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Old 23rd July 2014, 23:54   #241
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Originally Posted by GrammarNazi View Post
And RS stands for Rally Sport, what on earth does an MUV have to do with rally sports!!
When you can have a Sportz i10 or Etios "Cross" with a cladding, you know what Indian customers will feel when they drive with that Race/Sports Badge below the Variant name.

Nomenclature when it comes to cars sold in India have no logical meaning. So lets not even bother about it as long as the manufacturers are able sell these editions to the buyers!
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Honda has disappointed the potential Ertiga Buyers as well.

Many Potential Ertiga Buyers ( those who dont like the Mobilio look and NVH level) thought that Mobilio would offer better VFM car which would force Ertiga to add more enhancements to the car or cut down the price.

With Mobillio pricing, expect Ertiga price to shoot up with no enhancements in features. If Ertiga can do a bit of enhancements like adding a touchscreen ICE with reverse camera or ACC like Innova,it can destroy Mobilio completely.

But with Mobilio's pricing, i think its Honda who's gonna do that with special edition
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Ignoring the insane pricing -- (i am sure they will launch a corporate one 50k cheaper soon!) lets just look at the 2 cars. Except the interios & fit/finish, there isnt much seriously wrong. After having slept over it, i am thinking its not so bad. Honda has spoilt us with awesomeness in the past, and this didnt match up - thats the sore thumb.

Offcourse the pricing is stupid but the petrol seems like a fun car - it has the City engine and the extra space when needed. Driveability, road manners, space seems decent. Mileage should also be decent. Generally, Honda lovers prefer S/V, and the SV model is sorely missed! That might just be the doze they need to take this one home!

The extra space in Mobilio and the sliding seats (in V model) might be the clincher for me.. Let me see it in flesh first alright!

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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

For those who feel the pinch for Honda receiving the brickbats for Mobilio and pricing : This forum is primarily and perhaps the only one which is for the consumer. So the yardstick is going to be from a consumer perspective. People pour their heart out in the faint hope that manufacturers notice the inputs and take action to benefit the consumer. And if you look at other threads, this is not restricted to one manufacturer. No manufacturer is spared. And there are plenty of Loyal Honda fans (including me) who are up against simply because we feel their actions are not justified.

The idea in most cases is not to deter the potential customer from buying the car. Its done mostly to bring out the awareness and limitations which no one else is going to tell you. Like someone posted, most of the people who simply walk into the showroom without reading these forums are in a world of their own and perhaps unaware of most of the facts. We are doing our best to ensure the consumer gets Value for his or her money. Cars do sell even if its pricey. That's up to the individual buyer. What the forum detests the most is misses in the quality department
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Looking at the pictures of both the Mobilio and Ertiga,

The Mobilio is low slung and more road hugging types whereas the Ertiga is slightly away from the road and tall-boy types.

The Ertiga being a high seating will command a good driving position and also visibility. The claustrophobic feeling will be lesser in the Ertiga as compared to Mobilio.

Suddenly the Ertiga feels so simple, good looking and totally VFM. If by chance Maruti lowers the Ertiga prices by 20-30K Ex-showroom then things will get even better for them.

Only problem I see in the Ertiga though it is NOT a deal-breaker is the Sea of Beige. Hopefully they remove / reduce the beige wherever human touch is frequent. Along with this an upgrade to the engine will have guys @ Maruti get busy in counting cheques and bonuses.

Come On Maruti.


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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Hi Folks,

I had the pleasure of unveiling the Honda Mobilio at Pride Honda, Hyderabad yesterday. The car looked good from the front and rear, had loads of space inside. Rear definitely looks way better than Ertiga and has more space after all the rows of seats are up!

Pricing- I shall not comment on it for now, lot of water has flown under the bridge!
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Originally Posted by KedarB View Post
@guruji, @n_naik - did you get this discount when you booked your car today? I know that a 15K cash discount + 1500 Corporate discount was going on for the Ertiga in Pune in the last month, not sure about the current state but I will surely check.
Yes, its the same 15K discount today. 5K less compared to last month. Not sure what it is going to be in Aug !
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Originally Posted by acidkill View Post
I still dont get the blanket fuss about the pricing. The analysis of the pricing and some important features brings up some interesting results. ..

For the lower model, where The Mobilio has a premium of about 25k in the petrol and diesel versions:
1. In mobilio You get Central Locking, Power windows, Front Speakers, more boot space and the 3rd row reclines and does all its tricks (over and above what is available in the Ertiga Lower spec)
2. The engines are bigger and famed in the Mobilio
3. The ertiga has better interiors.
4. The space in mobilio is better

Result: The Mobilio may well be better value in the lower spec of this contest!

For the middle model, the premium is about 50k in petrol and 31k in diesel, but you get:
1. Mobilo gives Steering audio controls , rear defogger over the Ertiga's middle variant
2. Ertiga gives front fog lamps, but mobilio doesnt
3. Ertiga gives ABS for petrol variant, Mobilio doesnt

Result: Grandfathering the factors discussed about interiors and engine in the lower model, i think the diesel is just about better value in the Mobilio. But for petrol, the Ertiga begins to get a clear edge in value. Petrol contest solely depends on whether you accord more value to Hondas engines and assurance.

For the higher model, the premium is about a lakh in the Mobilio

I can only conclude that the input cost of Airbags, Rear wash wipe, and Alloys in the Mobilio is seriously expensive in comparison and helps ertiga gain an edge the VFM contest.

Result: No discussion reqd. The higher spec model is a contest that is purely Honda Engines & Assurance Vs. Suzuki VFM
Thanks for all the analysis, but pardon me for asking, did you get the Ertiga prices wrong? Carwale says that the petrol entry, mid, and top variants are 5.8L, 6.64L and 7.35L respectively. For diesel, it is 7.2L, 7.8L, and 8.5L. Did I miss something that you were implying?
Result: No discussion reqd. The higher spec model is a contest that is purely Honda Engines & Assurance Vs. Suzuki VFM
I am sure that the petrol engine (sorry for not including the iDtec) is the trump card here. And am sure that the engine will give trouble free service for a long time. But, I think, the rest of the story would be like the Etios', which started rusting and leaking in no time.

Spec to spec comparison does not matter. Spec to spec comparison is like saying, "you have one apple and I have one too". But what tilts the balance is when you realize that the apple in your hand is a rotten one.

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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Originally Posted by guruji View Post
Yes, its the same 15K discount today. 5K less compared to last month. Not sure what it is going to be in Aug !
Let me congratulate both of you on your new Car! I am sure you will enjoy it; I am!

BTW, I also got 15K cash discount. There was also 1500 corporate + 5500 on accessories + 1000 cause I insisted. This was exactly a month back, and in Pune.
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Originally Posted by acidkill View Post
Result: No discussion reqd. The higher spec model is a contest that is purely Honda Engines & Assurance Vs. Suzuki VFM
Are those Suzuki engines good for nothing and Honda's engines are the absolute best? And Honda is giving some assurance, and Suzuki is doing nothing like that? Nonsense.

Also, why are you comparing the Chennai prices of Ertiga with Delhi prices of Mobilio?

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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

What I disliked
  • Honda has not priced it right. Perhaps Honda wanted the Mobilio to be in a higher than Ertiga slot.
  • The fixed neck restraints on the front seats are not in sync with the second and third row ones. Illogical value rngineering
  • Dashboard looks non standard for such a high value car.
  • Seat fabric is good but seems badly tied up.
  • The thicker chrome treatment in front. A unique identity for Mobilio would have been a lot more better.
What I liked
  • Fully tumbling second row seat providing easy entry/exit.
  • The double socket ended wheel spanner is a net touch.
  • The features for the third row passengers except the low position.
  • Airy feel of the cabin.

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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

An EYE opener Review!! is this a Honda Car?? Total lack of attention to detail as compared to the City, which is only slightly priced over the Mobilio. Is Honda gong the European car manufacturers way by promising big and delivering nothing!!! Worst interiors ever, looks worse than lower segment hatches. Integrated head rests , now height adjustable seat belts, no reverse camera/ sensors (even the i20 has them). what's wrong with HONDA??
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Originally Posted by Hvt77 View Post
Here's a suggestion: just divert, 5 of those AT Ertigas you are already manufacturing in gurgaon (and shipping off to Indonesia), one each, to the 5 metros in India, to start with. And check the response. Am sure you would be able to see the huge pent up demand for automatic 7-seaters here!
Wait, what, Maruti *already* manufactures an AT Ertiga? For gods sake, start selling it in India too! What are they waiting for?
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

I am sure Honda kept the price not only keeping profits but all considerations in mind. Please note that Mobilio might share the same platform with Brio but that does not necessarily mean same parts.

A small point - as commented by GTO in his review, paint job on Mobilio is top notch. Honda people are proud that paint on their cars remains the same even after 5-6 years while other Indian manufactured vehicles start losing their sheen in a span of 3 years and have to go to 3M shops. I know this because I did a 4 month internship there in the painting department way back in 2009.

I always thought Mobilio will be priced between the Ertiga and Innova as they want to target both segment of buyers. In fact all news articles and shows I have seen since yesterday have appreciated the pricing and in fact one also went onto say that Toyota might reduce prices for its overpriced Innova while Ertiga has already slashed prices by 85K to make it more appealing.
So far as the reaction goes it clearly seems to be Suzuki feeling threatened and trying to lure customers by way of price cuts.

Fact: With both their plants working in full swing and Jazz launch also around the corner, Honda will be happy if they are able to sell even 3000 of these units on a monthly basis. As far as I remember, their production capacity is restricted to 320K units for the 2 plants combined for 3 shifts.
City and Amaze having an yearly average of 80K each, Brio around 20K, Mobilio around 35K and Jazz around 35-40K (not sure about exports) they have their hands full and will not be able to do anything else unless they open a new plant.

Of course I wish they had priced it cheaper but alas
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Default Re: Honda Mobilio : Official Review

Nice Review by GTO. No doubt about it.

Coming to the product by Honda and its pricing which has been the hot topic since yesterday.

My personal opinion, if you want something of a premium brand you have to pay a premium price. Just to give an example, while buying a PC / Laptop, consider two processor, one from AMD & one from Intel. Just check out the pricing of exactly identical laptops of the same brand but one with an AMD processor and the other with an Intel processor. The Intel is priced at least 20% higher than the AMD laptop for the same brand. Purely on the Brand Name and the market image of Intel.

Is AMD bad? No. Not at all.

Is Intel trying to mint profits on their brand image? Probably not. They are just spending that little bit of extra amount in the marketing and making that brand image across the globe.

In case of MSIL & Honda, it is a clear cut case that MSIL will always make tons of profit more due to the simple fact that MSIL still sells a 10-15 year old products almost at the same numbers as those of some of the newly launched premium brand cars and the sheer number of total cars they sell. MSIL makes its profit from Servicing and Spare Parts across the country.

Honda is a more premium brand and has a global image. In fact, I was in Canada for a couple of weeks before this week and I have seen a huge number of Honda cars even in Canada where the people are more inclined towards Trucks.

Did I see a Suzuki car?

I do not remember seeing a single Suzuki car in this Two weeks stay.

With Mobilio, the biggest plus point is the space luxury it offers over the Ertiga. That as to be the biggest plus point with Mobilio. Without the Mobilio being in picture, if an individual would have wanted a 7-Seater with more space than the Ertiga, the only good option would be the Innova but I would presume the idea of buying a 7-Seater would be either dropped or postponed due to the Innova pricing being just too far away from the Ertiga.

With the current pricing, Honda have actually filled in a void between the Ertiga and Innova in terms of money and in terms of space within the car.

We can always argue why Honda can't give some basic features which actually don't cost anything in today's world. But that gives Honda a chance to make some changes in a year or two's time to some out with an enhanced version or a special edition.
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