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View Poll Results: I wear helmet
Only when I drive in highways 5 4.00%
immaterial of whether I drive in local or highways 113 90.40%
Very rarely 5 4.00%
: Sorry I do not have an helmet 2 1.60%
Voters: 125. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 17th August 2005, 12:24   #31
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Originally Posted by Badcheetah

Balle Balle My friend.

........to wear a helmet when they are wearing a PATKA instead of a TURBAN , so many times when I go to the gurudwara , I see guys on their bikes, just wearing the Patka , and not a helmet over it.
Good point there, Baddie... I know traffic police in punjab (whenever they are bothered about their chai-paani) does fine two wheeler riders who are wearing a patka but not wearing a helmet.

But coming back to ArmorOfGod's point, is it true that wearing a helmet restricts your field of vision and you are then not able to zigzag through traffic freely? If it is, then all bikers should wear helmets!!!

By the way, my car has received more scratches from bikers who are not wearing helmets than from ones with a helmet on.

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Old 18th August 2005, 06:03   #32
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Always dude!It makes more sense to wear a helmet for only one reason which we all know.
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Old 18th August 2005, 22:27   #33
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Default This sucks


i have been noticing that as soon as it get dark - off come the helmets !!

atleast i have been seeing this happen in bbay regularly !

so i guess the rule doesnt apply after dark ? when the cops are off duty ?
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Old 22nd August 2005, 13:11   #34
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i dont wear it that much, sometimes that also highways.... i do own one though
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Old 23rd August 2005, 13:09   #35
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I am new to this forum. I am originally from banaglore but now live and ride in Saudi Arabia. Greetings to all of you.

Irrespective of the distance you travel, a helmet is a must when you get on a bike even if it is a trip to the corner store. My niece passed away this April in a freek/slow-speed accident with a BMTC bus on Bangalore airport road. She was riding a scooter and not wearing a helmet, though she was "carrying" a full face studds helmet on the bike. Many years ago I have myself seen a rider hit a road divider at a meager 10-15kmph speed and die on the spot (near the windsor manor bridge in BLR) with a miner's helmet. Most times, when people crash at speeds of 150kmph or above (without head or body protection), its generally end of story, but it is falls at slower speeds that determine, whether you will spend the rest of your life as a vegetable (due to irreversible head injury). Here in Jeddah, when I was looking for a good helmet and was put-off by the high costs of the good Arais, Shoes, Shuberts, one of my European riding buddies mentioned- Got a $20 head use a $20 helmet, got a $200 head, use a $200 helmet. Well, not that I have put a value for my head, but I now use a Arai full face and Nolan flip-up helmet inspite of riding in temperatures above 40 degrees Celcius. I also have an article/pic on the superiority of a full face helmet and impact zones of the head, but being new to the forum I am not sure, how to attach it here. Your inputs required.

Friends, pls do wear a helmet when you ride regardless of short or long rides afterall Live to Ride- another day.
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Old 25th August 2005, 17:37   #36
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all the time..cumpulsory or not
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Old 25th August 2005, 18:49   #37
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i don't ride much nowadays but used to ride a lot till abt 3 years back. I always made it a point to don't ride without a helmet, even pillion. and it saved my life. i had a nasty accident on my bullet, and walked away with just a broken leg.

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Old 4th September 2005, 16:08   #38
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i used to wear my lid regularly till about a year or so ago.then there was a time after that when i just kept it at home and never touched it for over a year,but now i wear it daily no matter where i go after having had 2 spills on my bike since jan 05.twice lucky,dont want to take a chance a 3rd time.
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Old 7th September 2005, 21:50   #39
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helmets are a must man irrespective of the bike you ride , the conditions you ride in a helmet is a must , i have a DGK chinless frame , and i use it every time i take my baby out ,
come on guys its not worth it to risk but a little stupid to do so .
and there are so many f1 replicas coming out you can be in with the trend in sync with your budget

wear a helmet make a statement .......cheerzz
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Old 14th December 2006, 15:52   #40
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Nice to see many people wearing helmets every time they go out. riding my bike without a helmet makes me feel kind of naked.
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Old 14th December 2006, 16:24   #41
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allways !! it makes me feel very safe when i am doin above 80 .
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Old 14th December 2006, 17:44   #42
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I even make my pillions wear one!!!
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Old 14th December 2006, 18:00   #43
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Default helmet!

Me too!

I've threatened people if they dont wear helmets.

Anyways those who dont wear helmets are brainless, so what's the use of a brain bucket!

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Old 14th December 2006, 18:06   #44
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Almost always wear the helmet. For me it is actually impossible to ride without one because my eyes are damn sensitive and even a speck of dust can create visibility problems. And the wind causes tears to stream down my face.

A bonus for Chennai bikers who use helmets is that cops tend to usually ignore them and target those that drive without one. Have never been stopped even once, while other bikers without helmets are rounded up. Helps when you have had that one beer at an office party and are riding home. Maybe they think that people who wear helmets would be responsible riders too.
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Old 14th December 2006, 21:29   #45
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Be it 100mtrs or 100kms,will wear an Helmet anytime,irrespective of distance,city or highway.Prefer carrying one rather than using helmet lock on the bike.
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