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Default Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

The Ford Fiesta (Powershift) Automatic has been launched in India at a price of between 8.99 - 9.70 lakhs (ex-Delhi).

What you'll like about the Fiesta Automatic:

• Segment best dual-clutch 6 speed gearbox. Quick, seamless upshifts
• Loads of fun in "L" mode. Outstanding engine braking for the driving enthusiast
• Top notch safety : Electronic stability program, hill descent + brake hold controls, ABS and dual airbags
• Great feature set including leather seats, voice controls, auto-fold mirrors, cruise control and more
• Excellent driving dynamics and impressive steering feel for an EPS

What you won't:

• No Automatic transmission available with the diesel engine
• Paddle-shift, Tiptronic controls & gear indicator are conspicuous by their absence
• Disproportionate rear styling, due to excessive bulk behind the wheel arches
• Interiors at the rear look and feel like they are from a segment lower
• Lackluster petrol engine, a disappointment for enthusiasts when compared to the old 1.6L

The 2014 Facelift:

Link to Report (2014 Ford Fiesta Facelift : A Close Look)

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Since the Ford Fiesta has already been reviewed by Team-BHP, this report will only focus on the Automatic transmission & changes vis-a-vis the manual variant. For easy reference, here are direct links to the full Ford Fiesta test:

Exterior Design & Build Quality (Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review)

Interior design, space, practicality & features (Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review)

Other Pertinent Points (Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review)

The Smaller & Significant Things (Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review)
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

The primary changes on the Fiesta Automatic are:

6-speed dual clutch gearbox:

Black leather seats:

No clutch pedal + lotsa space for your left leg to relax:

Hill-descent & Brake-hold functions. BTW, hill-descent demo car wears the new paprika red colour:

Button on the RHS of the gearlever activates the hill-descent control:

Hill-descent indicator inside the revv counter:

Ford created quite the buzz before the launch of the 6th generation Ford Fiesta in India. The previous gen was an enthusiast's machine, especially in the 1.6S trim level, and most of us were eagerly looking forward to the new car. Unfortunately, the pricing strategy played spoilsport, with the Fiesta falling flat on the value-for-money quotient. Plus, the popular 1.6 liter petrol engine isn't available on the new Fiesta, though the diesel variant does get a better, more powerful 1.5L engine. The market appears to agree; sales of the 6th generation Fiesta refuse to take off (monthly sales tally of 609 since introduction).

That doesn't stop Ford from bringing in the latest technology. The Fiesta Automatic (AT) is the first C segment sedan to bring in a dual-clutch transmission (DCT). If this isn't a sign of a buyer's market, I don't know what is. Till 5 years back, the only automatic C segment sedan you could buy was the Honda City. Today, there is a plethora of AT options including the popular Honda City, Hyundai Verna, VW Vento and Maruti SX4. The Verna & SX4 offer "mere" 4 speed automatic gearboxes and aren't even in contention here. VW did give the Vento AT 6 ratios, but it's quite a lazy gearbox to use. It is the Honda City that has been the benchmark automatic sedan till date. And it's exactly this car that the Fiesta with its dual-clutch automatic will be pitted against. Dual-clutch tech was previously available only in the more expensive German cars (starting with the Laura & Jetta). The gearbox in this Ford is a dry clutch unit, while a wet clutch version is used in higher-torque applications (like the Mondeo for instance).

Automatics are extremely well-suited to India's dense traffic conditions. In our premium car segments, Automatics actually outsell manual transmissions by a mile. Fact is, most premium cars aren't even available with a manual gearbox. However, thanks to apprehensions over fuel efficiency, limited availability (model wise) and the premium pricing, automatics still account for a minuscule percentage of the sub-10 lakh rupee category. Ford mentioned that many global markets reached a "tipping point" in their acceptability of automatics, after which sales of AT cars shot through the roof.

Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review-fiesta-price-features-comparison.png

This gearbox is not going to be offered with the Fiesta diesel. A pity really, and a truly missed opportunity. There is a dearth of competent diesel ATs in the ~10 lakh price band. The only option you have is the Hyundai Verna 4-speed AT. If you want more, there's no choice other than stretching up to the 15+ lakh segment to the VW Jetta & Skoda Laura DSGs.

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

First, let's talk about dual-clutch gearboxes and why they offer superior response times. Conventional automatic & manual gearboxes deploy a single clutch. A DCT uses two; one clutch each for the odd & even gear ratios. The advantage of having twin clutches in the real world is, your next gear is already pre-selected and just waiting to be engaged. This results in lightning quick upshifts; the response time is so fast that it's impossible to replicate in a manual. Torque delivery is almost uninterrupted as the next gear ratio is engaged at the same time that the lower ratio is released. Upshifts are nearly seamless in nature, thus making for a smoother drive. Note that unlike regular automatic gearboxes, a DCT does away with the torque converter.

Advantages of dual-clutch gearboxes:
  • Can shift gears quicker (<1/100th of a second) than Michael Schumacher
  • Smooth, seamless upshifts
  • More fuel-efficient than conventional automatics. In many cases, the efficiency is greater than / equal to the manual variant
  • No torque loss when shifting gears, resulting in quicker acceleration times
  • Have 6+ gears. End result is more closely placed ratios (better usage of available engine power)

Disadvantages of dual-clutch gearboxes:
  • Very complex. Can be expensive to fix if things go wrong. DSGs have so far had reliability issues in India
  • Cost more to manufacture and thus, to buy
  • Downshifts are slower. Longer downshift time when dropping 2 (or more) ratios. Example : 5th -> 3rd
  • Not as much fun (IMHO) or lightweight as a manual transmission

Take a look at this video explanation of the DCT:

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Review of the Fiesta Automatic in different types of driving conditions

Before I outline how the Fiesta Automatic behaves on the road, let me explain the "L" (Low) mode. While P (Park), N (Neutral), R (Reverse) and D (Drive) are self-explanatory, engaging the "L" gearbox mode makes the ECU choose the lowest possible gear for that speed. In L mode, the gearbox will usually upshift only at the redline.

Within the city:
  • D Mode (recommended) : As expected, the Fiesta AT is an absolute breeze to drive in the city...the exact driving condition that these transmissions are built for. Your left leg is completely at ease, and can rest away to glory on the dead pedal. Even your left hand doesn't need to move away from the steering wheel. We drove through pretty dense traffic on Goa's roads and the Fiesta's DCT impressed with its super-smooth upshift quality. In fact, so seamless are the upshifts that you would be hard-pressed to tell when the transmission moved from 2nd to 3rd gear (as an example). The speedometer needle hardly drops when upshifting. Even in a car like the Honda Accord, you can feel the upshifts, but not in this Fiesta. The light steering only adds to the effortless driving experience. Throttle response at low speeds is decent too (though, not excellent). In "D" mode, this transmission's priority is economy. It quickly makes its way up the gears, with shifts happening at <2,000 rpms for the most part. Example : At 50 kph, the engine is lazily ticking away at a mere 1,400 - 1,500 rpm, making the drive very relaxed. No engine noise either, the single sound on the inside is the air-conditioner blower. On the flip side, downshift response time is nowhere as impressive, and is more like what you experience in conventional ATs. You simply won't be able to make an immediate go for it when you spot that gap in traffic. There is a noticeable lag before the gearbox drops to a lower gear and you get the desired pep. Further, if you suddenly press the accelerator, there is a bit of a CVT-like rubber band effect felt, where the rpm meter will climb disproportionately higher than the speed, before the clutch is fully engaged. You won't feel this elasticity in bumper to bumper traffic. However, it is obvious when you floor the accelerator pedal from low speeds. I was told that the gearbox intentionally slips the clutch a little, in order to minimise jerks.
  • L Mode : Is pointless for use within the city. As mentioned earlier, "L" will choose the lowest possible gear at the current engine speed. Thus, at 40 kph, the Fiesta's gearbox is still in 1st. Not only will it guzzle fuel, but also the engine is annoyingly loud at high rpms. Under normal driving conditions, avoid L mode which will only upshift between the 5,800 - 6,400 rpm range (varies from gear to gear). Plus, the upshift & downshift quality in L mode are a lot more aggressive & jerky.

On the Highway & Expressway:
  • Combination of "D" & "L" mode is recommended : D is again the choice if you want to cruise in a relaxed manner with less frequent overtaking. In fact, the Fiesta's cruise control feature is most useful with the Automatic variant. When you are commuting on the expressway, the D mode & cruise control will make light work of munching up the kms. The gearbox quickly makes its way to higher gears. Downshift response time in D mode for highway / expressway overtaking is not satisfactory though; again, there is substantial lag after which the AT shifts to a lower gear. This is also partly due to the new 1.5L petrol engine which simply does not have the punch of the older 1.6L. It needs to be revved to perform & the transmission has no choice. I personally feel that Ford's 1.6L petrol would have been a better match for the 6-speed DCT. Therefore, at those times that you want to complete the overtaking manouveur quickly & safely, move the gearlever to L mode before you start overtaking. That way, you are in the powerband from the start of the overtaking manouveur itself.
  • L Mode only : Not recommended. Remember, L mode isn't a true sport mode and keeps the engine spinning at high rpm at all times. This can get very disconcerting as engine sound is high, as will be the fuel consumption. I wish the Fiesta AT had a proper "S" Mode like most other Automatics do, which keeps the rpms low when required, and only redlines when the accelerator is fully pressed. The lack of a true Sport mode makes the extremely opposite nature of the D <-> L modes even more obvious.

On the Twisties (Ghat sections):
  • L Mode (recommended) : This is where the L mode really comes into its own, by providing engine braking that is astonishingly good. In fact, unless you are an expert driver, L mode will give you superior engine braking than you'd ever be able to manage with a manual transmission. Coming downhill on a ghat section that had its fair share of tight corners & fast curves, L mode kept the car in control throughout. The gearbox will willingly keep the engine at a constant 5,000 rpm when you need it to stay there (say, in the middle of a fast corner). Again, it will only upshift at the red line and you can completely control the upshift based on accelerator input. Best part is, when the gearbox downshifts, it compliments the engine braking with a throttle blip. Combine this with the electric power steering that is perfectly calibrated and the Fiesta's front end that's ever eager to change direction, you have an automatic that can be a whole lot of fun on the twisties. In L mode, I used the brake pedal a lot less than I would even in a manual car. The awesome engine braking keeps the car composed 80% of the time (you can use the brake pedal for the other 20%). I was taking some corners really fast and didn't feel disconnected / nervous with the car at all. Engine braking is also very progressive. If you come to a gradual stop from 100 - 0 kph, you can feel the gearbox dropping one gear at a time (all the way down to 1st ratio). The downshift point is at ~3,500 rpm level.
  • "D" Mode with hill descent control : If L mode is too aggressive & noisy for you, simply press the hill descent button on the gear lever and drive along in D Mode. Hill descent control + D Mode also provide sufficient engine braking that is well-suited to a normal (non-enthusiast) driving style. Honestly, even on a steep decline at normal speeds, the hill descent control (in D mode) provided more than enough engine braking. It's only the enthusiasts who will desire the aggressive engine braking of the L mode.

Noteworthy Omission:
  • I wish the Fiesta AT had paddle-shift controls, or even a tiptronic. Firstly, it would help in overtaking manouveurs. You could downshift at the right time and keep the car ready before the actual overtaking process. Right now, the only solution is to move to L mode which isn't really ideal because, after overtaking, you have to manually move the gearlever back to D. Paddle shifts are also a "nice-to-have" feature that would suit the premium aspirations of the Fiesta.
  • I'd have preferred a "Gear Indicator". As an enthusiast, I always like to know which gear my car is currently driving in.

Noteworthy Features:
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program) : Full marks to Ford for equipping the Fiesta with an ESP...the first car in this segment to get this invaluable safety feature. In an emergency driving condition such as unintentional oversteer, the ESP can prove to be a life-saver. An ESP system is continually monitoring steering input, and whether the car is headed in the intended direction. If it detects oversteer or understeer, the ESP immediately steps in with corrective action, using braking (individual wheels) & throttle control as necessary. To know more about how ESP works, click here.
  • Sealed-for-life : This 6-speed transmission is sealed for life and, Ford claims, is zero maintenance. It doesn't even require any change of transmission fluid throughout its stipulated 10 year / 240,000 kms lifespan.
  • Brake-Hold The Fiesta AT is equipped with a brake-hold function that is very convenient to use on steep inclines. Say, you come to a complete stop in the middle of an incline. When you want to get moving again, to prevent the car from rolling back, the ECU will automatically keep the brakes applied for up to 2.5 seconds. This gives you sufficient time to release the brake pedal, and press the accelerator. Of course, if you press the accelerator before the 2.5 second interval, the brake-hold function will disengage right away. Note that the brake-hold function also activates if you are reversing up a steep incline.
  • Hill-Descent Control is activated via a small button to the right of the gear lever (see picture above). Hill descent control provides sufficient engine braking for most driving conditions and prevents the Fiesta from free-wheeling too. With hill descent control activated, you can come down a ghat section with minimal use of the brakes.
  • Neutral coast-down This is a feature I am NOT a fan of at all. Whenever you are decelerating in "D" Mode, the Fiesta AT starts free-wheeling. It completely disengages the clutch! While this might reduce mechanical wear & tear, I didn't like the feeling of "coasting" at all. A fellow reviewer actually chose to drive with the "hill descent" control permanently on, as it prevented the Fiesta AT from free-wheeling.

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Other Points:

• This is Team-BHP's Official Test-Drive No. 50 . Of course, we have reviewed hundreds of cars informally in the ownership reviews forum too.

• The Fiesta Automatic has the same brake hardware (booster, pad and disk) as the manual variant. As is the case with all other cars, the AT will require more frequent brake pad replacements than the manual.

• The material given to us made specific mention of a Fiesta AT variant with steel wheels. Does that hint toward the AT being offered in a lower trim level as well? Yep.

• Claimed 0 - 100 acceleration time for the Fiesta AT is 12.1 seconds. The ARAI rating is 16.97 kpl!

• This gearbox is too good for the engine. While the Honda City MT records a quicker time to the 100 than the Fiesta MT, it is the Fiesta AT that will be quicker to the 100 (than the Honda City AT).

• If you want a one-liner piece of advice on which gear mode to use and when, here goes = D mode when cruising and L mode when driving enthusiastically (whether in the city or on the highway).

• Ford offers a 2 year / 100,000 km warranty as standard on this car.

• This 6-speed transmission weighs 73 kilos. It was developed in collaboration with Getrag and is currently fully-imported. Getrag also supplies DCTs to BMW's M division, Mercedes' AMG division, Ferrari & the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X. Curiously, Honda, Hyundai & Toyota don't have a DCT on offer in any of their currently sold cars.

• As good as automatic transmissions are getting, I still prefer my slick 5 / 6 speed manual trannies. Call me old-fashioned, or even a purist, that's just how it is.

• Credit for the picture in the opening post : Ford's official photographer.

• No AT badging on our test car. My guess is, it will read Powershift by the time the car makes it to showrooms:

Disclaimer : Ford invited Team-BHP for the Fiesta AT test-drive. They covered all the expenses for this driving event.

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I want to shout this out loud :

This is not a typical automatic gearbox! Think of it as a robotized manual transmission.


There's no lossy "torque-converter" in this gearbox. Its got 6-speeds (vs 5-speeds of the MT variants). The optimal shift-points for FE are pre-programmed in. And its got the benefit of dual-clutches too. These boxes are superior in performance to typical slush-box automatics in virtually every way.

This means that you can expect similar or maybe even better fuel efficiency figures from the DCT than the manual transmission -- on the same engine.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Ford mentioned that many global markets reached a "tipping point" in their acceptability of automatics, after which sales of AT cars shot through the roof.
We'll reach this tipping point only once the mindset of "automatics are less efficient than manuals" is broken.

Now that thats out of the way, great to see Ford bringing in a DCT transmission into this segment! Its just a pity that the Fiesta pricing came in way too high. Ford should have got that right from the start but they didn't. Rs. 50-75k + discounts are happening now, but a lot of the damage is already done.

Second bummer here is that they didn't blow everyone away here by announcing a diesel + auto combination.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Neutral coast-down This is a feature I am NOT a fan of at all. Whenever you are decelerating in "D" Mode, the Fiesta AT starts free-wheeling. It completely disengages the clutch!
This makes no sense to me! (Is this being confused with "neutral idle"?)

Why on earth would they (or any dual-clutch transmission) disengage when coasting down?

Its worse for fuel-efficiency*, and the driver is less in control. I can't really think of a single advantage... Will have to look this up!


* = Please see This post (Shifting to Neutral or Pressing the Clutch when Braking - Is this right?)

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

@GTO, As usual, excellent and brilliant review of the AT Fiesta. Rated the thread a well deserved 5 stars

I wish Ford could get this DCT in its Diesel powered Fiesta and ofcourse, price it decently. As rightly pointed out by you, Ford has missed a big chance.

The Black Nappa leather seats look very good and comfortable. This has upped the interior quality to a certain extent. I hope Ford would offer these seats as an accessory/option.

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Such a waste. AT only in Petrol in today's fuel price scenario - BIG FAIL. I dont think this is gonna sell more than 40-50 units/month.
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Fabulous review, GTO. Many segment firsts indeed. But alas, a 1.6 would have given more bang for the buck. Plus paddle shifts.

I wonder how much the car is priced.
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Fantastic Review GTO as usual. Fantastic reviews are by default on team bhp . Good to see manufacturers in this case Ford leading the way by getting the latest AT box, though AT on diesel will be missed and might keep away some buyers. Hope others like VW get the DSG on the diesel variant of the vento.
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Excellent review GTO.

Automatic transmission offered just in the petrol variant, this shows how hard car companies are trying to sell the petrol variants.

I am not a fan of the new fiesta, but the dual clutch automatic makes it an attractive buy.

I always loved the Fiesta classic (still do) and manual transmission.

Hope the predicted drop in petrol prices help the sales figure grow.
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Dear GTO:

Awesome review even though it's the review of a variant. No other review I read of Fiesta AT gave me such 'to-the-point' details and conveyed with such passion. It made me feel you are talking one-on-one to me like my car-expert friend.

My heart felt thanks

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Nice detailed review. Pretty much everything included!

Surprising to see that even Ford is following the mantra of "Petrol = City/Short Drive = AT and Diesel = Highway/longdrive = MT"

I guess the company has no idea on how many city commuters use the diesel. Or will it be because, of the 10 year/2.4lac sealed for life GB?. As seldom do petrols reach those figures, when compared to almost all diesels which touch 2+ lac kms in their life time?

Also, why are downshifts slow on a DSG? Wont the double clutch GB be ready with the other gear to be engaged as soon as the current one is disengaged? Or is it because, of synchronization problems, of lower gears at speed?
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Neutral coast-down ...
.... It completely disengages the clutch!

Being such an enthusiasts car, giving out such a fun-filled DSG, why the hell did they take this decision?. What do they gain?.
EDIT: Neutral Idle: Is said to increase FE, as it puts the engine out of load. Hmm.. I guess this is to be discussed in the other thread.

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Nice review GTO

However, petrol only option is a sore disappointment due to rising petrol prices. I doubt this car would pick up sales any sooner, as its manual sibling is still lagging behind it competitors.
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