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Old 15th August 2010, 02:33   #16
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Excellent review GTO, Very detailed and thorough, just like what we've come to expect from you. Was looking forward to this ever since you wrote about the launch price.
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Great review GTO. All parts of the review appreciated. And, Specific mention of to your view on the trendline version - I completely agree - NOT Cool at all!

Why would anyone spend 8L (petrol) / 9L (Diesel) for the trendline variant that does not fully possess even basic features?? Feels so miserly, its annoying! Its fairly apparent that VW thinks of the trendline as a marketing gimmick to reduce the perceived entry price for the vento! VW only cares about highline sales, doesnt it?!

The catch I However think is that they have inadvertently given the Linea a big breather! The Vento Trendline is actually priced on part with the Linea Emotion - so im sure that prospective buyers will always consider Linea in a more VFM price category altogether

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Thanks for the review but unless i test drive the Vento and am overwhelmed by the engine i shall keep my SX4. Whew!.

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Awesome stuff boss.

Thanks for the review. Any idea when the common man gets the vehicle for test drives?
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Team-BHP Support
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Originally Posted by Mevtec View Post
Honda should be worried for sure.
It's a wake up call for sure. The Vento, as a package, is VERY competitive.

It seems our NHC will be replaced by the diesel Vento.
Please also share a detailed ownership review . It'll help many others.

Originally Posted by vinaydas View Post
Now Time for VW to satisfy some torque Hungry wannabe polo owners lol?
This diesel in the Polo would be something else.

Originally Posted by Amartya View Post
Thank you for the review. With each and every report, the quality of the reviews have gone up a notch, and with this one, you've set a very high standard.
Thanks Amartya!

what's stopping VW from providing a dead pedal?
An oversight perhaps?

For me, this looks too much like the Polo. Do you think it can affect sales negatively?
Hardly. The Vento, by itself, is a very handsome sedan. And the Polo is also a premium hatchback. It's no 3 lakh rupee car.

c. Why is the 'hump' in the middle of the rear seat so high? Is it the same in the Polo?
Could be the packaging of the exhaust components. That hump is pretty tall and will interfere with the 5th passenger.

Originally Posted by gaurav_chopra04 View Post
The newly added section of positives and negatives of competition is another value addition. Thanks.
Was just waiting for someone to notice. Full credit to BHPian ZeRo© who PM'ed me with this suggestion.

Originally Posted by acidkill View Post
And, Specific mention of to your view on the trendline version - I completely agree - NOT Cool at all!
Yup, Trendline is way too basic. It's the Highline that packs appeal.

The catch I However think is that they have inadvertently given the Linea a big breather! The Vento Trendline is actually priced on part with the Linea Emotion - so im sure that prospective buyers will always consider Linea in a more VFM price category altogether
The Linea is hardly the primary target of the Vento. Either ways, the price difference between the Vento & the Linea, top-end, is Rs. 60,000. When I'm spending 8 - 9 lakhs on a car, I certainly wouldn't mind spending 55K more on:
- Stupendously superior performance. Expect a 5 second quicker 0 - 100. This alone is worth 55K to me.
- The gearshift is also 2X better
- Way better fit & finish. The Vento feels like a 9 lakh rupee car when you are inside
- More interior cabin space
- A brand that's perceived to be more premium
- Lighter controls + better power delivery = Better to drive in the city, which is after all where we spend 99% of our driving kms
- No messed up ergonomics
- Sheer quality. Has an immense feel good factor.

The Vento is also well-equipped, though the VW & Fiat both have unique features (for instance, the Vento's gear shift indicator, anti-pinch windows or the Linea's blue & Meetc.). The only area where the Linea scores over is a marginal advantage in ride & handling, but its too close. The VW is also a solid European. The 5% difference is more than offset by stunning performance. Fact is, the Vento is a far more complete (read = well rounded) package than the Linea.

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Very nice test report, GTO . Thank you.

You mentioned the brakes are A+. Hope you mean the case of ABS. What is your opinion in the Trendline version?
Is the white colour available with Highline also? (alloys in the pictured car!)

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A comprehensive, unbiased review as usual. Glad to know that the ANHC has some serious competition. Bring on the anniversary editions Honda!

I felt some of the same issues mentioned in the review when I saw the Vento at launch. Narrow front seats and I'm not chubby. That hump in the back is an irritant. Also the side of my knees kept hitting the dash when sitting in the front seats. I felt the center console could have been narrower or better shaped. Did you feel that?

If I were to push you, GTO, which car would you recommend between the ANHC and the Vento petrol to a buyer today? I think I know the answer to the ANHC vs Vento diesel question.
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Old 15th August 2010, 03:56   #23
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Another perfect review by GTO.
The 'VOLKSWAGEN' logo at the back should increase brand awareness. Nice market research job.
Whats not so nice is the omission of AUX/USB, dead pedal, and unusually high priced AT variant.
Looking forward to your additional TD report of the AT variant.
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Old 15th August 2010, 04:05   #24
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Great review GTO, it was worth the wait.

Vento is sure going to cause some fall in ANHC sales,but VW definitely needs to expand their sales and service network. They should also have launched a Comfortline variant with ABS and power options.
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Old 15th August 2010, 04:12   #25
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Excellent review GTO! Let me just say, the wait was worth it. I couldn't get a better analysis from any automotive mag.

We were looking to buy a Honda City SMT. Just before finalizing the purchase comes the Diesel Vento. I might just go for a highline diesel now, even if it's around 50k off my budget. If only VW has a middle variant :(

Anyway, thanks so much again for your hardwork - the brilliant test report is much appreciated!

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Wonderful wonderful review.

The whole post reeked of quality. The review as well as the car.

I can already see the prospective buyers looking for options to play their iPods and upping the quality of ICE in the ICE section.

VW ... Really, why skimp just a bit on steering mounted controls and USB connection??
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Structurally, the Vento is a Polo with a boot just like the Punto / Linea, Jazz / City, Swift / Dzire and Vista / Manza
In fact, the Vento looks as if it was designed from a clean sheet of paper
Exactly. Not a bit like the expanded Fabia or Swift. It looks very beautiful & from the side looks no similarity to Polo at all.

The Comfortline (between Trendline & Highline) is missing & may follow later. VW better get it quick as the middle variants are the ones that offer the highest value
Any specific reasons? I love to hear if they're experimenting something on this, 'cause usually its the mid (like VXi) that sells hot

ARAI ratings : 20.54 (Diesel MT), 15.83 (Petrol MT) and 14.4 (Petrol AT)
Wow!!! Amazing figures. They're reading the pulse of Indians

Partially zinc coated body with 6 years anti-rust warranty for the Vento
Good suits Chennai weather

Not only is the spare a non-alloy wheel, it's also a 14 inch size!! 175/70 R14 tyres
I hope this is on the base version & not on Highline, if it is, then

Rear view mirror is hopeless! Small size doesn't offer a good range
Probably they thought no one in India is using RVMs & lets do a cost cutting here!!!

Originally Posted by Mevtec
Honda should be worried for sure
IMO, they'll not bring down the price, but will improve some more things from interiors to FE for the competition. But for sure, competition brings in better products for us

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Old 15th August 2010, 04:40   #28
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Fantastic review. Many thanks.
I was eagerly awaiting the AT review. I assume you'll be updating the original review once you drive the AT. Few Qs:

- Does the AT at least have a dead pedal? Quite ridiculous if even the AT has not been provided one.

- Going by your observations on the Manual petrol, I'm not holding my breath with expection on the AT performance. It may be that for the petrol AT buyer, the City still holds better appeal - would you agree?

- Is there any chance you think that they'll launch a Diesel AT a little way down the road - perhaps 6 months or so or is that not part of the strategy at all?
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Old 15th August 2010, 05:01   #29
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Excellent and comprehensive review ! The Trendline variant is too bare bones: looks like only the engine, body and tyres are on offer

Regarding the spare wheel, I believe the 14" non alloy wheel has been chosen deliberately, the intention is to get the owners/drivers move the spare wheel back to the boot asap after the punctured tyre has been fixed.

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Old 15th August 2010, 06:12   #30
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as always..excellent review GTO..Diesel highline surely seems to be the best all round car below 10L..makes much more sense than the corrolla diesel which is a segment higher..Vento needs a middle variant with ABS+Airbags..dead pedal, AUX/USB inputs will be missed but surely not the deal breakers..I personally prefer understated and elegant looks of Vento..the interiors are neat and clean..
The floor hump at the back is annoying..any particular reason for such design?(Pardon my lack of knowledge on auto design)
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