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Old 30th October 2009, 10:50   #16
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Nice review GTO.

What i cant fathom is that why do manufacturers in India not provide something as useful (and inexpensive) as a driver armrest- this is a real boon on long drives.
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What I read from the review is that this is a fantastic family sedan. Buy it and keep it for the purpose. If it only proves reliable, I dont see a point in buying even higher segment sedan unless worried about the snob value.
This in deed is a "detailed review" as always from you. Thanks for sharing it.
One question though... Do we see this thingy toppling dezire from sales chart ? I feel that MSIL legend will still live on as a leader(Dont know why though).
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Old 30th October 2009, 10:56   #18
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Well worded GTO.
Does the independent suspension of the earlier Indigo provide better ride quality?

Just my thought, maybe a honey-comb grill would have made the front of the Manza a little better.
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Awesome review. The steering wheel surprisingly looks good to be a TATA . This car really gonna give Maruti run for their money. Dzire would not be so desired going ahead.
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Old 30th October 2009, 10:57   #20
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1) Again an excellent review. Better than what I recently read in ACI ( I got my copy yesterday ).

2) Non independent rear suspension is something I dont like. Even Cruze has resorted to this. IRS has its own advantages and really give good ride quality. Here, there is some compromise on handling. Although for an average, handling will be good enough. Tata discontinued IRS because the rear sags down. IMO, this was case with cabs as they were overloaded. Now they have non IRS but they are not allowed to be passed as Taxi.

3) What is servo assisted vents ?

4) Super light accelerator pedal not good. On bad roads there are chances that the pedal will be slightly pressed. Similar issue with Baleno too.

5) With the wheelbase 2500+mm, I wish the GC was around 175. Wait till the car gets loaded with people and luggage. I am sure GC on large bumps will be an issue. Baleno with 170mm GC and 2480mm wheelbase has GC issue with full load ( 5 humans + luggage ).

6) The fact that gave me surprise.

Why the temperature guage is above half mark. IIRC, most modern cars have their temp gauge in the middle mark or slightly above that. In this case its more than slightly above hot mark.

Similar thing was spotted in ACI yesterday. On pg 94, I can clearly see that temp gauge is slightly above the second highest mark.

Isn't this higher than regular temperature ?

Name:  Indigo problem.jpg
Views: 15743
Size:  75.1 KB

Below I have made a mark where the ACI test car's temp needle was. I think this is higher than normal temperature.
Name:  Indigo problem ACI..JPG
Views: 14934
Size:  60.4 KB

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@GTO, another excellent review from you. Thanks !

Incidentally, I had a look at the Manza yesterday. This car spells as "S P A C E". The interior & exteriors are way ahead compared to the two older siblings we had. I have not had a TD, but will definitely agree what you have said about the physical aspects of the car.

The rear seat bench is just firm enough.
The dials are smallish
The visor doesnt feel flimsy, but is very thick. I can grab the visor & move it and it will never break / lose shape through the life of the car.
Good to see the new rear speaker covers.
C-pillar & Boot are very well integrated part of the design, as seen in the side profile.

GTO : One look at the rear and it seems as if Tata was inspired by the Cadillac of the 80's. I like the slightly squarish rear end with thin tall lights. Clean and uncluttered.

Personally, I would have like the headlights a little smaller. I also find the styling a little amiss in continuity between the front & back. Compare the boot : all squarish, well defined. The front is kind of rounded - lots of curvy edges. Go back to the Caddy - or for that matter any Merc, BMW et all : the styling starts & finishes in the same spirit throught the car.

I hope the new Safari & Xover carry this forward, beyond what the Manza has. I want to see this kind of improvement on the Safari & Xover that will take the battle to the segments above. That's something I'd love.
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Old 30th October 2009, 11:06   #22
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Excellant product and an amazing review. You have touched on almost all the noticeable features. Dzire has a serious competition down its throat.

I'm still waiting for a TD call from my dealer to feel it first hand. No wonder, i won't be the only consumer drifting away from the Linea looking at the Manza.
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Old 30th October 2009, 11:07   #23
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Fantastic review GTO. The Manza is one of the better cars to have from the Tata stable. They have always given a VFM product to the Indian customer, only this time they taken it levels higher. Here are my inputs from the Manza experience.

What I liked about the car

The back seat. Enough said. Supremely comfortable. Puts higher segment cars to shame. The brakes are awesome for a Tata. Very efficient. Ride is very good but as GTO mentioned, the rear does bounce at higher speeds. The new dash is a big improvement over the earlier Indigo. I hated the previous one because it obstructed vision of the road ahead. Height adjustable driver's seat a big boon for short drivers. The Bluetooth feature. Upto 5 phones can be paired at a time. Good equipment levels across all variants. It looks like proper sedan and not a boot paste job on a hatch.

What I didnt like about the car

Even though the two tone dash etc. look great and quality is leaps ahead of the previous gen Tata cars, there is still room for improvement for fit and finish. The meters on the instrument panel look good but were a size too small IMO. Audio quality can be better. Badly needs rear aircon vents. I would have liked to see alloys on the top end variant.

Overall its a nice car. Not exciting to drive but then its not meant for an enthusiast either. It will be interesting to see the sales figures in the coming months. Waiting periods for the Dzire could see potential customers head the Manza way. I just hope Tata has taken care of its usual niggling problems this time around. That is one area where Maruti has an upper hand. Reliability.

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Old 30th October 2009, 11:14   #24
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Thanks for the superb and detailed review, GTO. Better than the ACI review by miles.. I am seriously thinking of not buying any auto mags now

will be taking a look at this car soon...
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Old 30th October 2009, 11:15   #25
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That's an awesome review as usual. But you checked our patience this time :-)

Thanks TBHP team
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Bravo! GTO, for such a nice review. totally worth the wait.

like wine, you are getting better with time.

the first review of a TATA car where the reviewer has not complained about things falling off.

Really TATA has come a long way but still miles to go.
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Great review GTO.

Is the below a typo ?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Manza has undergone 23 lakh kms of testing; thatís over and above the Vistaís 25 lakh kms of testing.
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Old 30th October 2009, 11:22   #28
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Thanks for the review GTO. Fantastic review.

I hope now we can start commenting on the pros and cons keeping GTO's opinions in mind.
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Exceptional review!!. Covered every bit and piece. One read of the review makes me realize the VFM proposition of this car and also appreciate the TATA engineers to have done such a good job considering the Indian market. I was not showing much interest towards this car until I read this review but now I have started liking this car and would recommend it for my friends.

Thank you.
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Old 30th October 2009, 11:31   #30
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Fantastic Review GTO. Nice pics. TATA's product pricing is simply great (More car per car). They surely know how to lure customers.

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