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Thumbs up Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

A stunning car to match the review. Its easy to see the effort put in by T-BHP as usual and a very very nice surprise by Tata there.

Even though, we been tracking the car for some time now, the pictures are very refreshing still and quality of bits and pieces and the attention to detail shown by Tata brings a smile. Especially nowadays, where one can get away with blatant cost cutting provided there is a big brand name to hide behind.

I suppose this is the mother of all face-lifts in the history of Indian auto market. If Tata could achieve so much with an existing platform, I wonder where things would have gone with a clean sheet of paper. I think its Tata gaining from the JLR acquisition. That was a major coup and Tata been reaping benefits ever since. Ratan Tata, please take a bow! So proud!

Coming to the car, I love the interiors. Cant wait for Bolt in its all black glory. Space was never an issue with Vista. So, this will be a very good place to spend time. I wish the Zest was running a little lower, would have given it a much better stance. And wouldn't have rolled as much.

And agree with the review team that Tata should advertise the MJD + AT combo more. I am yet to see one in the media though Revotron is frequent and very visible.

Hope Tata gets the volume this time around. They themselves know that getting the product right is just the beginning. Tata should go all out to get these cars new homes. Any small niggles if present should be addressed very efficiently. The Zest and Bolt really deserves it.

Thank You guys, thank you Tata. Its so refreshing to see a lovely automobile in the morning.

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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Originally Posted by LithiumSunset View Post
I expect the pricing to be Tata like too. I am thinking if the AMT Diesel prices match the Petrol equivalents from H, H & M, success is sealed.
I am sure you are kidding. You want Tata to price a more powerful diesel car with an automated transmission and more features lower than competing brands selling with a petrol engine? Expectations are fine but this is totally off the mark.
I am thinking that it will be priced on par with its USP's (Harman Kardon system, projector lamps with corona rings etc) because Tata finally has a car that can sell on merit and not just price alone.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Fantastic review and detailing.

This is one absolute stunner from Tata stable. Hats off to the R&D and Design team at Tata behind the same. What struck me most is the beautiful integration of the small boot at the rear as if it was an integral part of it unlike the competition and the clean simple lines and design. And the boot though small offers so much of space, although a bit difficult to access. If things work out, this seems to have the right stuff to pose the stiffest competition to the toppers.

Alas, one has to also keep in mind the Aria fiasco. Aria being out and out fantastic car per say, didn't live up to the market due to various factors of the lackluster TATA After Sales Support, Quality issues and ofcourse price. Although it got discounted later but still not being able to find rightful customers.

Is Tata now really geared up to the market to take on all aspects will be the crux of the matter.

At the heart, I sincerely hope this comes out as the killer of the DZires, Amazes, XCents etc and once again we see the Tricolor flying high above all. But that is just an hope. It is Tata's real support backbone that has in hand to make this a flagship of their stable.

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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Other Points:

Indicator stalk has a soft touch lane change feature - tap it and it blinks thrice. Also, the headlamp levelling control is mounted on the light stalk itself...a much more logical place for it.
Excellent review Aditya and Rehaan, good to see a TATA car generate so much interest and it was about time. Well deserved 5* rating.

By the way, even my 2011 Vista has the features like key ring illumination, all power window switch illumination, plus the HL leveling control on the Indicator stalk!

Wishing TATA Motors all the very best for the future!!

P.S: Apologies for the Low quality images.
Attached Thumbnails
Tata Zest : Official Review-20140804_200349_lls-1024x755.jpg  

Tata Zest : Official Review-20140804_200422_lls-729x1024.jpg  

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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Excellent and detailed review like always. The photos are stunning. The Zest is quite a surprise from the TATA stable, I didn't expect this. The interiors are way too good, if you compare it with the cars from TATA earlier.
IMO, The steering wheel takes the cake.
The AMT+Diesel combination is sure to pull in lots of customers. This has the first mover.
All in all, a great car. I wouldn't mind recommending this over the others in the same bracket.
Rated thread 5*
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Brilliant review Aditya.

Mortorbeam has posted that Tata Zest is scheduled for a launch on August 12th, just one day after the Elite I20 Launch.

Tata Zest launch on August 12.

Call it Fate or Competition, looks like the Gloves are off now within Indian Automotive industry !!
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Originally Posted by Vik0728 View Post
Mortorbeam has posted that Tata Zest is scheduled for a launch on August 12th, just one day after the Elite I20 Launch.

Tata Zest launch on August 12.

Call it Fate or Competition, looks like the Gloves are off now within Indian Automotive industry !!
Within the space of a month there are 4 major launches that will compete for buyers in the Indian market.
  • Tata Zest
  • Elite i20
  • Punto Evo
  • VW Polo

Acche Din for the car buyer
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Frankly; all the high tech show rooms with video walls, sales chaps with tablets is totally unecessary. All you need is trained and well behaved staff. Educate them well on what they are selling. This is completely amiss at most auto dealers. The same has to be reflected during after sales as well.

I don't know what it is with providing excess ground clearance for a car. Fiat have gone bonkers with this too.

I like the way the AMT console is finished. They could have ignored this but Tata did not. I also like the fact that they made the AMT diesel available for review. This is the one folks are going to want.

The customer needs to be educated well on the use of the AMT gearbox. If not they are going to end up with a fried gearbox or clutch much too soon. Other than us folks on the forum, I really wonder how many actually go through the car user manual even if its a casual flip through the book.

What on earth is that light blue gooey kinda thing on the steering rack?

Is the stereo compatible with Apple devices? Being Harman developed, it should?

Weird direction for the air intake on the diesel. Its strange cause the rubber gaiter looks exactly like the one you see on Fiat cars. The section after that seems to be a Tata idea and not a good one. The Revotron unit has the intake at the right place.

From pictures, the Revotron unit looks like its filling up the engine bay. Quite the opposite when I checked out the car in person.

When one hears the words Turbo and petrol, the first thing that comes to mind is a fun motor and nothing else. I wish that really was the case with the Sport button being able to belt out 110bhp. Considering Tata have done a good job with the chassis and suspension, this would have been awesome.

I like the IN bonnet release latch too. Properly finished and not a bare metal strip. What I did not like was some of the poorly finished bits, that too on a review sample. Its no major set back but considering they seem have got everything spot on this time around, why bugger it up with a few rough edges that can be fixed so easily.

I am not sure how many folks are going to like the pause before crank thing. I sure don't.

Tata have finally nailed it when it comes to building a top quality car. Let us hope the Zelt/Bolt live up to all the quality we can see and feel.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Look like a wonderful offering and an equally great review guys. Tatas surely have moved up the ladder with Zest. Now its up to the marketing and sales service to deliver their part of the punch. If Tata can't sell this, they should for good reason pack up the car division.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Truly Interesting Car.

Except for the few pictures at the end of the Review i was Awestruck with the look, features and attention to details.

For me most of the issues mentioned are not a deal breaker, but for Absence of Dead Pedal, as most of the Tata cars are & have been good Highway Cruisers, hence its a very important feature / requirement.
Rest all issues will not effect in day to day usage.

Regarding the Power Window Lock, as a Honda Brio user i must say its very handy to know that u have power windows unlocked. As i keep fumbling with it all the time, and this must be the case with the target Audience for the ZEST. TATA is targeting young families who will have a little one running crazy at the back seat.
Good to be sure that the Danger light is not ON.

All the best for the First Complete Car From TATA.. Now hope they keep up the momentum with the future launches.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

With Elite i20 and the Zest being launched just a day apart, what IF Tata pulls a rabbit from the hat and launches Zest at prices lower than the Hyundai hatchback. Wishful thinking perhaps, but not impossible.
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Originally Posted by mandywanders View Post
What a review! Rated a well and truly deserved 5 stars
The attention to detail is amazing. Was eagerly for a team-bhp review like everyone else and not disappointed even a bit.

And what a car! Although I do not expect the Zest to vroom ahead saying TATA to the Dzire, Xcent or Amaze in terms of numbers, it does offer a very competitive package.
I am of the humble opinion that Zest, if priced competitively(which being a Tata should be), has a great potential to say Tata to the Amaze.

From the above trio, I believe it would cannibalise the Amaze sales the most.

Amaze, though a Honda does not have the fit and finish expected, nor the drive ability or fun factor. With a sub baked product, doubt if Honda can retain to its new retained No. 3 position as well after this expected/anticipated onslaught!!
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Fantastic car and a super fantastic review from team-bhp. This car, i hope will change the sales outlook for TATA in India. The interior is mind blowing and the exterior is much improved. I would have liked if they could have changed the logo /grill to be more aggressive in design. I am sure TATA will price is at par with the competitors but the Diesel Automatic is where the attention lies.

At this Juncture, it is obvious to feel a void for Mr Karl Syms who was the architect of this change. I am sure he will be happy looking at the interest level this product has created
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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Licensed to Kill!

Tata has really made other players to look up to them as a serious car manufacturer with capability of turning around their fortunes in India and other countries as well. I have seen the car in flesh and am sure of its quality and the procurement process adopted by Tatas’ this time.

- The vendors have been reduced and made accountable for part supplied by them, thus you will not find very many suppliers for the same part number

- The dealership network has been geared up for the new product line including renovation of showrooms and the ASS training

- Higher BHP (VGT motor) is offered as standard in diesel which is not provided by Maruti for D'zire, though FIAT Punto will carry both 75 BHP and 89 BHP motors

- FIAT engine is mated with FIAT’s subsidiary produced AMT unit (the unit is different than the one used by Maruti (it is better in terms of quality and is a next generation AMT)

- Segment first list of equipment have been introduced through:
o Harman Kardon HU (best possible OEM sound quality confirmed in review also)
o Magneti Marelli (2nd generation AMT from FIAT’s subsidiary tested both by FIAT as well as by TATA, double check before introduction)
o Projector head lamps (none of the CSs in the market is offering this – WagonR Sting Ray- Hatch exception)
o Turbo charged petrol (none of the CSs in the market is offering this – Polo 1.2TSI – Hatch exception)
o Multiple driving modes / ECU maps for its new petrol motor (unheard of in any of the mass market products, shows confidence on the engine, not like Honda which is not confident of its diesel motor with rpm limitation and top speed limitation even after a tall claim of 100,000 cars sold)

To beat the competition, Tata has

- Additional available manufacturing capacity in Gujarat (right now the Zest will be produced from the Tata-FIAT facility near Pune. In case the demand goes up, atleast the MT version can be produced (without supply limitations of AMT, it is important to note that FIAT wants Maruti to be equally happy with AMT supply as the DDIS engine agreement has recently been extended for 3 years by Maruti which earns considerable money for FIAT as licence fee).

- Better dealership network compared to Honda with reach in tier 2 cities

- Possibility of going by FIAT recommended service intervals for Zest Diesel (15 ,000 km or 1 year – frequent service not required if the engine oil is semi synthetic and FIAT is doing the same with its own product line, Tata has to simply stick to it)

- Possibility of longer warranties on engine and transmission (FIAT is doing it for 3+2 years, Tata is using the same product and can thus extend it for MT versions, AMT could be different, but if there is enough of testing, even that can be included in warranties)

- Possibility of expanding its own network through Concorde Motors (similar to Hyundai Motor Plaza), I think these are the only 2 manufacturers with their own dealership network. I have experienced Concorde and can confirm it is better than the normal private dealership and same stands for HMPIL

Correct pricing has always been a major expectation for Indians as well as from Tata’s which they have done correct most of the time (barring Aria). I do not consider Nano to be ill priced because the reasons for its failure were:

- Delays in launch and delivery (shifting of plant from West Bengal to Gujarat took a toll both in terms of time and additional investment in setting up the plant)

- Poor marketing (no one wants to associate with a cheap product – we have example of failure of Etios too, made to cost is long gone, though value for money stays)
For Zest, I think no aggressive pricing is required; the product can compete in the market on its own, though I do not expect Tata to price it like Honda-Jazz or their own previous product (read Aria), yet no reason to price it below competition too. Given a chance, I would have mapped it against Maruti D’zire and projected features one-on-one, where the present D’zire cannot stand against Zest.

Please have a look at the product and experience the new rejuvenated sales experience from Tata’s dealership and enjoy the technology.

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Default Re: Tata Zest : Official Review

Ah! finally the review that we are all waiting for, the official Team-bhp review. Would have liked a separate review on the entertainment unit as well. So whats the conclusion or verdict from Team-bhp?

I think we should include this at the end of the review so that it summarizes the effort. What I gather is the car is a from our community.

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