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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

Webpage is up

Updated dual- tone interior colour scheme looks pretty classy, as compared to the old all beige interiors.
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Nissan Terrano : Official Review-screen-shot-20161015-5.22.04-pm.png  

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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

I went through the page linked in the post mentioned above.

It's a little saddening to see that they are really not offering any change to the interiors of the Terrano. They are still not offering a touch screen which has become standard in most lower segment vehicles below it, the automatic climate control and I wouldn't be surprised if the mid remains the same! This car might be an off shoot of the duster, but in terms of equipment offered I think the duster has progressed leaps and bounds!
Nissan should really buck up with their cats. They seem to be lagging behind the competition.

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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

Nissan Terrano AMT ad on TV -

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161026-1.png

Japanese Quality
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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

Nissan Terrano AMT (Early ownership report)

I've been following the Nissan Terrano since it's launch, and a couple of key ideas jumped out at me. These are:

1) SUV Heritage - The Nissan stables have brought forth some legendary SUVs (Pathfinder, X-Trail). I refused to believe that a Nissan product would equal a Dacia legacy build.
2) Attitude - Self-explanatory for anyone who has seen the Terrano ad spots (Not doing much for your ego, am I?)

For me, a car has never been about sensibility, but passion. Having owned some bigger (and tougher) boys (like the Endy) in the past, I was fascinated by this little guy who spoke big. However, it remained a "back of mind" thing until I heard about the Nissan Terrano AMT about a month back.

After researching a little bit, I decided to reach out to Shahwar Nissan here in Bangalore. Now, I need to give a massive shout-out to Naveed from Shahwar Nissan. All sales guys can learn a lesson or two from this young chap. To give you a sense of the experience:

a) Naveed got me the first Nissan Terrano in Karnataka (a full two months ahead of schedule, as I was only supposed to get it in January end)
b) Got me the TD vehicle in early November (again, I believe I was the first person to test drive it in Bangalore).
c) He ensured that the accessories department went beyond the standard equipment in their menu (as I was particular about the component system)
d) Post delivery, he called me up at night to ensure that I got home safe and sound and requested me to call him for any issues/challenges I might have moving forward

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161126_131952_hdr.jpg

I strongly recommend Shahwar Nissan based on my experience with them. Excellent people, responsive and definitely exceeded my expectations. But now, on to the main course - The Nissan Terrano AMT!

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-img20161202wa0000.jpg

Now, let me state something - this is not a vehicle for those people trying to justify the price difference compared to the duster. This is not a vehicle for those who like sun-roofs and seat warmers and follow-me-home functionalities.

This is vehicle for those who love what it represents - The raw, the untamed, the abuse-friendly.

Like I said earlier, this is SUV heritage at work. From the magnificent alloys (the best stock alloys I have seen in a car in this segment) to the imposing grill (with just the right amount of signature Nissan chrome) to the little things which might save your life (ABS, EBD with BA, ESP, Hill Start Assist etc) to a functional yet very well put-together interiors (I love the piano black accents inside the cabin) to arguably the best ride quality in not just this segment, but maybe the next one too, this is tradition at play.

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161202_1401482.jpg

Now, I'm not going to rattle off the tech specs (interested readers can head over to the Nissan page for that). I'm going to share what it feels like to drive this bad-boy.

For an AMT, I think the ride is brilliant. I usually turn on "Eco" mode in city, and the ride is relaxed and predictable, with excitement on-tap when you floor the accelerator (even in Eco mode). The AMT is only available in the 110 PS version, and I've read reports that the 110 was sluggish in city compared to the 85 (in the older manual versions). However, it certainly doesn't feel that way in this fellow. Or if it does, I'm not enough of an aficionado to appreciate the subtle difference.

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161202_1358272.jpg

Now, one gripe I had was the original music system. Hey Nissan - 1980 called, they want their silly HU back.I put in the Blaupunkt 530 HU and replaced the stock speakers with Hertz components. Keep in mind, I am not an audiophile, but I do love my music. For me, the current setup is aces. I apologize for the potato quality of the photo itself, but the interiors feel nice. The beige is not over-done, and the black elements are quite tasteful. I specially love the piano black gloss on the door handles and the area around the HU. I wish the steering had those thumb rest areas, but it's definitely not a showstopper. I do not miss the steering mounted controls -now this is a matter of personal choice, but I never enjoyed controls being steering mounted. I tend to drive with a relaxed hold on the steering (one-handed), and therefore always had to put equal effort whether the controls were steering mounted or on the HU.

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-img20161202wa0001.jpg

Now the above picture was taken by a colleague of mine, who later realised it was my car. There you go people. If someone takes the time in a traffic jam to snap a picture of your car, then you have a head-turner!

On a serious note, I love the design language which Nissan has employed for the rear. While it looks so minimal, the effect is brilliant. I also opted for the spoiler, which I think Nissan should make into a default attachment. It greatly improves the look of the rear.

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161202_1359132.jpg

Another potato quality pic of the stock alloys. The wheels are Apollos, as opposed to the earlier Wanderers. I wonder why? Noise perhaps?

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161202_1358432.jpg

The cabin interiors are efficiently anointed. The key word here is efficiency. You do not have a lot going on inside the cabin, but whatever is there is excellent. The rear seat is angled just right to make it comfortable. The suspension tuning (which Nissan have done a brilliant job on, btw) makes for a planted and rather fantastic ride experience. The Terrano chews up Indian roads like no-ones business, and does so silently. A couple of friends remarked that the interior was incredibly silent, even at higher speeds. From a drivers perspective I can confirm that while it is no Endeavour, the Terrano certainly earns a place amongst the most comfortable SUVs I've ever driven. In terms of comparison, in my opinion based on my test-drives, I rank the driving comfort as Terrano>Duster>Creta.

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161202_1359032.jpg

All in all, I would say you buy a Terrano AMT with your heart, not your mind. You drive it with passion, not sensibility. Nissan's design language has always been something I've subscribed to - Designed to Dominate. The little SUV which talks big has done just that!

Nissan Terrano : Official Review-20161130_1357072.jpg
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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

Congrats Anarchy83 and I am sure Terrano will grow on you!!

Even I am a big fan of Nissan design language.

Here is my ownership review:
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...ano-85-ps.html (My Nissan Terrano 85 PS)

I too had very good experience with Shahwar Nissan during sale and even during services.
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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

Again, it's not growing on me, it has completely taken a hold of me. We were on a longish drive (my wife and me), and she went to sleep like a baby. When she woke up, she told me that somehow the Terrano seat (front seat) "hugged" her better than the Endy (but she always loved the Endy for it's sofa-esque seats). Apparently, it's going to be "her" car from now on.

After having driven the Terminator (named cuz it seems to keep on going) a little bit, here are additional thoughts:

1) Nissan should provide an awesome center armrest (currently, only my seat has it)
2) I think the Terrano has an awesome crouch position - but Nissan should've provided wider tires. Would have improved the road-hugger aspect immensely (don't get me wrong, it does a fantastic job as-is)
3) I think their beige interior idea was quite good. It does feel roomy and bright.
4) I wish the power OVRMs would fold in automatically when parked. It would add so much pizzazz.

All in all, still loving the drive. My wife has remarked that I've become a more calmer driver on the road. I attribute it solely to the sheer comfort and ease of driving this fellow.

Hell, if your new car don't make you a better person, then not much will!
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Default Re: Nissan Terrano : Official Review

Facelift On Nissan Terrano Coming in March 2017.

The SUV is likely to get its mid-life facelift and will host some major exterior and some subtle interior changes. The SUV is likely to get revised front and rear bumpers, more chrome on the face and will continue to get the AMT variant which was introduced at Rs 13.75 lakh (ex Delhi) on the Terrano in October 2016.
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