. Rajdoot Scooter
  21. Rajdoot 175
  22. Rajdoot GTS (Bobby)
  23. Rajdoot 350
  24. Yamaha RX 100
  25. Kinetic Scooter
  26. Hero Honda - All Variants
Outside India

Of the following I have used Yamaha R6 & Honda CBR the most.
  1. Yamaha R6 & R1 & Most Variants sold in Dubai and few in Thailand
  2. Honda CBR & most variants sold in Dubai
  3. Harley Davidson
  4. Triumph Boneville (my dream to own)
  5. BMW - most variants sold in Dubai
  6. Suzuki - most variants sold in Dubai
  7. Kawasaki - Ninja
Happy Riding

8. Triumph Bonneville 2009

Got the bike in April 2010. Ridding happily every week end (see my Garage)

Best Regards & Ride Safe

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HEy guys ,been riding since 7 years

Previous owned bikes :

1. Kinetic Honda DX
2 1990 Yamaha RX100
3. 2004 Hero Honda Karizma
4. 2003 Yamaha R1
5. 2005 Yamaha R1

Currently owned bikes :

1. 2009 Yamaha FZ16
2. 1999 Yamaha RX135
3. 1986 YAmaha RD350
4. 1980 Yezdi Classic 250
5. 1973 Royal Enfield STD 350

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Default Update....

Originally Posted by vrprabhu View Post
Now on Gladiator DLX (2006) - the racing blue and the creamy 5th gear convinced me!
Just crossed 25,000 kms....

News yesterday is that, Gladiator is being discontinued... so now have to take proper care of my steed. Who knows, may be some day in future, Glady may become a much sought after classic
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List of bikes rode in the past 15 years.
1. TVS Champ (it was great when we had less inflow of pocket money and was more convenient too!!)
2. Rajdoot 175 1983 (still using, though sparingly)
3. Yamaha RX 100 1990
4. Suzuki Samurai 1998
5. Pulsar 150 2004
6. Bajaj Boxer 2004
7. Yamaha Crux 2007
8. Royal Enfield 350 2008

@ r_nairtvm, Sherpa and Crusader were 175 CC, IIRC, isn't it? I have the Sherpa manual in India, will check out too.

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Was little hesitant to post my rides amidst of people who're proud of their inlines & V-twins, so finally picked up courage to post the tiny resume of my motorcycle ownership

97 Sep - Jul 99 - Suzuki Max 100
Aug 99 - Apr 2000 - Yamaha Rx100
Jan 2001 - Yamaha Rx100
Jan 2005 - Honda Activa

So most of my life had been spent on owning the single cylinder peppy 2stroke due to which I built a brand new (built, not rebuilt) home made Rx. Cannot categorize as 100 or 135 because, it looks like Rx100, cylinder is 135 4S & had 5 speed gear box .

I'm not sure if its legal to say Aug 2010 - Home made Yamaha Rx.
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2004 Pulsar 150 completing 18k this month
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1st Bike: TVS Scooty (30000 kms)
2nd Bike: Bajaj Caliber (56000 kms)
3rd Bike (Current): Bullet Electra old one 2003 model (43000 kms)

First 2 bikes were Point A to Point B commuting only. The bullet is one which I have loads of memories on. Saved my life 3 years back when I rammed into the back of a truck. Rode back on it with my wife (just married) about a year and a half back. Currently its in storage mode. Cannot ride due to health issues.
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Hello bhpians,
First Bike: New Suzuki shogun (the boss), in my humble opinion the best indian sub 150 cc 2 stroke bike ever.
Second Bike: after 6 months and 9 accidents sold off my first bike and purchased a new Yamaha rx 135. dont ask why and how. maybe i wasnt totally healed when i brought this one
Third Bike: about an year later, sold off yamaha and purchased a brand new Suzuki shogun again, i told u guys i love this bike.
Fourth Bike: During servicing i left my bike to the mechanic and he gave me a 20-25 years old, badly beaten, totally out of shape bullet 350 with no brakes no anything to commute till the evening and as they say the rest is history, i fell in love for the first time in my life and i am not ashamed to admit it was with a machine but what a machine it was and it still is, sold off my cbz and purchased a second hand bullet standerd 350 for rs 20.000/- and about one month and another 20.000/-rs later, it is restored and ready but as you know usually their is always a villain in the love story, my mechanic changes the head and replaces it with a leaky head, didnt knew a thing about the bullet so thinking i got a defective piece ,totally heartbroken i sell it off within 6 months at a loss of about 1000 bucks.
Fifth Bike:Hero Honda launches the cbz, totally smittened by the looks, i purchased this brand new beauty( at that time it looked awesome).
Sixth Bike: As they say you never forget about your first love, i somehow could never feel satisfied with any other bike since i rode the bullet, had to have it, so i purchased a new black standard 350. at last i got my baby back.
Seventh Bike: tragedy strikes again, about 3 years of my love affair, i get a nagging back pain, i think it was because of my bullet but it was due to excessive weight lifting i had done in my school and college days, nevertheless am forced to sell my baby again. Brokenhearted i buy a new pulsar 180. no. no. no. sob sob
Eight Bike: after giving my bullet up, my back dosent get better infact the puny 180 cc pulsar moped makes it worse, my 80 kg frame was used to the big seat and comfortable riding stance of the bullet, i quit gymming, pain goes away and guess what i want my baby back. made some lame excuses to convince my family and sold it off. thank goddddd.
Ninth bike: had joined teambhp around that time and while lurking around the forums i find the post of another biker dude who shares the same love and is as passionate about this iron horse as i am, its jayprashanth, saw his green machismo avl lb 500 beauty and i was allover in love again and for the first time i actually realized that there is a better color than black for the royal enfields, order a green machismo lb 500 but there is a problem, its no more available in green and after assistance and guidance from tbhpians and many email requests and phone calls to various asm's and god knows what other designations of re staff, royal enfield finally accept my booking for the 500lb in alberto green color and about one and a half month later i take the delivery of my bike at around 10:00 at night, because the next day was a sat and im superstitious about sat, on sunday the showroom is closed so it had to be friday night as soon as it reached ddun because i could not have waited till monday( what if i died before monday lolz), oh yeah, rode my baby for the first time on a friday night on streets of ddun and as they say the rest is history.
this has been a journey, a learning experience and i will be continuing it for as long as i can, as long as my Gods permit, times have changed and so have my priorities, my outlook and my perspective, but one thing remains unchanged, still going strong, maybe even stronger, my biking spirit and now i have a new goal besides other worldly goals, Yes My Lord Yes, Harley Davidson one day!
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Sold off my Pulsar 150 DTSi after clocking 1,70,000 kms and got a second hand black ZMA and have completed around 18,000 kms on it.
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Default Biker from Coimbatore

Hi Guys.

I am from Coimbatore and I Ride with Kovai Thumpers Motorcycle Club.

Till 2007 = 1994 Model Suzuki Samurai TN37J 7707 (SOLD)

From 2008 Till now= 1994 RX100 TN38 9194 (Restored in 2007. Planning to redo it again)

From 2009 October Till now= 2009 Royal Enfield ThunderBird TwinSpark KA 01 EM 9194 (My first brand new bike .Every thing is Stock except Goldstar Silencer)

Planning to buy a Yezdi and Bullet 350

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