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hey dude dont go only for cosmetic mode...i woulkd suggest you go for performance mods aw well
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hey listen i have a pulsar and have put karizma's light. there are different ways of putting it. first check how you want it placed. and another thing try the unicorn's light, nobody has put it for a pulsar, and looks pretty good too.
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Cool Pulsar Mods

Hey Everyone, Everything about pulsar modifications post it here!

I Also want help regarding engine works. please guys, let us unite and mod our pulsars to the MAX!!!

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1) Headlamp : changing to Xenon but for that winding has to be changed to accomodate more power requirements. Not recommended if your bike is still in warrenty

2) Pilot lamps: Some prefer the 5 in 1 LED while some go for blue bulbs

3) Tyres : change from stock to tubeless wider tyres. The pickup does get a bit slack but gives better grip and tyre doesn't get punctured. Even if it does get punctured you can drive for another 10 kms without worry of damaging the tyre.

4) Tyre Rim : Change from Spoked rim to Mag wheeles costs about 3500

5) Tyre Rim : 150 bike users can upgrade to the 180 bike RIM where they can put in a extra wide tyres.

6) Tail lamp: some cut out the rear faring and put in Karizma tail lamp. If job is not done by experts looks really bad.

7) Stickering : Just make your bike look different from others remember to laqure your bike if you want them to remain for a longer time.

8) Sporty mirrors : they are only for show and really useless. think twice before installing them

9) extra Lamps : Some prefer it above the rear tyre, some on the rear mudguard some under the front faring and some just above the engine under the petrol tank,

10) Mud guard : this was introduced with the new bajaj bikes and to get it fitted you need to get brackets welded on the rear swing arm.

11) special horn : some prefer musical and power horn on their bikes but it does drain battery a lot.

12) paint job on engine : some prefer black paint on engine instead of the aluminium finish.

13) Air Filter : Some got for KNN filter to improve performance. bit tricky to fit in.

14) Gas Shock absorbers : older Pulsar models are with standard hydraulic shocks which can be upgraded to gas shocks giving shoother ride quality.

15) Seat : some cut it out to give bike a sports bike feal while some change the leather cover to suite their individualism.

16) Tank flap cover: there are circular covers available which you can fit on the tank so it doesn't get scratched and water doesn't seep in during monsoon.

17) Tank scratch guard : these are laminated stickers which help in bike not getting scratched in regular use and especially when things are kept on the tank.

18) handlebar lock : This is fitted on one of the front shocks because the stock handle lock which also works as ignition is weak and easily released with a hard jerk of the handle bar.

19) Autocop: some prefer automatic alarm system which costs about 2000 bucks but in most cases its just a whimppy.

20) Parking switch : This can be fitted next to the air filter cover. with a
flick of that switch and then the indicator switch all 4 bulbs blink at same time. Good safety precaution if you travel on highway or late at night.

21) handle grip : there are new professional handle grips available (but the stock grips are best)

22) pilot lamp inside the headlamp : some prefer a blinking blue bulb drilled inside the headlamp just to show their individuality.

23) Medicine Kit : comprehensive medicine kit to take care of emergencies while the one which bajaj gives is useless and incomplete.

24) racing chain guide : some prefer to remove the chain cover and put this to maintain chain slackness

25) change sprocket : Do this only if you are an enginnering student. changing the sprocket can give better performance but if not planned well can be a disaster.

26) Carbeurator tuning : there are specialist whom you can approach for bike tuning there are some guys who have also changed the carbeurator for better performance.

27) jets : replaceing this the air fuel mixture can be supertuned for getting more bhp

28) Crank boring : This give better pickup but average drops and bike becomes a petrol guzzler.

29) Fueltap : some change the stock fueltap to one with key but anyways its a child play to steal petrol from a bajaj designed fuel tank.

30) Nut / crouch guard : I know a fat fellow who put an extra padding on his seat after the tank to protect his just from being sqashed during hard braking.

31) Rearview mirrors with indicator bulbs : this seems to be inspired from the Merc rear view mirrors but looks cool (cheap ones look awfull)

32) changing gear shift : Some 150 users changed the entire gearbox to that of 180 on their bikes (wierd mod so avoid it).

33) Extra scilencer : These are just for show to make the bike look more
masculine i seen a pulsar going over the edge with 4 silencers which looked wierd.

34) reflectors : TVS has good front shock reflectors for 50 bucks for a set. Very practicle to put on pulsar.

35) extra head lamps : These are fitted by some people on the leg guard on both sides for extra light on high ways.

36) twin head lamps : some people remove the good stock DTSI headlamp and put in a single headlamp on pulsar (without pilot lamp) and some go for the wierd twin headlamp of cheap chinese make. Both of the kind donot give any extra power or light. Its just to show how bike is messedup.

37) Exhaustec scilencer : you can fit in exhaustic silencer on your older pulsar or DTSI which scavenged torque and give better mileage and performance.

38) Programmable CDI: This can be externally programmed to suite your powerband requirements. It can actually zoom your pulsar like a superbike but very difficult to configure and reconfigure and can devastate your bike internally.
Source & more Pulsar mods
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Originally Posted by jkdas
oh and get disc for rear wheels


110/90-18 Rs.1950.00 120/90-18 Rs.2450.00 130/80-18 Rs.2800.00 140/70-17 Rs.3200.00 140/70-18 Rs.3300.00 for rest of teh stuffs http://www.xbhp.com/adverts/KRP/

xbhp dot com
what brand are these tyers?????
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hey dud take my advice for it! there are many show-sha-giri pulsars out there. most are pretty wannabe with an xtra silencer in some cases even 3 xtra silencers. let ur bike be a silent killer with some amazing engine mods and stock looks(opinions may differ). you can put in a 180 block and piston,k&n,tuned exhaust to keep the max rpm same as the 150 bore which revvs higher than the 180 after the block change, sprocketing is like chasing ur own tail...if u want pickup sprocketing ul lose on top end! if u want top end ul lose midrange! so let the sprocket remain stock. u definately need meaty rubber to add to these mods. jetting after k&n is a must.(if u want pickup).more overall this work has to be done by a proffesional to whom this aint new....

ps:i tink my knowledge on anything more than 1wheel has multiplied since i joined this site.
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Default Hi Dodge..

17/130 is available in Kochi!!!! You will get it in Michelin and Kings!!! Tho...not sure about its genuinity!!!! I brought Michelin from Auto Queen (Opp Kaloor Petrol Pump)!! It costed me 3600/-.


Originally Posted by dodge
is there 17/130 tyre available in the marcket?????
now i have 17/100 in the front and 15/130 elim tyre in back
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