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Old 4th August 2014, 22:13   #106
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If my experience with the vista is anything to go by - 4 years 6 months - no niggles till date. Absolutely great experience with the ASS and a rattle free car!

The zest will only up the ante. Great work tata.

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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Having read all the reviews that were put up by other reviewers, much earlier, if there was one that I was waiting for the most, it was this one. Excellent effort Aditya and Rehaan. (Voted 5 stars)

I postponed booking the Xcent when I saw what was coming our way from the Tata stable. By the looks of it, this should prove to be a game changer for the Tatas. I expect the pricing to be Tata like too. I am thinking if the AMT Diesel prices match the Petrol equivalents from H, H & M, success is sealed.

I'm sure Honda, Hyundai or Maruti did not expect the Zest to up the ante this much. The sub 4 m. space is getting very exciting. If I was choosing the Xcent over Amaze, it was purely due to the better kit it offered overlooking the 'better' Honda engine. Now the Zest is giving us both, well almost.

A little OT but have to give general comment for all our official reviews. I know there will be the inevitable A vs. B vs. C vs. D threads later, but when a TBHP review lists the alternatives, I think you must edit the cut & paste from other reviews and add a direct reference/ comparison to the car being reviewed, sometimes even update the content, even in the other review.

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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Aditya & Rehaan,

wonderful review, detailed and easy to follow. rated 5stars, which i guess has become a norm for all TBHP reviews.

On the car front, I have always had a soft corner for TATA, having studied in their school for all 10 years (My Dad used to work for Telco). But even if this was a product by any other manufacturer, it would have got the same review - WOW.

The excitement is not only in petrol and diesel heads like us, but also in the workers at the TAMO factory. I have friends working in both Ranjangaon and Pune plants and coming from their mouths - This is a game changer product. In fact, the folks in Pune are depressed because ZEST will not be assembled there. They now look forward to Bolt, which may be made in Pune.

Now Tata needs to only worry about the ASS, which has been their Achillies Heel since long. I have seen better spoken and knowledgeable staff at their dealerships in Pune now. Same dealerships - you would have refused to even enter, leave alone buying a car from them 5 years back.

Hoping for a great future to this Made in India brand... Coming from a pure Hyundai customer (have had 5 Hyundai cars in the family so far), this is something everyone at home is looking forward to... Kudos TAMO.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Yes, Tata motors have done it.
They have made a world class product and the quality shows in the car. There seems to be a few loose bits, but finding them seems nit-picking.

The biggest USP: AMT for diesel. This alone will be a factor for people buying the car. Diesel+AMT=Terrific FE

Still, Tata, you need to learn how to Diet.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Yet another great review. Now our members may be realising the reason behind the delay to review Zest.

No doubt Tata Zest is going to make competition life miserable.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Great review, as always!!

I am awaiting the FE numbers to be published. It is a quantum leap by Tata. Look forward to many more such winners from our Indian auto manufacturers.

Keep it up Team-BHP!!

Keep it up - Tata!!
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Old 4th August 2014, 22:43   #112
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Just one word, Awesome. For the review and for Tata Motors both.

Going by the Photographs, it is almost certain that inside that cabin you wouldn't miss any other competitor cabin. Absolutely top class. Wonderful job Tata.

What is really noteworthy as per me is the fact that Tata has given the Indian public which no other manufacturer has given till date. On the fly changeable maps for the engine. It might not be really an enthusiast's dream even with those three maps, but still it is commendable. Secondly, the Diesel - AMT Combo. Great way to go Tata. I sincerely hope that you get great numbers on this car, just for the effort that has gone into this.

All eyes for the Tata Bolt now.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Took a diesel zest for TD a few days back and the thing i liked about the car is the siting position, the road visibility is much better than dzire ....
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Comprehensive review and Excellent imagery. Read the whole review at one go. The focus on even the most minor but pertinent aspect is something one finds only in a Team-bhp review. (have read the reviews of most other leading auto mags - None can claim to have done so complete a job.) Absolutely brilliant.

As I have said elsewhere in the forum the AMT diesel will create a new price point for diesel automatics.

The revotron seems to have got extremely diverse opinions. The review (whom my gut agrees with) claim there is real distinction in the way the car behaves in the 3 modes. Others claim it's a sheer marketing gimmick and barely perceptible. As stated by the reviewer a 5.7 secs time difference is both real and perceptible.

That is a very premium looking instrument cluster. I always think the white backlit anyday beats the garish blue and orange ones out there (My opinion).

Have never been fond of touch screen HUs. I've got clumsy fingers and find the reassuring feel of a button press much better. Wish they hadn't reduced the audi quality in the mid variant. At reasonable volumes I'm sure the differential costing by keeping the audio quality same and only doing away with the touch option would not have changed the costing much.

I beleive an driver arm rest will also be missed. As I have grown to realise when I drive the autoboxes I appreciate the arm rest much more. In the geared ones the hands habitually on the gear in city driving anyways.

The bright yellow warning which is printed is terrible. It's a bright yellow. Not good for the decor.

Tata has always had it's ear to the ground. They came out with the first spacious hatch (which did well), the first CS, they found a great balance in the Aria and launched a good two wheeler alternative in the Nano. Tragically they've been let down by quality, pricing and positioning respectively. Lets hope their bad luck has run it's course and the product works for them.

That said Tata products always had great specs on paper, this time it would appear the ground realities are also in sync. Will wait for a 6 month usage review to be confident on that though.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Having read the review i can only say the car is more for the price one pays and everything sounds right except for the scary part called "TATA".

I am not saying they are so bad compared to any other car companies but the amount of taxis and cabs running from Tatas and their service records are not something that will make me go and buy one for i dont want to get treated exactly like the fast track taxis nor am i expecting treatment like Ambanis.

I am worried more about becoming a owner to a good product but to a bad service network which will invariably treat you the way they would treat you for owning a Tata.

It can be just perception but discuss with those taxi drivers and friends who own an Indica or the Indigo you will understand they made a mistake in the long run.

In fact the Indigo came with rear vents that is one of the most useful things in chennai summer and i almost always take a indigo taxi.

Hope they dont kill this product with their limited mindset but use this as a platform to get back into the market.

I wish they create special service lines/lanes for some of these cars and make the customers feel a little premium in a world filled with taxis .. Just take this as my rant for i love the car but will never be buying any time soon unless i see their cars are more than taxis.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Wanted to see some comparison of brightness of the projector headlights with normal headlights of other compact sedans. It would be great if you guys happen to take a photograph with manual settings in camera with headlights on in same visibility

I guess I am asking too much, it is an excellent review and answered all my doubts, cheers...
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Wow!!! This is for both the reviewers and Tata
Read the entire thread in one go..Need not say anything more on the car as I would concur with the popular opinion here.
A couple of questions though for the reviewers
1. Did you guys get a chance to test the ride quality on undulating roads? Does the rear feel bouncy on such roads at higher speeds (70+Kmph)? I am looking at the comparison here with Manza (and Vista may be) which has ultra soft rear suspension IMO.
2. Why do Tata cars weigh so much? It's full 150+ kgs heavier than Amaze. Do you feel that the sheet metal is thicker than its peers, making it a tougher car?
I am spoilt by the ultra-detailed reviews you guys manage to pull off.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

High quality review guys. Worth the wait.

Tata has stepped up its game, now to see if the public will bite?!
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Aditya and Rehaan,

Thank you very much for bringing out the most awaited car reviews of recent times. I find a lot of difference between the reviews of other forums from that of our own, in a way, Team Bhp's review is one of the best, most detailed and a review done unbaised. This reivew deserves countless stars.

I have gone through this thread thrice, not because I did not understand, but just because it was very detailed and very informative.

A brilliant work by TATA Motors and now it will be interesting to see their market strategy(Cost of the Car,demand and supply).

Hope BOLT's review is in the making.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Excellent review. Zest hopefully will be a success for Tata just like Indica. As someone who used Indica V2 for 70000 KMs , I can tell that Tata designs cars that are spacious and solid. The main issue is the A.S.S and reliability. Hopefully Zest addresses these gaps.

I am sure most of the Team-BHP members would have a soft corner for Tata Motors to succeed irrespective of the cars they own. I am in the lookout for a replacement for my 8 year old Wagon-R and Zest could be the right one.
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