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Thumbs up Owned - Suzuki GS150R

Last week i had test drove the suzuki GS150R and fell in love with it, the only service station is 40kms from where i reside, but it did not prevent me from going for this bike. The engine was so refined and gearbox, butter smooth.

April 12 2010 1:20 pm

I call my wife, say the money is ready for the bike, she says ok, lets get the bike. I called the showroom in pallavaram, and asked for Black color, they told that its not available, but they have all other colors. I gave my number and called SMK motors in velachery, the sales person told that one Black color Gs is available. I ask him to block it for me, and ask for the required documents and photos for paperwork, i also check with him whether i would be able to take the delivery today, he assures me yes, i had to ask because i was about to travel 50kms from chengalpet to guindy. I call again and check whether they have the black color for sure, the sales person assures me that they have it.

April 12 2010 2:05 pm

Armed with Helmet,food and diapers for my kid, Reached chengalpet station, got two tickets to guindy and settled in the train along with my one year old son. He has his food and dozes off, and i am impatiently waiting for the train to reach Guindy.

April 12 2010 3:30 pm

I call the suzuki sales person and inform that i have reached St.Thomas Mount, he promises me to send a person to the station to show me the route. I thank him and get down at Guindy. I see the sales person and he arranges an auto, the showroom is just opposite to the old VST motors in Velachery main road, Guindy.

April 12 2010 4:00 pm

I am being shown the bike and my kid is having a gala time inside the showroom, pulling out the levers of the bikes and enjoying the AC. I told that i have to go to ATM to withdraw the cash, so i leave my kid and wifey at the showroom and ask a mechanic to accompany me till vijayanagar ATM, i also get to drive my vehicle to check for any issues. I took a torch in handy to check the infamous RUST, i was assured that new batches are rust-free. Rode the bike and the drive was a pleasant breeze. Returned from the ATM with cash.

April 12 2010 4:45 pm

The OTR price of the bike is 69300. I opt for Seat Cover, Indicator Buzzer and Hand grip. That costs 350 Rs and affidavit charges of Rs 500. So it totally worked around 70,150Rs. I was offered free insurance, so discounted Rs 1300 and it came to 68,850 Rs/ They offered complimentary fuel of 1 liter, i told them that the reserve tank itself will hold 3.5 liters and they politely smiled and said this is what they can offer. Agreed and paid the money and received the invoice.

April 12 2010 5:15 pm

The accessories were being installed and bike was being polished, they showed me how to control the odometer console. We were getting hungry and visited a nearby Juice shop. My kid was happy at the sight of the juice.

April 12 2010 5:45 pm

Got the delivery challan. I am planning to get a paid number and i will be out of town for a week, hence i was asked to come on 19th April to get the number, which also happens to be my birthday, i feel good already . Started the bike, went to the nearest fuel station, and filled the tank, the service station guy accompanies to fill his complimentary petrol. The tank held almost 17 liters, i was shocked , because AFAIK the tank capacity claimed was only 15.5 liters. I asked the service guy, and he assured me that its the norm. I am confused. . Any idea how this is possible?

I start the ride back home and the drive is a breeze, i feel like i am driving through the wind.

I shall post more about the bike and ride quality later.
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congratulation!! and super swift transaction there. wish you miles and miles of happy and safe riding.
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Congratulations mate! And a very good to the point review of the delivery experience.

happy mile munching!!
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Pictures please.

After the first gen CBZ, this is the only other bike whose design I think is completely in sync.

Oh and congrats on the buy. Ride safe and with a helmet always.
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Will update pictures once i get the numbers, also looking for some camera as my Sony DSC-700 shut itself off, else my nokia camera has to do the talking.

I always ride with a helmet, i am looking for an appropriate helmet lock positioning in this bike, till then i am making use of the lock mechanism provided below the seat, but its a cumbersome process.
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Congrats mate. Please do post some pics. Happy to know that the delivery experience was good.
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Congrats Abdul, nice to know you had a good dealership experience, waiting to see the pics of your bike now !
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I booked one, just waiting for my wedding to get over, so that i take the delivery in peace. can't wait to get my hands on the monster
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Default The day i got my bike registered

April 18 2010 22:30

After a short vacation i am returning from Madurai in a Sleeper bus, it will reach my home at chengalpet in the morning around 3-4 am. I have to be awake at that time, else i will miss my stop.

April 19 2010 00:00

I am getting birthday calls, my sleep is disturbed, i try to sleep again and i sleep off.

April 19 2010 02:45

Bus stops at a motel, my sleep is gone totally, what a way to start a birthday huh?

April 19 2010 04:45

Bus stops near my home, i drag the luggage to my house, try to sleep, but i could not, hence i pray and get ready.

April 19 2010 06:30

I take bath and start to my best friend's house in velachery. The bike showroom is in velachery. It is from there i have to collect the papers and go to the RTO office. I try to start my bike. It does not start, i have not touched the bike for the last 5 days. i try the kicker, it still does not start, i forgot about the choke, i moved it down the slope and put it in gear and it started. The climate is pleasant and it is going to be a pleasant ride since i have started early and the traffic will be less. I ride along the GST road till tambaram and take a diversion to velachery

April 19 2010 07:45

I reach velachery. I check the odometer, i have clocked 60 kilometres, no i do not feel tired. I will write a complete review of the bike after i clock 1000 kms, that will do justice to the bike, the bike is very comfortable. i have a slight pain in my hand due to the hand grips i installed, i will get it removed today.

April 19 2010 09:45

I chat with my friend and after a lovely degree coffee and breakfast i reach the showroom, clarify a few things with the mechanic, indicator buzzer was not working, corrected it. Collected the owners manual, first aid kit and the tools kit. While collecting the papers, i check and inform them that the bike color was mentioned as candy orange, but mine is pearl nebular black. So they start correcting it and they also had to change it online. So i get delayed by half-an hour. Meanwhile i meet a Fellow GS150R owner, he is a college-goer and has ripped the bike from day one, he told that he gets a mileage of around 40. I am being safe and keeping it below 5000 RPM till 800 kms and below 7500 RPM till 1600 as suggested in the manual. he tried to paint the alloy with silver color in the sides, but it ended up bad, and it did not look good, so he was planning for new alloys, the quote he got was 11k for 2 alloys.

April 19 2010 11:45

Finally everything is corrected and i leave for the RTO office along with the agent. We locate the office in Mandaiveli, i spend around one hour there, they took the chassis number and finally i could leave. I don't have the money to get a paid number, so i let nature take its course, i ask with the agent about the current number and he informs me its 0450 to 1000. I shrug and leave, i was informed that i will be informed about the number by evening.

April 19 2010 13:45

My friend calls up and he wants to go for a movie, but i am tired and hungry. I have a sweet lime juice at my favorite juice shop at adyar near hotel Coronet and have some breads and Cold Coffee from Hot Breads opposite to temple steps. I am tired because of lack of sleep and inform my friend we could do the movie some other day, mostly Wednesday, he agrees.

April 19 2010 15:15

I start to home and the drive is a breeze through the wind. Not much traffic, i feel that the drive will be good until....

April 19 2010 16:15

....i feel sleepy. I am near Guduvanchery. I have never felt sleepy in a bike no matter what. Atleast the bike sound would keep me awake. This bike does not make much sound, all i can hear is just the wind. I stop at a petty shop, he only had 7up and limca. Normally i would prefer 7up, but i opted for a limca along with a cold water pocket to wash my face. I walk a bit. Feeling all refreshed i start back home at 5. I love the dashboard of this bike, i cant keep myself from looking at it.

Pictures of dash while driving.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-dash.jpg

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-dash2.jpg

April 19 2010 17:35

I reach home, i am sleepy but not tired because of the journey, it was very comfortable. The Odo reads 292 kms. I have clocked 142 kilometers today, if i had done this journey in my pulsar my back would be screaming with pain, but now, nothing. i go to the sticker shop near my home,i call the agent to know the number. He tells he will call back within 5 minutes.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-dash3.jpg

Even after almost 300 kms the fuel tank shows that its full, i am loving it

April 19 2010 18:30

I got the number. It's TN-06-B-0677. Not bad eh?. i select the font and order along with some Suzuki logos . It costs me 80Rs. Finish it and realize that its too dark to take pictures. Will do it later. i reach home and a very old and a good friend of mine messages me after almost 2 years. i am happy. It has been a good day for me. I finish the day off with a good vegetarian dinner in a nearby restaurant and go to sleep exactly at 12.

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An excellent choice! Ride safe and enjoy the bike! The bike is my favourite and once I decide to let go of my Splendor, it will be mine!
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Default Few Pictures

Gansan its an awesome bike, i am uploading few pictures as promised.

My son's name is Sufi

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-shallwebuy.jpg

April 11 2010 13:26

[ME] Sufi, shall i buy a bike please ?

Sufi, is thinking and replies , ok buy it if its worth it but you also have to get me a bike.

I say deal ok, agreed.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-atshowroom.jpg

I could take only one picture of the bike at showroom, as it was dark and i only had a mobile camera.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-athome.jpg

Back view of the bike Inside my house, till i get the number bike will be parked inside the house.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-athome1.jpg

Side view

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-athome2.jpg

Front view

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-athome3.jpg

Another side view

Now Sufi wants to try the ride.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-sufi1.jpg

[SUFI] ok, the tank is very comfortable for me to lie and sleep, and the petrol lid is something i love to play with!

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-sufi2.jpg

A nice picture with daddy and the bike

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-sufi3.jpg

[SUFI] I do not have a holder, if no one catches me, i might fall down.

[SUFI] Ok the bike is good, but where is the bike you agreed to me for?

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-sufibike.jpg

Its a BSA and he got it as soon as he got up from sleep, so he is looking a bit dull.

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-51300420.jpg

[SUFI] Look dad i am Spider man, i can jump and fly as well as your bike does .

He flew and fell on the bag when i clicked this one. i felt this was a good one.

I am very sorry for the bad quality pictures. Clicked using NOKIA 5130 camera.
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Congrats. Just one suggestion, when you do an oil change during the first service, stay with the mech who works on your motorcycle & collect all the oil & take it along with you. At home, examine the oil carefully for any metal particles. This is just to check the quality of the vehicle build.
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Congrats on the bike. Ride safe.
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Argee, thanks for the suggestion, i shall try it out, i will be with the sc guy, during my service, so i should be able to check this out. Thanks for the valuable suggestion.

Adding a few more pictures

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-51300425.jpg

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-51300426.jpg

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-51300427.jpg

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-51300428.jpg

Owned - Suzuki GS150R-51300429.jpg
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Good pics and congrats once again!

Good choice of color as well.. The sticker of Se7en at the back and the Suzuki logo is looking good but somehow did not like the logo sticker on the front mud guard. That's just my personal opinion though

Enjoy your ride and ride safe!!
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