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Old 29th September 2008, 12:56   #31
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The Title of the news should have been: "Truck on wrong side kills 2 Bikers."
Other than that, first we crib about bad roads.
When we get them, its this. When we see these guys off, it will be something else.

So we should decide on what to crib about.

When I was coming to Bangalore from Chanpatna, a couple of bikers
stimulated me chase them. I had my wife and another family in the car.
So I had to contain myself. I felt like a loser though!
Hmm, anyways atleast I'm alive .
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Old 29th September 2008, 13:01   #32
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I have seen most younsters in superbikes going around bangalore not wearing helmets. I wonder if the only reason for them not wearing helmet is because their faces will not be seen by the public if they wear helmets??

As other said, there needs to be a marked place for racing.

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Old 29th September 2008, 13:04   #33
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Originally Posted by manson View Post

Nothing personal, but don't you sound like just another media guy? Lets not speculate without knowing facts, atleast your numbers above make no practical sense for right now.
Me a media guy i wish i was rightly said lets wait for those knowning facts now.
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Old 29th September 2008, 14:26   #34
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The two boys were part of an 8 member group that were riding to the chamundi hills. Close friends of one of the guys who rides with us. We were 10 minutes behind them. The accident happened between Kumbalagodu and Channapatna. I dont think the guys were doing great speeds. From what I know, these guys skidded trying to avoid an oncoming truck and got run over by a truck behind.

TOI has purely written this article to create a sensation ,probably in connivance with a local strong man who probably owns the lorry that caused the issue in the first place.

All that will happen now is that the responsible group that used ride maturely and with protection will stay off the road only to be replaced by morons who drive like crazy, endangering theirs and other lives.

@PRAJEEP it is humanly impossible to get from Kengeri to Maddur CCD in 20 minutes. The distance os 75km and not 90 .
Most of us do it in 45 , which is 5-10 lesser than what most of the cars do anyway.

Two guys were plain unlucky. Let their souls rest in peace.

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Old 29th September 2008, 14:26   #35
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Whatever be the reason for the lorry being on the wrong side of the road riding bikes at high speed is a risky option on bangy-mysore road. There is simply too much traffic and even if not so, it is unpredictable when the next obstruction is going to come from. So if they were within speed limits and had been cautious when overtaking they would probably be alive. The rest is left to luck.

Also give the lorry guys a break, frequently they don't have proper roads to travel and to add now a days there is a lot of car traffic added to the highways and FYI they usually can't keep to the left of the lane if loaded since it is bound to be blocked at one or other location by a stupid auto, cart or a parked vehicle etc.
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Old 29th September 2008, 16:00   #36
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See ther is no point throwing accusations or speculating.
What has happened is sad. they have left a lot of people grieving.

All that one has to do is avoid risks. The roads are crazy today. Traffic is worse. More maniacs than sane drivers. We have to keep our cool and avoid unnecessary risks.
Yes the temptation is always there to goose the throttle a bit on an empty stretch but at what cost?
people dont wanna street race but how many times have you floored the throttle on the streets.
It is impossible to say I dont do it or I do it but one has to be a bit careful thats it.
I dont mean to rattle on, I myself used to drive quite vicariously the adrenalin being the rush factor. But the traffic has changed over the years and its not safe. One has to be a wee bit more careful on the roads.
I feel sorry for the young guys and more for their family.
The media ALWAYS looks for selling more that is their USP make dramatic headlines/twist the story/ stretch the truth.

The guys are dead it is not gonna change anything by discussing who/where/why/how.
No one would like to read opinions online about their close friend/family member's demise.

Sorry to have ruffled feathers.
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Old 29th September 2008, 16:10   #37
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What we can take from this is, we should not to speed on in these roads. Remain in our limits how much ever provacative other drivers are OR how much ever the roads are empty. Atleast our lives and other lives might be safer.
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Old 29th September 2008, 16:26   #38
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The following quote is from the travelogue I wrote in Jan 2006, when the highway was still under construction. For once I am sad to see my assessment was right.

Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
A word about Mysore road. It doesn't inspire the kind of confidence I get from say Hosur-Krishnagiri or Krishnagiri-Jolarpet section. I tried to analyse this doing my drive.

i) Mysore road hardly has a deserted section. It is populated all along the way. Therefore, jay walking is a rule than exception.

ii) There are too many blind curves or crests, often the visibility is reduced to 100-200 ft along the curves or crests. I have this personal policy of keeping my braking distance shorter than road visibility. Therefore I can't help slowing down at such blind curves. Who knows, I may come across jay walkers, speed-bumps, wrong lane dicks (like the left-lane dicks, only more dangerous), or a parked truck with strategically placed stones all around it. Therefore, I didn't exactly let go the Baleno on this road. Everytime I sped, I was forced to slowdown due to one or other reason. It was like speed-n-slow driving all the way.

We saw at least two really bad accidents. One was near Kengeri, where a truck full of sand was on it's side across the road, was heldup for 10 minutes in that jam. Later saw a badly smashed 800 and 407, 407 was on the wrong side of the road, no prize for guessing how it got there.
A month later my Baleno ran into a big stone placed in the blind curve on Mysore road ahead of a overturned truck. The trip was cancelled and Baleno needed to be towed away.
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Old 29th September 2008, 21:46   #39
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May their souls REST IN PEACE, & GOD give strength to their family. Nothing more to say.

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Old 29th September 2008, 22:11   #40
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We travel between Bangalore and Bidadi every day, daily we come across many irresponsible two/four wheelers they drive above 80-100km hazardously disturbing the commuters. On weekends this crowd is too much, accidents has been so common for us that some times we say, no accidents today! Some time back Mysore road was pleasure to drive with good sceneries now it has become way to HELL.
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Old 29th September 2008, 22:40   #41
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God this is sad, May God give strength to those boys family.

I was going though this thread, and notice the 28th April incident, god that was a sad one. That boys parents had got him that new car for there anniversary, I knew that guy.. He was in frinzy riders group. He had come from Singapore for his parents anniversary. Even there is a community on that guy in orkut.
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Old 29th September 2008, 22:54   #42
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
The following quote is from the travelogue I wrote in Jan 2006, when the highway was still under construction. For once I am sad to see my assessment was right.

A month later my Baleno ran into a big stone placed in the blind curve on Mysore road ahead of a overturned truck. The trip was cancelled and Baleno needed to be towed away.
Well, Mysore road can be quite dangerous for various reasons. Have observed the dangerous sections since 2lane days (and some idiots overtaking right on the bend). Last Dec, I was driving to Coorg and doing around 90-100kmph when this truck infront of me slows me down. Honk for a while but it refuses to budge - after a couple of minutes, I take left lane and lo, the truck makes left also. I think maybe he's finally consented to let me pass the right way. Take right, and 10m or so infront are 3 big stones/rocks and some further onward workers painting (or whatever) on the SH. The truck had slowed me down to 60ish. Hit the brakes hard, one big rock hits the underbody and I fear the worst only to see it smashed to powder (thank God for the rock not being harder). Managed to stop well before the workers, pull over to the left side! Inspected the underbody but can't see anything leaking or damaged. I was very lucky to escape and drove circumspect @80kmph with large gap with vehicles in front for the rest of the trip.
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Old 27th January 2009, 17:19   #43
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Default R.I.P Varun and Naren

I never wanted to reply to this thread because it hurts me deeply.
But the one of the victims Varun Govind 20 from gousia engineering college was my close and best friend.

The day he died he invited me to go to Maddur CCD.
But i said i wont because i had been working whole night on a project and slept at 6AM.
At around 9 another of my friend Wakhar hyder(who accompanied Varun and naren on another bike) called me like 20 times but i didn't receive his calls.
Then he messaged me that Varun passed away but i thought he was joking.

At around 12 i woke up and returned wakhars call.
he was breathing heavily and crying.
He told me that a lorry ran over Varuns Head and pieces of his skull were scattered on the road.
He also said that Naren body was divided into two halves because the lorry ran over his stomach.
I was so shocked i couldn't move for like 5 minutes.

I took my bike rushed to mysore road but no one was there only the crowd, lorry and the bike.
I again called my friends and asked them where they were they told me to wait near the crematorium in banashankari.
They had just finished the post-mortem and they were going to cremate him.
I couldn't see him for the last time.
I really miss him.
Varun's mom was the bravest of all. She never cried. I feel so sorry. Varun was their only son.

For the clarifications.
1. They were not riding a SBK.
2. They were riding a pulsar.
3. The pulsar was not modified.

The accident happened like this.
They tried overtaking a lorry but saw a lorry coming the other way and braked.
but the lorry behind them just touched the back of the bike.
Naren lost control and both of them fell on the road.
the lorry driver braked after running over them.

RIP Varun & Naren.
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Old 27th January 2009, 19:39   #44
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@rageraver - My deepest condolences for the loss of your close friends. I wish this incident serves as a beacon for authorities to ensure the safety of riders as well as other road users.

Only in Bangalore and surrounding areas have I seen so much disregard for driving on the correct side of the road, let alone in the correct lane! (I am the son of an Army officer and have traveled to most parts of India by road so trust me on this)

I once almost had a crash on the Bangalore-Chennai highway and have since decided to be extra careful.

Till sterner and more efficient measures are adopted by the authorities, we should all police ourselves and make sure we are safe on our roads.
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Old 27th January 2009, 19:55   #45
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I too agree. Instead of hunting and shooting down teens on fast bikes the authorities should teach/train the village morons (no offence - not that we have less in cities) about proper highway usage. Mysore road is also full of out of the blue speed bumps. I guess its like tombstones. One accident and the authorites (under local presssure) lays a speed bump overnite and put up a board - "Careful - Accident Prone Zone" "Go Slow" etc...

I have also noticed many car wounds on them. Including broken glass. So am sure many bang into those speed bumps at high speed. They are not at all car friendly. I pity the car owners - specially Honda.

Yesterday on my way back from Ooty - I was honking at a slow lorry in front of me. Since it didn't budge I was about to overtake from left (yes - technically its wrong) - suddenly he veered to the left and I thot Wow - he gave me way - only to my surprise - a bullock cart was coming towards us - that too on the right most lane - supposedly the fast lane.

Thank God - my brakes are in good working condition.

May the teen souls rest in peace. I too have lost few good friends in motorbike on the highway. No point disscussing whose fault - but deep down I feel - it could have been avoided

Originally Posted by Bluu View Post
@rageraver -

Only in Bangalore and surrounding areas have I seen so much disregard for driving on the correct side of the road, let alone in the correct lane! (I am the son of an Army officer and have traveled to most parts of India by road so trust me on this)
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