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Old 5th November 2005, 01:48   #1
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Default So how do you rate your BIKE

You have done it all...
spent hours on the internet researching,
visiting showrooms.
test-driving all shortlisted bikes,
and then you went for the finale.


Now after a few months/years of riding how
do you rate your machine??

Rate to a scale of 10.

Factors that make up the rating-upto you.

See if they fit to or perform as they were advertised..

Headlight Throw-9.5/10
Am I proud to own it? 10/10
How much do I love it-11/10

On the Whole I Rate My Bike- 9.5/10

It might be my perspective of Victor,because I love it.
But Victor seems to be so much Hassle Free and works
smooth like Makhan.


Last edited by hellmet : 5th November 2005 at 01:53. Reason: Finall Rating not done
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Old 5th November 2005, 02:51   #2
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I love this thread now, coz I'm in all praises for my bike...
mine is a last batch june 2002 suzuki fiero(after which the TVS fiero started rolling)
and hence it has the previledge of having the E2 head and bore that was originally made by suzuki...
ok, after covering 58,000kms and still rocking...i feel its a really amazing bike..
Infact my bike is no longer a stock fiero, coz its completely modded and it displaces a good 200cc and makes power in excess of a stock p180 or zma...
however in its 150cc avatar, i really enjoyed the mileage and the crip power delivery and now dont ask..i'm completely addicted to it..
any xbhp members here? they know my bike better!
the best part is that even after such a mod, my bike returns a highway mileage of 39kmpl (coz i rip like mad) and city mileage of 41kmpl....
ok, now the rating
Headlight Throw-10/10(u gotta check the beam urself compared to anyother fiero)

how much i love--more than my GF
time and effort that I've spent--priceless

i also owned a shaolin and sold it sometime ago and it was also a amazing machine.

at the end of the day, i still love the fiero more than all my other bikes and car.
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Old 5th November 2005, 09:05   #3
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Default All are the same

One thing all of us have in common is that:

We love our bikes no matter which one it is(unless it
has been a terrible experience)

Folks,all you got to do is to say what you think of ur bike!!

I really love this one

time and effort that I've spent--priceless
time spent on carefully washing,polishing the exterior.

Regarding the engine....
finding the right petrol station
using petrol additives...

Oops...Went off topic
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Old 5th November 2005, 15:24   #4
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Well, i now own 2 bikes CBZ + Hyosung aquila.

well, I bought my first bike Hero Honda CBZ and have been running it since 2001. I Must say CBZ is wonderful bike with very little maintenance. Till today I only have one problem with the bike is its disk brake system. I gave my bike for service to local mechanic and I don't know what he did but he screwed disk brake system about 1 year back. Since the time no one is able to repair disk brakes (I have spent about Rs.1500) and now the only option seems to be getting it converted to drum brake or install totally new disk brake system which may cost about 5k+.

Since I don't drive bike much I am going to keep it like that. Otherwise I have been very happy with performance and quality of my CBZ.

I just bought my new Hyosung Aquila (kinetic) about 30 days back and I must say its wonderful beast. It runs like rocket and have not given me any problems.
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Old 5th November 2005, 21:14   #5
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i rate my 83 ht rd350 as follows:

power/performance:10/10(guess u guys know that too well.36 horses pullin away to glory)
mileage/economy:1/10( though every drop burnt is full of pleasure .at 50 rupees a litre and wit a milege of around 10-11 this is one helluva petrol hungry beast and very uneconomical)
comfort:10/10(can ride all day long with out a problem whatsoever.
maintainence:0.5/10( parts are rare.very expensive even if available.thats a very big if.this bike can ripp billgates outa his pockets.and make him roam d guj for spares.hahahah)

i luv my bike even with its plenty shortcomings. rdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr all the way
0-100 in 5 seconds wat say??
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Old 12th November 2005, 04:42   #6
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Thumbs up Honda Unicorn

Bike: Honda Unicorn
Age: 3 months
Servicing Done: 1

Looks: 9/10
Performance: 10/10
Handling: 10/10
Headlight Throw-8.5/10 (very weak)
Maintenance-10/10 (no maintenance cept for re-fuel )

I love this bike, even though this has been my first bike I am certainly not regretting my decision to buy the Unicorn. The famed Honda engineering is certainly evident in this bike.
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Old 12th November 2005, 11:31   #7
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'87 RD 350, dont ask me whether LT or HT because its a pretty mixed up bike:

Looks - 7/10 because I like the retro looks, -3 for all the cables and other bits sticking out here and there...

Performance - 10/10, cant ask for more but will still ask Chinoy the next time around - aiming for 20/10

Mileage - Whazzat? If you want a score, its 0/10

Comfort - 8/10, especially long-distance

Headlight Throw - 4/10, hoping to make this 10/10 as people claim you can use a 100/110 bulb after converting to Chinoy's electronic ignition. We'll find out...

Maintenance - 3/10, set to improve now that points have been taken off and Chinoy's electronic kit put in. Still require occassional visits for leaky carbs, bad switches, etc.

Am I proud to own it - 20/10

How much do I love it - 20/10

The look on a Pulsar/Karizma owner's face when he's left standing still @ > 100kmph

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Old 12th November 2005, 15:26   #8
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LML Freedom Prima

Headlight Throw-7.5/10
Am I proud to own it? 9/10
How much do I love it-8/10

On the Whole I Rate My Bike- 8/10
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Old 12th November 2005, 15:28   #9
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my CURRENT bike: zma

rating, as follows;

comfort: 8/10
headlamp throw: 9/10
ride and handling: 8/10
styling: 8/10
performance: 6/10 (well, 8/10, when compared to the current crop of indian bikes)
fuel efficiency: 7/10
"pride" factor: 7/10

overall satisfaction rating: 7.5/10.....
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Old 12th November 2005, 18:50   #10
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Pulsar 180 - aug 2002 bought used in 2003
comfort - 7/10
headlamp throw - 7/10
ride and handling : 8/10
styling : 8.5/10
performance: 8/10
F.E. : 6/10
NVH : 6/10
kick-in-butt fun factor : 11/10
Overall : 7.5ish

but no complaints - it took me to Leh peacefully wihtout a crib, and I don't really pamper the bike anyways
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Old 12th November 2005, 19:44   #11
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Hey!!good no. of replies...gud.!!
But man!The one with ZMA is unhappy,
how happy if I'd have one!!
My victor sucks bigtime with performance ...after all 100cc
But still "I am loving It"
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Old 13th November 2005, 00:58   #12
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My bike : Zma

Looks-8/10 (Like it or dont.. -2 for too much plastic )

Performance-9.5/10 (w.r.t Indian bikes - No other production bike comes close, maybe the
500, but it's twice the displacement for godssake)

Mileage-3/10 (A well maintained hayabusa give 26kpl approx.)

Comfort-9/10 (Second only to a bullet. Not the Same for the pillion though)

Headlight Throw-9.5/10 (Nice spread + dipper and dimmer can be held on together by pressing pass light switch in dimmer)

Headlight Intensity- 6/10 (Bike like this needs GOOD lights.)

Maintenance-10/10 (hero Honda)

Brakes-11/10 Best of any indian bike. No amount of braking gets the rear outta line. Original Nissin twin pot calipers. Go figure. I know how the brakes of the pulsar are, the bike skids outta line on panic breaking and the wheel locks all too easily. It's fun but un-safe)

Suspension: 7/10- Coulda been a bit more stiff upfront.

Electricals:9/10 - ROCK. DC elctricals mean no revving the engine to get a brighter beam.
Plus the digtal odo and clock features are useful... and you get used to it very quickly.

Am I proud to own it? 10/10

How much do I love it-11/10

On the Whole I Rate My Bike- 9/10
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Old 13th November 2005, 09:08   #13
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Honda Unicorn

Headlight Throw-8.5/10
Am I proud to own it? 9/10
How much do I love it-10/10

Bike bought 15 days ago. One of the quitest and smoothest engine.
On the Whole I Rate My Bike- 9.5/10
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Old 13th November 2005, 09:43   #14
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Bike : Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi
Age : 6 Months.

Looks : 11/10 (love those alloys. Though the all black 180 looks meaner).
Performance : 9/10 (let down by a notchy gearbox)
Mileage : 9/10 (get a steady 53-55 Kpl irrespective of the fuel used. Funny thing is, it gives the same mileage on the highway too).
Comfort : 10/10 (Excellent gas filled rear suspension gives a pleasant ride on bumpy Pune roads).
Headlight throw : 8/10
Maintainance : 10/10.

Am I proud to own it ? 10/10

Love for my bike : 11/10

Overall rating : 9/10.
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Old 14th November 2005, 12:31   #15
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Bike : Yamaha RX135.
Age : 6+ years.

Looks : 6/10. In the days of bikini faired beauties like ZMAs, Pulsars and Unicorns, many find its sober looks too dull. Rating of 6 out of 10 is for you guys. For me, that sober look is the charming.
Performance : 9/10. Awesome! Only worthy competitior to RX on road had been Shogun. Old legs of RX are more than a match for young legs of Pulsars and Unicorns.
Mileage : 5/10. Somewhere around 35? I stopped caring for it long time back.
Comfort : 7/10. Does it have shock absorbers? Alright! with shock absobers all for handling, comfort has no place at low speeds. But ride it harder, more and more comfortable it becomes. At 80+, it is 10/10.
Headlight throw : 7/10.
Maintainance : 6/10. Electricals manage to break every now and then.
Build quality: Unmatched even today. And this is not just because it's "my" bike. It really is awesome. Very sturdy and very solid. No stupid rattles or squeeks.

Am I proud to own it ? Love for my bike : Check my ID Still unsure? Ask those who occasionally approach me for buying my bike.

Overall rating : RX rules.

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