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Default Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Originally Posted by psurelia View Post
Hi Libra, this is a safety feature called cross caster-camber. This ensures that the car goes off the road rather than running into on coming traffic in case the driver falls asleep or loses steering control. However, you can get rid of that by adjusting the wheel alignment.
Thank you Psurelia, this is fantastic. I had never heard of this before. I think I would work more towards getting used to the ideal setting
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Default Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Originally Posted by Libra View Post
Thank you Psurelia, this is fantastic. I had never heard of this before. I think I would work more towards getting used to the ideal setting
Just wanted to mention, I have got rid of the cross caster-camber because it gets tiring on the long drives to keep the heavy steering straight (mine is a 4x4 and hence the steering is heavier).
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Default Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Guys just read that the new Safari Storme with 400 Varicor engine and 6 speed gear box launched. The model that they have launched is only the top end version on the VX trim.

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Default Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Anybody tried to access the Safari website?

Despite using several browsers, I get a very poorly designed page.

Even the Nano / Sumo Gold pages on Tata Motors website are far pleasing and intuitive than the Safari website.
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Default Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
An electronic shift on the fly Borg Warner transfer case with low range. The low range goes down to 1:2.48, resulting in tremendous pulling power & speed control:
New 6 speed Storme's booklet does not have information on the ratios. Where can one get it?
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Default Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

I would like to apologise for not reporting earlier. I got a few PMs and replies to my earlier post approx 4 years, 9 months ago. Never logged in using username. Didn't bother checking messages or earlier post.

All cities quoted below are being quoted as Districts, not cities. Also, this car is NOT 400NM.

Mileage driven:
- Drove 50000 KMs 1st year
- Drove 50000 KMs 2nd year
- Drove 25000 KMs 3rd year
- Tired of driving since then, drive every now and then

- Solely me for the first 1.5 years (~75000 KMs)
- Went through 3 drivers till the end of 2nd year
- Now have a regular auto-rickshaw driver who drives my car on long trips along with me driving in between (or sole driver if my wife is traveling alone)

Driving conditions:
- Average long trip = 1150 KMs
- 5 hours 1 way on highway (~450 KMs), 1 hour 1 way village roads (~100 KMs), 1.5 hours 1 way no roads (~50 KMs). Some village roads (western Maharashtra) are brilliant, better than Mumbai/ Pune roads. Some village roads (A bit of Jalgaon, mostly Aurangabad and Akola) are non-existent
- Travelled from Navi Mumbai to Sangli/Kolhapur/Belgaum, Navi Mumbai to Solapur, Navi Mumbai to Aurangabad/Jalgaon, Navi Mumbai to Nandurbar/Dhule, Navi Mumbai-Kolhapur-Solapur-Aurangabad
- This car has never slowed down on any highway potholes or rumbler strips
- Mild potholed roads i.e. potholes not more than 3 inches deep and occurring every 2 metres were driven at the speed of 60-80 kmph

The Ugly:
- Headlights have grown weaker over time. I refuse to use high powered white lights. Rural driving is impossible when a car coming from the front has those. Tried changing bulbs, given up. Most authorised service centre mechanics STILL do not know how to fit bulbs. Bulbs have to be press fit HARD and these guys have not been trained to do this well. A roadside electrical guy told me this is the case with all Stormes
- Rear door refuses to open. Even when I bought the car it was a bit hard, I assumed it was because this was an SUV. After 1 year it started jamming up. Changed read door lock under warranty. No Luck. Apparently, my car has a dust allergy and I drive in dusty environments. My local mechanic oils and cleans it up and it's fine for a about a month post that. Becomes a major problem while changing tyres
- Since day one the middle seats collapse forward on hard braking. Authorised mechanics have put insulation tape over the male member to provide better grip. Fit and finish of small stuff is where Tata lacks, I guess

The Bad:
- Break performance varies on rough roads. I can't put my finger on it, but I know when the car won't break properly at high speeds on rough roads; And then I slow down. I shouldn't be driving so fast on those roads anyway
- Car broke down twice in the first 6 months. First time it was a good old CTRL-ALT-DEL i.e. disconnect everything and reconnect everything. Second time it was blown fuses. Called up assistance which arrived in less than 45 minutes. I got free coffee, 1 Bisleri and a packet of biscuits both times (You can put this down as good ). I am not sure, but I think the first time was just a lit-up malfunction indicator lamp and not a breakdown
- A major failure was that the clutch piston has failed once at ~100000 KMs. There are 2 clutch pistons, failure was on just 1 of them. Set me back by 3 hours and ~5000 Rs
- In fact, most pressure parts are a bit clumsy. Power steering pipe has broken once. An 8" ring under the car which acts just as a cover over the coupler between 2 pipes has had it's rubber gasket wear off and broken lose, tied it up with some nylon rope as it was making clattering noise and moved back home ~300 KMs
- Exhaust tips come off once in 6 months, I jam them back with my hands
- Left side window rattles only when half down
- Fuel tank doesn't open every once in a while, I have to open it manually
- Body noise of plastic parts, can be written off due to my driving, I guess no other car would survive
- Servicing costs money. This car has 2 filters for everything and they cost money. Each service from my local mechanic once year sets me back by 27000 Rupees and 2 days. Maintenance + service costs = Rs 2 per KM. I hear this is not too high a price, but compared to my Honda Jazz CVT and i10 (1st Gen) this is too much
- Electronic components fail. Audio selection-cum-turn indicator has got the audio controls randomly working. I don't listen to music, but my driver does. Reverse sensors fail once a year. 2 of the 4 Cabin lights not working, not bothering to replace

The good:
- This car can seriously take abuse. I go full-on BDSM and I don't hear even a whimper
- Considering rough usage and mileage, my maintenance time is low. I heard from ex Safari Dicor owners that their cars spend more time in the Garage than on the road. Mine has spent a total 16 days in the garage over 4.75 years for regular maintenance. Parts availability caused 1 day delay in each instance. I have changed shockups once, foundations once
- A good roadside mechanic is good with this car. You don't have to deal with sweet talking people in AC cabins
- Tyres last 50000 KMs. 9 Punctures to date (3 in the last 1 month)
- AC is amazing, car cools down in less than 25 mins when parked under 48 degree sun for 2 hours
- 4x4 performance is good. Trust me I have driven at so many places, it just works. It may not be the best, but Point A to Point B on ROUGH hills with steep inclines and slippery rubble beneath - never failed me
- Ground clearance and rigidity. I know when my car will see-saw, yet I do it. Everytime the ground clearance with a little bit of engine push has worked for me

The best
- This car can climb Ghats
- Did I say this car can handle abuse? I think I did. Saying it again to emphasise
- No road noise even now, engine noise very little (slightly more than an equally run Innova-with-zero-abuse)

Would I buy it again?
- Automatic with TC please on a 4x4 in a sub 20 lac budget
- Better lights
10/10 would buy again

Fun fact:
Car got stuck in wet clay, 4x4 was fine, the tyres were as shiny as mirrors due to clay and basically all were rotating in place. Called a large tractor to pull out. Tractor got stuck as well. Bullocks came to the rescue
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Thumbs up Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Originally Posted by montievv View Post
... Bullocks came to the rescue

Amazing low-end grunt there
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Default Re: Tata Safari Storme 4x4 : Official Review

Awesome long term review. Have to say that you made full use of the capabilities of the vehicle.

Pushing me more to the safari for my next vehicle.
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