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dtox 9th May 2013 17:29

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
Very good review and some excellent clicks, too !

Overall, a good package for the price-conscious junta.
Tavera should not ideally get affected because both cater to different segments and buying classes. But even then, Chevy should take care not to let Tavera slip as they must be making huge money on Tavera.

Enjoy versus Ertiga is one interesting proposition. Personally, I believe that Enjoy for that price is a very practical buy.
Chevy should do well to attract Quanto prospect.
The design might be bland but it is anyday better than the ugly duckling on Indian roads called Quanto.

Last but not the least, google tells me that Chevy's Enjoy is China's best-selling car. About 50k unit despatches every month. Almost twice that of our national best-seller, Suzuki Alto. And surprisingly, Sail ships around 20k units every month there.
Astounding figures !

nitinbose 9th May 2013 17:38

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
The prices seem quite attractive for an MPV however the design and looks seem much like a Xylo! It may kick off if Chevy gives special offers for the yellow boards. Would a 1.4L 100bhp engine suffice on full load?

ganesc 9th May 2013 18:38

Thanks a lot. Nicely reviewed as usual.

Just some queries:
- Even the 8 seater's midrow doesn't flip down fully to allow easy access to 3rd row? Hope no side facing seats as option.
- Is the captain seat comfortable that it can be used as a chaffeur driven car? Easy for DC? ;)
- Some other reviewers have said the steering is direct and weighs up nicely as speed picks up but our review says otherwise?
- Will upgrading tyre configuration give a better ground clearance? Or at the cost of highway stability in case of taller tyres?


Originally Posted by don_carmaster (Post 3117272)
Can the last row bench be folded completely? to get some more luggage space!?

I think i dint find any mention about it

Yes it can fold completely and increase luggage space but the seat belt points are poorly placed that they intrude in between.

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girishglg 9th May 2013 19:16

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
A high standard TBHP review there as usual which brings out an unbiased picture of the Enjoy. Coming to think of it in comparison with its nearest rival the Ertiga, there seems to be no doubt that it is not a match at all on every major front such as powertrain, interiors, quality and looks.

However if the market concludes it as yet another commercial MUV in the making, it would be interesting to have a shoot out in comparison with other MUVs other than Ertiga and Innova such as Xylo, Tavera, Sumo, Rhino and see how it ranks in key parameters.

Kwanza 9th May 2013 19:41

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review

Originally Posted by noopster (Post 3116520)
It helps to be seated in the direction of the car's movement (unlike the side-facing seats of some MUVs).

+1 to this. Applies not just to cars but any object in motion

SDP 9th May 2013 20:15

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
Very good review as usual! Good job noopster and parrys! :thumbs up

When the pricing news popped up today morning, it caught my attention and I believe, that is what is going to happen. The car would grab attention (because of pricing), but would not be able to hold it for too long.

1. Very good pricing would get foot-falls to the showroom.
2. Average design, below average interiors and weird 2nd/3rd row folding would ensure that not many foot-falls would get converted to sales.
3. Average highway performance means competing with Innova, Xylo, Ertiga would not be possible.
4. Not many serious travellers (potential MUV buyers) would consider Enjoy enjoyable because of lack of storage space in door pads.
5. Given Tavera's moderate success, the commercial segment might take a little bit of liking for the Enjoy.
6. Most likely we would see Enjoy being used as school-van for short distances. Omnis and Eeco play in that segment currently.

Finally, another disappointment after Evalia. Makes me wonder, is it really that difficult to design a MUV that looks good?

anu21v 9th May 2013 20:21

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review

Originally Posted by noopster (Post 3116517)
Specification & Pricing Comparison:
Attachment 1082059


Originally Posted by noopster (Post 3116517)
Parked between an Innova and a Tavera, the Enjoy looks smaller, sleeker and well....different. We attracted a lot of attention while shooting this pic. Some folk referred to it as the "new Innova"

As usual, very very nice top of the line work by T-BHP team. Better detailing than most of the pros. Thanks Parrys and Noopster. Rating it 5* clap:

Noticed few things in the comparison Chart

a) Enjoy's Torque per tonne is in line with Ertiga and Quanto.... and better than Sumo and Xylo (Mdi) ... On-the-road performance of "Enjoy" seems would be pretty much on the mark. surprise..surprise ..surprise... who has got the best Torque per Tonne in the comparison .... its TAVERA. wow that was enlightening. No wonder Cabbies Love Tavera which not only is sprightly but also gives better mileage than innova.

b) Price wise Enjoy is lower than Ertiga by 50-80 K and more in the range of Sub-4M Quanto......another Surprise. I was under the impression ENJOY would definitely cost more than Quanto..duty included ofcourse :)

c) Looking at that INNOVA-TAVERA-ENJOY Pic, it seems the Engine-Bay is smallest for ENJOY. No doubt just like Brio/Amaze that is where it is generating that extra space advantage over Ertiga despite having shorter Wheelbase than Ertiga. Also despite that monocoque structure(Meaning Low floor) and height which appears higher than innnova, it seems inside space or usable height will be more than Tavera and innova both... probably in the league of Xylo.

d) From the Interior pics.... it looks like there is far more space in the third row than even Innova or Xylo. I dont want to remember how claustrophobic and squeezed out i feel in the innova third row despite the fact that i am slender-framed average joe

From the front it looks better or rather smarter than Ertiga. Ertiga to me looks just like Ritz with even Front Doors and quarter glass looked like Borrowed ones. Also ertiga doesn't have individual captain seats in the mid rows, not even an option available that leads to the most claustrophobic experience to last row passenger who cant even stretch legs in the open space between the seats. The worst part on Ertiga (apart from last row seats) to me are the "Middle Doors" which open so wide and are so big it looks downright ugly on car of its small size. Enjoy seems little bit proportioned there.

On the down side the dashboard design of Enjoy is not upto my tastes and they could have easily given way to a better music System. Even a car like LIVA which has such a horrible dashboard setup looks better than this just because of those music system and switches and gizmos.

All in all if one has a family of 4 adults and 2 Kiddos he should go for ertiga, but if one have 4 adults with 2 teenagers he should go for ENJOY.

Even though I am not in market of 7+ seaters, I think Enjoy would have made to my consideration set purely on account of price value equation.

Considering it would be easily to maneuver with lower-floor-height and is high on mileage; this vehicle Somehow to me looks like a perfect budget replacement of Innova. Someone has rightly said... its "New Innova".. albeit a budget one

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tanwaramit 9th May 2013 20:40

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
There are some additions which I have noticed.

1. The entry to the third row is best done by the aisles from the second row as the space between the two captain seats on the 2nd row is quite good for a person to shift to the third row
2. Very critical: GM is giving warranty on all parts which otherwise are considered wear and tear parts like clutch (yes, if your clutch gets burnt, they will replace it), wipers, bulbs. Tyres, battery etc is excluded

AbhishekB86 9th May 2013 21:08

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
What's there to 'Enjoy'? The cost cutting is so very evident and the car personally does not appeal to me with its exterior or interior. 7 seater with gaps everywhere, cheap plastics, never heard of wheels and a declining and unreliable after sales network.

Let's not think cab owners are fools. the 40-50 grand extra is not good enough to match reliability (Maruti) and overall appeal. 40-50 grand savings can easily go if the product develops issues and also the ever increasing A.S.S' costs at Chevy.

Three boring cars in a year. Are they taking no feedback from the market?

One day people will forget that Chevy came up with Cruze & Beat and will remember it for uninspiring products like the Enjoy.

scopriobharath 9th May 2013 21:10

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
I think is a sure shot reciepie for failure.

IT will NOT sell in the private segment. MIDs, Steering Controls are becoming norms nowadays.

Maybe it would be a hit with the Taxi segment, provided Chevy allows Yellow board registration.

Ford5 9th May 2013 21:26

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
I now understand why chevy uses ultra cheap chinese parts for their products. They know for sure none of their products will never be segment toppers in the long and short run, so why spend a higher amount on better/durable parts.

rkg 9th May 2013 21:31

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
Ertiga is any day better both in terms of quality , features and price also


Ertiga has VGT which costs more than FGT of enjoy

Ertiga has 15" tyres and indian make ( reputed brands), Enjoy has 14" and chinese tyres

Ertiga music system has BT and enjoy do not have

Ertiga middle row AC has cooling coils, it is not just blower. Iam not sure about Enjoy.

If one were to take in to account the additional cost of all these features which Ertiga has, the price will be almost similar.

In addition Ertiga has better resale value, higher GC ( Indica Vista with 165mm GC scraps all the spped breakers, Enjoy has 161m GC), better fit and finish than enjoy

Cheverlet has cut costs in Turbo, tyre size and make and priced it lower than ertiga.

skumare 9th May 2013 21:41

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review

Originally Posted by rkg (Post 3117792)
...Indica Vista with 165mm GC scraps all the speed breakers...

Not sure about the exact GC of Vista, but it has a very good GC and doesn't scrap any speed breaker, except very rarely.

ramesh 9th May 2013 22:14

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
Anyone think this can eat into market share of Bolero ? , because of cost factor , at least in semi rural markets.

arjun18 9th May 2013 22:29

Re: Chevrolet Enjoy : Official Review
The enjoy is certainly not a sophisticated MUV like the ertiga, doesn't seem to have any extra features at all, looks drab, disgusting interiors, bad ergonomics..doubt any family would even consider once they check it out.
Further considering it's priced about the same as the ertiga (70K diff is hardly anything for the pros of the ertiga over the enjoy), I'm pretty sure a sensible buyer is going to scrap the option immediately. Definitely and exclusively a taxi at best.

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