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Question Royal Enfield Or Karizma???

hey! i was really confused in buyin one o the bikes . i really look upon the value and after sales service and wat i would get as its second hand price.
just respond fast and
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Old 6th April 2005, 22:25   #2
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Well, both the bikes are good. I own a royal enfield myself and absolutely love it. BUT... you have to be prepared to live with all its little niggling problems. Its not exactly a modern bike.
If you are looking for absolute trouble free biking then its the karizma. But personally i think the royal enfield has more character and you will make a lot of new friends too (the mechanics)
The after sales service of a hero honda will be way superior to the Enfield.
About the resale value am not too sure. Enfields are quite expensive and i dont think u can ever expect more than 2/3rd the value second hand. I have absolutely no idea about the Karizma's resale value.
But of course an enfield will always remain an enfield. Its great fun to ride, and i would never trade my enfield in for a karizma.
I suggest you ride both bikes and decide for yourself. The Karizma is fast and fun. The Enfield is not that slow itself and according to me more fun to ride. So do ride both the bikes and decide for yourself.
If you want my opinion, all things considered there can be no comparison between the enfield and the Karizma, its always the Enfield for me.
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Old 6th April 2005, 22:35   #3
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Well, since you haven't mentioned your requirements its difficult to say. Given the lack of info. I'd say the Karizma even though what Anush has said is absolutely true.
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Old 6th April 2005, 22:49   #4
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I think you should go in for the Enfield if you want a "man's" bike. It has a lot more character than the Karizma.
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Old 6th April 2005, 23:39   #5
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i think in the modern sense the karizma is a sensible buy when considering the niggling probs of the enfield...however the enfield is in its own class.....the latter is a premium sports bike where as the enfiled is a classic.......how can u compare a professor and a student?
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Old 6th April 2005, 23:43   #6
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Yes, I have to agree, it sure is a man's bike. Gives you one of the strongest back kick you can get from a 4-stroker, breaks down without reason. Leaks oil all the time. Rattles and vibrates like a tractor, has the good old "That 70's show" technology, What else can one ask for.
Get this bike buddy and you can have years of the best troubles you've ever faced.
Honestly, its good and sturdy bike. Get it only if you know anything about the maintainance of a Bullet. On second thought, go get the KARIZMA buddy and have the experience of true biking pleasure.
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Old 7th April 2005, 11:00   #7
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Hey pal,
Everyone has different needs when it comes to buying a bike..
U are looking at after sales service and second hand value.. Well u seem to be someone who is just looking at a bike that is hassle free and gets u some good cash when u sell her later on.. Dont really think bullet is what u need.. Karizma will suit u'r needs....

I'm a die hard bullet fan... Learnt to ride bikes on a machismo, would love to own one.. but its passion for the bike.. You ride it a little and u get hooked.. Something like tbhp.. Initially just visited to see whats happening and now hooked big time to it..

I'd anyday go in for a bullet.. Its attitude, loads of it.. And like it is misunderstood many a times, its not a slow bike.. The pain u take to look after one because u love it is the best part(Sure many would disagree).. My friend has one and the amount of care and love he has for it is really admirable.. Wouldnt trade her for any indian bike..

I suggest u ride both of them and see for u'rself.. But may be after the RD350, this is the bike that'l have major maintenance work..

If u have the money, go for the bullet... The machismo would be my choice of bike..
Its for u to decide, ride them both... Feel the difference..
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Old 7th April 2005, 12:36   #8
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the enfield is more than just a machine.. its a personality

dont look at it if u r looking at practicality and similar stuff

Its not a bike which u zip around in town or empty streets.. its nirvana at 60 kmph

It depends on ur perspective...

personally its the enfield for me

try both... n ask ppl owning both for owner inputs (not views/opinions)
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Old 7th April 2005, 15:09   #9
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Dont worry about After sales service - Enfield will chug along without any service at all . This is a non complaining bike. I own a 1978 Bullet - The ride quality is amazing. I dis agree about the back kick , or the rattling - maybe they are referring a Diesel engine fit.
Anyway - you have to learn to ride a 4 Stoke - Kick start is also a skill that you learn over a period of time. Oil leaks - Yes - just cannnot help. Again as someone erlier has mentioned , if you want to zip around the Streets , then Bullet is the not the bike for you.
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Old 7th April 2005, 15:20   #10
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Dont know what your preferences are, but if you pick up a nice pre-1970s bullet you will probably write a 50 year review in 2025 AD.

My 18 yr old cousin picked up one last year and he's so in love with it that I'm green with envy. He got himself a 1967 bullet, poured money into it, took every 'extra fitting' of except the mirrors and put in a smart crash bar in place of the elaborate crash guard. Looks like a million bucks and feels like it too.

Doubt if you will get that kind of character on a Karisma. The Bullet has more Charisma.........
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Old 7th April 2005, 15:46   #11
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First, I do not think you can compare an Royal Enfield Bullet and Karizma. They rightly call it Royal. All other bikes are common.

Remember the Royals are few.

I have owned a Bullet in 1982, never rode anything else. Never needed to. It is different in every way. Gears on the right and brake pedal on the left. So a Bullet rider is not supposed to ride anything else. As other bikers are not supposed to ride a bullet.

Until 1990 I would regularly ride the Bullet on the NH2 non-stop for 4 or 5 hours. Not even a minute's stop. My Bullet never stopped or stalled on the way. Not for once. I regularly attained top speed of 120kmph. It used to take the huge pot holes (commen features on NH2 those days) in it's stride. I never had any trouble with the bike. I did regular maintenance. Never missed a service date!

The Bullet has character. The Bullet riders have attitude.

No Bullet rider can ever can give you an impartial feedback.

They are in LOVE with their BABIES. Ride one and you will know.

You are either a Bullet rider or a biker. You decide pal.
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Old 7th April 2005, 15:54   #12
Team-BHP Support
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if you are looking for a practical bike just forget the bullet and go in for a karzima .
a bullet is for someone who has practicality last in his list of priorities when he/she is looking for a bike and passion is usually the top most priority .
a bullet is not owned , its possessed !

manson .
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Old 7th April 2005, 16:06   #13
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Doubt if you will get that kind of character on a Karisma. The Bullet has more Charisma.........
well said steeroid buddy
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Old 7th April 2005, 19:24   #14
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Well, i guess most of them have told what i had to say! BULLET all the way...... Karizma is a good bike, reliable, practical, modern looks etc...but, again, like many said it lacks character.
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No competition, Royal Enfield Bullet!
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