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Default Re: Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by fighterace View Post
... But the behaviour of the Service Advisors is shocking. Did you report the matter to the GM or to TML?
Originally Posted by DriveOnceMore View Post
Did you lodge a complaint through app?
I mailed them 3 times. There was no reply after the 1st generic reply.
After a week, I got tired & busy.

Recently, I randomly got a SMS that my Nano was ready after being serviced! I had't sent it!

I immediately tweeted to Tata Motors with a screenshot of the SMS & another pic of the car standing outside my house.

I suspected Tata Motors Authorised Service Center - KHT Motors had made a fake job card, just like before! So I mentioned the date of the email I had sent back then with proof (but they (Dealer & Tata Motors) hadn't replied then) : Jun 2, 2013, 3:03 PM bstolia at gmail dot com.

When I logged on to the App & checked, I was shocked to find that the service center seemed to've opened a fake job card and recorded my car to have come for some "Monsoon Campaign" !

I immediately tweeted the screenshot of the app & my cars current odometer reading as against the false reading shown as would be recorded in the Job card.Link

I got 2 calls from the service manager at KHT. Forget apology, in one of them he had the gall to say that since he's ready to service my car now, I should co-operate & take back my complaint!

What logic!? This is their attitude. Anyway, TATA didn't follow up because they obviously don't care (infact I feel the insiders of the company want to promote such siphoning). I never followed up vehemently since I knew Tata doesn't care and I was busy travelling.

Links to my previous experiences with Tata Motors Authorised Service Centers fabricating Fake Job Cards :

1 ) The first time on 20th May, 2013, when I unsuspectingly signed a "Feedback Form" that a person (claiming to've directly come from Tata Motors) lied about being a general feedback being collected by Tata Motors parent company.

Actually, the people at KHT Motors Authorised Service Center had made a fake job card. (Possibly to siphon off funds from Tata Motors that'd be granted for AMC services) On 2-6-2013, I mailed them ALL the screenshot of Tata Motors Assured website showing an odometer reading as on 18th May that my car hadn't even reached till 2nd June !

No reply from anyone.

2) The Second time, on 8th July 2013, again the same person came again to collect feedback in the post service feedback form.

I wasn't going to fill the form this, but I called the GM of service & asked what was going on. He confirmed it was a genuine feedback form. I didn't mind since I had the call recorder on my phone and I anyway trusted him since he was afterall the GM of service at the ASC.

Still, this time I clicked a picture of the persons ID, the feedback form and the way in which I filled the feedback form.

My WiFi was down, so I tweeted Tata Motors all the pics & explanation the next day.

Still, no reply.

This was not recorded in my service history as I clearly warned the person that if required I'd make time to rake up the whole issue.

I guess this is getting abit discouraging, but despite the nonsense going on at Tata ASC, I felt happy using the Nano to drive around this crazy Bangalore traffic.

This is the reason I'm always demanding that we put the onus of the servicing & maintenance headache on TATA Motors by demanding a Super-LONG term warranty & AMC. Even at an extra cost.

Else, dealers will keep fooling owners who trust the Tata brand based on whatever nonsensical narratives about "honesty & trustworthiness" or "Tata Code of Conduct" that the parent company promotes itself with. The Supreme Court order yesterday shows the true face of Tata.

Edit : I say the above as a practical person. Infact I believe Tata now seem to be making honest cars. Just some of their other dealings seem shady (Example : Dealing with ASC & its internal controls) . And for anyone buying a Tata car, he needs to make sure they stay with the car during service & not let any nonsense happen. The changes like the service APP etc prove that somewhere up there, *some* good intent does exist. But if you take things for granted, it won't take time for things to go very wrong.

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Default Re: Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by GrammarNazi View Post
And for anyone buying a Tata car, he needs to make sure they stay with the car during service & not let any nonsense happen. The changes like the service APP etc prove that somewhere up there, *some* good intent does exist. But if you take things for granted, it won't take time for things to go very wrong.
Quite accurate, but one can get good results without staying with the car. Tata is still loaded with an ancient DNA where connections matter more than processes - very unlike Toyota, or even Maruti/Hyundai.

One needs to access someone high in the service organisation and make sure they know that your car is in for service, every time it goes there. And they need to know that you have access somewhere high in TML. Once this context is in place, excellent results are always obtained.

It shouldn't be so, but it is.
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Thumbs up Re: Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review

Hats off to Tata Nano and three friends who completed Mangol rally!

Tata Nano helps 3 friends complete 18,000 km Mongol Rally
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Default Re: Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review

Here (Tata Nano DIY - Upgraded to LED Headlights) is a post on Nano's headlight bulb change and use of LEDs

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Default My Pre-owned 2012 Tata Nano LX

I was on the hunt for a pre-owned, low cost and compact city car which gave me the convenience of a two wheeler and in my list there were two options; 1) Tata Nano or 2) Maruti Omni. I was considering purchasing either one of these two shortlisted options and it was the Nano which i ended up bringing home.

So here it is, a 2012 Mojito Green Tata Nano The same colour which the test drive Nano featured here came in. It has 28000KM on its clock and I am its second owner.

Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170420_184435.jpg
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170420_184416.jpg

I picked it up from Maruti True Value close to my home. I have driven the Nano only once before and that was a very short drive and my proper drive in a Nano is in the one i picked up yesterday and am I thrilled! There is something totally awesome about driving the smallest four wheeler in the city and places which seemed inaccessible in a larger vehicle suddenly becomes accessible in the Nano. Except for a hard clutch the car is totally fun to drive!!

With all used cars there remains something to be done by the new owner, here is my list:

1) One tyre is old and worn out rest all are good.
2) Under the headlight some rust has started to creep in and this needs to be fixed.
3) Seat covers
4) Replace horn with Windtone 90 which i have with me.

Reason for rusting. See the photos below. There was a large nest like buildup of dry leaves and twigs which got trapped behind both headlights. This crap seems to hold the moisture in when its get wet and over the years it affected the metal underneath.

RH Headlight area
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170421_144926.jpg
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170421_144934.jpg

LH Headlight area after i cleaned it out
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170421_144941.jpg

Rust which became visible after i cleaned up that area.
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170421_161412.jpg
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170421_161429.jpg
Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review-20170421_161448.jpg

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Congratulations on your new small wonder!
It is surprising that the previous owner did not remove the leaves proactively given that for filling fuel one has to open the bonnet!
Please do attend to rust as early as you can!
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Default Re: Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review

Thank you. Its a small wonder indeed.

The leaves were completely hidden behind the lower portion of the headlight. I didnt see it either when i opened the bonnet, visible only if the lights are removed which i happened to do to put led park light bulbs which i happened to have.

Also what needs to be done to open the rear hatch? I guess tail lamp bulb change needs the hatch to be removed to access the tail light. One bulb is looking blackish and will need replacement soon.
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Default Re: Tata Nano : Test Drive & Review

@GrammarNazi ,
Its true with all TSC I suppose. Last time I sent my nano for service with pre booked appointment. They returned the car after washing and never serviced the car and told me that it too early to do the service as the car has done less than 3k since last service.
They added the service as campaign50 in the app.
Now when I took to service later they said that warranty will not stand the oil changes were not done in stipulated time frame. What the heck ? Whose fault ?
Its all in the newly opened dealer Trivandrum motors.

My car have Gold AMC for 4 years and 20K kms and now they are saying AMC is applicable only for two service and I have to pay up. So had to shell out 3400 for service.
Tried contacting tata motors via FB and twitter , no response from them yet.
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