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Originally Posted by raj981 View Post
Wifey needs to get a new car. An upgrade(if I can really call it an upgrade) from her existing Cedia sports. The options are polo sports GT TSI or the Ameo Highline plus diesel with the DSG.

Sine the Ameo has good deals going the Ameo is priced around 50k more than the petrol polo TSI with the DSG. Am not able to make up my mind which one should I go for.

Rear vents for the AC, rear camera, more boot space and the front arm rest seems like a good value proposition.

Just need to figure out which is a better engine. The 1.2 petrol or the 1.5 oil burner. Also how is the DSG with these two. Any suggestions ???

I too am facing sort-of-similar dilemma.
We need a small AT car. I quite like GT TSI, in fact we have one already in the family. It's a great car but it has a bad habit of drinking. We are managing to get close to 10 at the max in Delhi traffic which id a little pinching.
I was apprehensive when I took a test drive of Ameo DSG and trust me the diesel cluster was not all that bad... Not at least in car I took for spin... Sometimes it's a matter of the unit... Some units are better than others... Anyway, performance of the Ameo diesel auto was to good except for an early small lag which is almost always there in oil burners.
Overall, I think I'm gonna go with Ameo.
Small footprint, fantastic engine and gearbox, fuel efficient, great build quality, most features are there although a few still missing. Deal isn't too bad either financially.
Only thing I don't like is the hideous rear which is getting deal breaker😔😯
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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

I just picked Ameo highline diesel manual. This car will replace ford Figo for my wifey. Others in the consideration set were aspire diesel, Jazz Petrol and Nexon. Decision factors were , small car footprint, perceived value of the boot, German build quality and feature rich variant . Never considered maruti and Hyundai products as I voted for build quality and the ride. So far I have driven about 50 kms and have good initial impressions .
I wish the car had more space in the rear and the shape of rear is not that great aesthetically . I am a bit worried about the after sales promptness and costing . The other car I own is a Tata safari storme 2016. I guess I have chosen two extremes of automobile units when it comes to refinement, space , fit and finish, and chosen to go against conventional choices of best sellers in the respective segments.
However both cars are expected to give me a comfortable ride over long distances, decent mileage and complement each other in terms of use depending on traffic congestion, city and highway usage
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Hi all,
We brought home a new Ameo Highline Plus diesel DSG yesterday which is replacing our old swift Dzire.
Initial impressions from 50km drive in the car
Good things first:
1. Engine and gearbox combination is in a different league altogether: too good for competition to match (Maruti Dzire you listening)
2. Superb build quality inside out. Again no other car in competition has capability to match Vee-dub IMHO.
3. Very thoughtful interior. Ample storage spaces.
4. The "THUD" of door close
5. 16" rims
6. We have brought home quite a few new cars home before but nothing matches the pleasure of owning a VW. They CRAFT their cars for their buyers. Am in awe of this car even with its vices.
7. The car is not that wide so I find parking a lot easier.
Now the bad things:
1. Biggest by far is the hideous rear. Clearly, VW chose the most unqualified designers and told them they won't beer paid for the job (to make a compact sedan). How on earth can you make an ugly car when you have something like current gen Polo to begin with. EWW !
2. Space at rear is below segment standard but that's not an issue for me as it's only kids who take the backseat in our case.
3. Some kit missing which competition offers at lower price like LED headlamps, push button start, navigation enabled infotainment.

And I didn't even talk about the upgraded infotainment system I got from VW. It's quite nice but a little too costly.

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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Just came across the new Anniversary edition of the Ameo, it's seems like a great package for the given price point in MT petrol- here in Mumbai haven't really seen many cars, I guess it's to do with the rear end, but the Anniversary edition has a nice rear lip black spoiler to give it a sporty touch and honey comb art leather seats as well.

On the pricing & with additional discounts it's seems like a great buy. Has Anybody picked up one here on the TBHP ?
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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Brace yourself for the next special edition from VW- India.

The Ameo Sport gets body graphics, black roof, trunk lid mounted spoiler, black garnish on the boot lid and blackened alloy wheels. The interior gets black leather seats which complement the car’s sporty exteriors.

Volkswagen Ameo Sport

– Volkswagen will launch the Ameo Sport in January 2018
– The car gets body decals and black leather seats
– Ameo Sport will rival the Ford Aspire Sports Edition

Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review-volkswagenameorearspotted.jpg

Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review-volkswagenameospied.jpg

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Question Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Finally I've decided to take the plunge after having been on the hunt for my next Car for more than a year.

I'm on the look out for a Car with the following mandatory features -

# Good build quality with a minimum of 2 Airbags with ABS
# Diesel AT (strictly no to AMT) with good power/torque figures
# Cruise Control
# Rear AC Vent
# High Ground Clearance (> 180 mm at the least)

I would have picked up Nexon if it has automatic option and also it misses out cruise control as well. Another major contender is Ford Ecosport which again doesn't have automatic gearbox with diesel engine.

I've taken test drives of almost all cars across the segment as I'm inclined to cross-shop until I find my Car! My budget cap has been downsized to a strict 12 lakhs maximum from the financial aspect (mostly to do with the decision on exploring other investment options towards an appreciating asset).

I've been going through every pages of team-bhp to ensure I stay in touch of the latest updates. I've managed to retain my current Car for almost eight years now which is way more than what I thought initially but keeping the enthusiasm under check for the new car has been very difficult! However I'm happy that I've utilized my Car to the maximum and taken advantage of depreciation in later years .

Although I was impressed with Ameo since the time of the launch, still somehow I couldn't decide on that for the lack of ground clearance and the most talked about ill-famous rear seat & rear profile. I didn't really test drive it as there was some issue for the dealership in arranging the DSG variant when I visited few months ago. The niggles & failures associated with DSG was a deterrent as well.

I've realized that I need to compromise on the ground clearance if I want a fully automatic diesel. Whatever analysis I come up with, Ameo always comes at the top with all the boxes checked except for the ground clearance.

I just decided to change the dealership and gave a test drive request online with VW Madras. I got surprised with the quick followups and immediate test-drive arrangement. The sales guy was also very courteous but definitely lacking in technical knowledge when I probed him around the dual clutch automatic gearbox and the change in total diameter due to different tyre sizes across the variants.

Let me come to the point now, to the car that is the center of focus now. I've been pleasantly surprised to see that the rear seats are really not that bad as it has been made out to be and it is comfortable for two but the third occupant is unwelcome though. This is not at all a problem for me if two persons can sit in reasonable comfort. I've started loving the car and suddenly the rear profile doesn't look that awkward and the car certainly looks bigger with 16 inch alloys in the highline plus variant.

All the features are known already and the only major miss is navigation which I will have to manage with mirror link (couldn't check the functionality).

And the most important thing about that car - the DSG. It simply blew me away and didn't feel any lethargic turbo lag even at start-stop traffic and it cleanly picks up from ascending slopes in my apartment parking & in the road. Hopefully the newer DSG vehicle stays niggle-free. This really will make life easy for the daily office commute. I returned home, excited and thoroughly impressed

After a hard negotiation, this is what the price that they can offer now for the Diesel DSG Highline plus (Silky Blue) - 11 Lakhs. Actually OTR in Chennai is around 11.85 Lakhs which includes RTO taxes, handling charges, zero depreciation insurance, extended warranty and basic accessories.

They agree to give 50k discount straightaway and leaving out the dealer margin in the insurance when I contested with online quotes. So a total of 85k I'm able to bring the cost down to for Jan 2018 manufacturing which I can get it delivered by Feb 2018.

Now there is a twist. The dealership is trying hard to sell a May 2017 Highline DSG in Brown shade for which 10% discount on the ex-showroom price is offered. However I'm not inclined to take that as it is now 7 months older already and is not in the colour of my choice. I'm also not sure whether this is a damaged vehicle like it was posted in few pages ago. While I can get the VIN & do a detailed PDI, does it really worth considering? Or if I push them harder for a final price of 10 Lakhs or even 9.5 Lakhs and they agree, should I consider it?

When they offer nice discount even for a new car with Jan 2018 manufacturing, I would think that they should offer more discount and I need to add an aggressive depreciation cost for 7 months to even think of considering that option.

I need some help here guys. Can you please analyse this and provide your valuable inputs.


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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Volkswagen Ameo owner was charged Rs 1.28 lakh.

Posting on behalf of Clint Thomas.


“Do not buy a Volkswagen, you’ll regret it,” a used car-expert friend of mine tried to dissuade me from buying the Ameo.
Why would I listen to someone else's opinion when I’m the ‘new car-expert’ here; I bought the Ameo TDI automatic. At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with a Volkswagen.
Every time I got behind the wheel, I fell in love with the car all over again and gave myself a pat on the back for making the indefectible choice -- I thought I was proving my used car-expert friend and other VW critics wrong.

But soon, my love for the Ameo waxed cold as things took a turn for the worse. While driving back home after a late dinner with family, I heard a bottom scraping sound, which is commonplace on our perennially dug-up roads. Moreover, Ameo is made in India, for India, so it is expected to withstand a minor belly scrape at parking speeds. Yet, I decided to stop the car and take a look, there was a hint of oil leakage. I rang up the ’24-hour’ roadside assistance repeatedly but there was no response. Perhaps there’s no support after the 24th hour -- it was slightly past the midnight.

Stranded in the middle of the road with three-year-old daughter, I had no choice but push the car to an empty spot and go home. Trying to catch some sleep, I started to sweat profusely. What if there was a damage to the DSG gearbox; it would cost me more than the petrol variant of the Ameo! VW roadside assistance let me experience the fear of the unknown for almost a day as the car reached the service centre only by the evening.

My heart started racing as the car went up the hydraulic lift. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s just a small crack at the edge of the mechatronics unit casing,” said the mechanic in a consoling tone. Sigh! Thank God. “It would cost you just Rs. 1.2 Lakh to replace the unit”. ***! -- now I understand why VW service centres always welcome you with a glass of water.
I wrote to Volkswagen requesting a repair instead of replacement and speedy delivery of spares. I was assured the best service but the best I got was a call after thirty days saying the car was ready with a total bill north of Rs. 1.2 lakh. I was devastated, but helpless.

Now here’s the thing. Buying car is a basic act of trust – a trust in the aftersales promises. As a customer, I’m dissatisfied to the point of despair in four aspects.

1. I was charged a bomb (more than 10% of the car’s price) for a minor damage that could be repaired at a much cheaper cost, leaving a huge dent on my family’s financials.
2. My car was left unattended for almost a day at a stone’s throw away from two Volkswagen dealerships.
3. I was without a car for a month and it was not easy for my family. 30 days to replace a part despite having the regional Parts Distribution Centre in Bangalore!
4. Placing an intergalactically expensive part at such a vulnerable location. I’m nobody to challenge the engineer who placed the mechatronics unit there because I’m sure he has done his research before doing so, but I have the right to ask for an underbody shield to protect it; but VW just won’t provide that.

PS: I visited a shopping mall after collecting the car, with the damaged mechatronics unit kept in the boot. The security guy who examined the boot got the shock of a lifetime. While it was easy convincing him that it was not a bomb, he unwittingly reminded me that it will always be a bomb ticking under the bonnet.


Attached Thumbnails
Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review-26166857_10155343177682972_2973100769041374567_n.jpg  

Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review-26198096_10155343177702972_1322604365011546404_o.jpg  

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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Originally Posted by mayanksabharwal View Post
“It would cost you just Rs. 1.2 Lakh to replace the unit”.
Is this not covered under insurance?
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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Originally Posted by AYP View Post
Is this not covered under insurance?
A simple engine and gearbox protection cover in the insurance could have saved the owner 1.2 Lacs.

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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

Yep, that's why I get all the add ons for my car. Have the polo tsi and Ameo dsg. It's stupid to not get engine cover+ zero dep+ gearbox (unless already covered in engine add on)
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Default Re: Volkswagen Ameo : Official Review

I recently purchased Ameo Diesel Highline Plus (DSG). Over all everything feels great. My issue is the pickup feels a bit slow. Only when it reaches 1500 to 2000 RPM, then I can feel the rush. But picking up from first gear does not feel great. I have to push the pedal. Also my diesel engine sounds like a tractor. I live in the Hilly area (Dehradun-Mussoorie) and I have realized that when climbing uphill, the auto gear seems to be stuck in one gear. In hilly areas, sometime the uphill climb can take 10 to 20 min till one gets a little flat land to breathe. I feel like driving my Ameo in manual mode. I haven't tried it as yet.

Wanted to ask you guys if the pickup, stuck gear and engine noise is normal or the salesman sold me a defected vehicle?
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