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Default Re: KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

Originally Posted by mp417 View Post
I am proud owner of Duke 200 (My2016 model). Coming from HH Splendor to KTM Duke is completely a new world for me.

KTM bikes are mean machines and has provided sports bike feel at a much affordable cost to many enthusiasts like me. Itís a world class product manufactured in India. Thank you Bajaj.

Do you think this perception is only about KTM bikes?
No love here for KTM bikers, the moment I hear the "sputter" of a KTM bike approaching, I brace myself for a risky stunt, to be undertaken by the fellow, from an almost impossible gap.

I don't know, what happens to guy when they start riding a KTM, maybe they were never exposed to such power earlier, that it gets to their heads.

They leave absolutely no margin for error, wonder where does this feeling of invincibility comes from.

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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

Originally Posted by ninjatalli View Post
I don't think the problem is with the bike

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
To me, it looks like pretty much all bikers with high capacity engines go faster than 99% of the traffic.
It's basically down to having much superior acceleration and brakes than rest of the traffic. !
Itís not only with going fast. One can go fast and still follow the traffic rules. If you have the power, off course you are going to use it.

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
And yes, it does involve weaving through traffic. I guess this makes it look like rash driving for a casual observer.
Interesting point and that makes sense.

Originally Posted by IshaanIan View Post
Fourthly, these bikes are so well poised, so well balanced yet on-point and ready to rare their heads and charge forward, that they instill confidence in the rider and confidence is not always matched with skill
Exactly my point. Some of the bikers donít care about skills but will do crazy things. Itís really shocking to see bikers without basic riding gear.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Could also be due to their unique presence.
To a bike noob like me, all black bikes look the same. But a KTM Duke stands out due to its orange wheels + chassis. Therefore, they get noticed more than the others.
Itís true that the Orange theme stands out from the crowd.

Originally Posted by Mr.Boss View Post
In narrow lanes, I agree with your comment. It is quite dangerous and irritating to see such behaviors, but on highways remember if everyone follow lane discipline, no high speed rider (with sense) will overtake on the wrong side or tail gate at higher speeds. Most irritating scene I experience everyday is a biker driving at less than 40kmph on the right most lane (or sometimes in the middle of road)
Again it comes down to safe riding

Originally Posted by arun_josie View Post
When it comes to KTM or powerful bikes, I see them reckless especially when a girl is behind. I observe this mainly because there are many colleges in my locality.
Donít agree completely. Most likely to happen irrespective of the vehicle.

Originally Posted by CGB View Post
Good and valid topic to discuss.

I think the fact of pricing and offering rediculous amount of power creates such a image, and when it falls in wrong hands, creates a perfect receipe for disaster. And Yes, Public think KTM and Reckless driving have a relation.

Originally Posted by Rajeevraj View Post
In my opinion any vehicle can be driven in a rash manner. Be it a moped, bike, car, bus, lorry and at least in Bangalore-even JCB's.

It is just that some vehicles are more suited to be driven rashly if the person driving/riding is not mature/knowledgeable enough to handle the parameters the vehicle provides. This could be pure power and torque, nimbleness, sheer size or anything else.

So any vehicle that satisfies at least 2 or more of these parameters has more chances to be driven rashly. A KTM falls into this category and combined with its unique looks (which makes it more noticeable) leads to a generalization.
KTM is one of the best bike available in India for sure.
Net net, itís the person who is riding the bike who needs to think of others and self as well.

Originally Posted by aspire View Post
I don't know, what happens to guy when they start riding a KTM, maybe they were never exposed to such power earlier, that it gets to their heads.
Do ride a KTM once to get the experience if not done already.

Thanks all for your replies. Really appreciate
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Originally Posted by IshaanIan View Post

Lastly, as an owner of the RC390 (a bike that receives the most of of such flak), in my experience, unlike the 200s, the 390 performs very poorly at low or cruising speeds. The gearshifts are clunky at low speeds, fueling is choppy under 6k revs (might have changed with the new ride by wire tech), engine braking is extremely high due to the heavy piston and high compression ratio. As soon as you wring the throttle open, everything comes into its own; the fueling is precise, you appreciate the engine braking, gearshifts are spot on, you go tak, tak, tak as the rev counter chases the red-line. The other aspect is the Metzeler sportec M5s they inspire dollops of confidence as well and with the sharper rake the bike has a very knife edged nature to it and is not as forgiving as other bikes can be. Not to mention the fact that the bikes heat up unless ridden at a relatively higher pace.

I own a duke 390. Yes in low speeds it's not rideable and also speeds above 70gives better mileage for me. So sometimes I forget my decision to ride slowly and move to 70kmph. Also at 70 it looks sane to me from by bike. But insane for other bikers who will be around 40-50.

Also that weird look, Orange colour and share auto sound makes it an eyeball magnet 😂

I crashed on 1 Aug because front alloy cracked while riding and my friends where like "I thought to say you before, KTM means death" 😐
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Now, this is one YouTube video well worth watching...

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