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Old 15th August 2010, 22:14   #121
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Wonderful review GTO.
How is the rear seat space compared to the Octavia?

Originally Posted by Mpower View Post
Job of the Trendline is to pull you into the showroom and the job of the HL is to seduce you once you are there.
Absolutely ! The Jetta variants had the same effect on me.
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Excellent review GTO and like many others have already mentioned, much better than any auto magazine!!

I have few queries. Firstly if predominant driving were to be inside the city, will the fiesta diesel be a better choice than the vento?especially the relatively less turbo lag in the fiesta.also refinement wise which would be better between the two?

Also with a Hydraulic power steering will the Fiesta be better for the 'serious' enthusiast than the vento?

I know i am comparing cars from different segments but could not resist it!!
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As Always - Yet another well written Review by GTO
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Old 15th August 2010, 22:44   #124
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
The vento is only available as exclusive to India and Russia.
This vento is also going to be launched in the US next as Polo Sedan. The units will be assembled at Mexico assembly plant along with Jettas.
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Old 15th August 2010, 23:26   #125
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Vento seems to be a very good car wrt the price its offered at but the deal breaker for me apart from everything would be lack of ABS/EBD on the basic model. Lack of equipment on the trendline is something i dont mind as quite a few of those items can be added on later, that might be the skoda 2 din HU or parking sensors etc but atleast one basic safety feature ,either driver side airbag or ABS should have been standard like in the micra or fabia,ANHC, Jazz i mean there are quite a few examples around right?

Hope VW launches a comfortline model having one of these features soon.

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Originally Posted by Ary10 View Post
Please GTO, give us 0-100 figures of Vento, which should indeed be quite intriguing..
Great review, GTO! I can sense that you are excited about the Vento diesel when compared to the two Polos you reviewed.

I have booked the Polo 1.6, but am feeling very confused. If the Polo 1.6. petrol reaches 100 kmph in 11.1 seconds and others who have received it have said that it is sluggish in the start, does it mean that somehow the acceleration picks up in subsequent gears?

The 0-100 between the diesel and petrol Vento would have been a good comparison.

Is there any news at all about a Polo 1.6 diesel?

Thanks again...
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Default Viva la VW!

GTO, your review just blew me away. You have just surpassed yourself. What a detailed review. Liked the review and, liked the car too. I am sick and tired of all the importance given to Toyota and Honda. Honda-- no diesel. And Toyota---- a lethargic Altis D.

Coming to Vento, is it really a Verna-beater? Wow!!! All hail....new king in town! I never liked small size ( like Corsa ) and weird looks of Verna. Vento not only looks better than Verna, but beats it too. Something that Linea couldn't do. GTO, now, how does it stack up against Optra Magnum? Ok, ok I am getting greedy here but I want to know if it isn 't much off the mark.

And that thing you said about your passenger sinking into seat every time you step on the accelerator. Wow, that's my kinda car. Pick-up like a plane on a take-off run. Now, where are all those guys who said on Altis forum, pick up isn't everything? As for me, when occupants in my car sink into seats, my face looks like this----.
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Originally Posted by nowwhat? View Post
Great review, GTO! I can sense that you are excited about the Vento diesel when compared to the two Polos you reviewed.

I have booked the Polo 1.6, but am feeling very confused. If the Polo 1.6. petrol reaches 100 kmph in 11.1 seconds and others who have received it have said that it is sluggish in the start, does it mean that somehow the acceleration picks up in subsequent gears?

The 0-100 between the diesel and petrol Vento would have been a good comparison.

Is there any news at all about a Polo 1.6 diesel?

Thanks again...
The 11.1 sec number for Polo 1.6 is quoted by VW which is different from the real world numbers. FYI - VW quoted a 0-100 time of 14.2 secs for the 1.2 petrol whereas the real world number vary from 15.5 -16.8 secs (depending on your source). So, my expectation is that the real world number for Polo 1.6 will be around 12.5 secs, which is good but just a tad better than the fastest 1.2 hatchbacks and definitely not a road burner! Whatever reviews I have read till now, the 1.6 petrol engine does not look like to be anything great!
The diesel is another story altogether!
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Thanks for the 5 star thread rating, guys!

Originally Posted by okvinu View Post
You mentioned the brakes are A+. Hope you mean the case of ABS. What is your opinion in the Trendline version?
Brakes are excellent, with or without ABS. Of course, if you are a BHPian, you better get the ABS!

Is the white colour available with Highline also? (alloys in the pictured car!)
Yes, White & Red are also available on the Highline.

Originally Posted by StarScream View Post
Glad to know that the ANHC has some serious competition.
Honda's immediate reaction could be an anniversary edition, or then increasing the standard equipment. The City is also a very competent sedan, yet for the first time, it has some real competition.

Also the side of my knees kept hitting the dash when sitting in the front seats.
You will remember how I cribbed about this in the Polo. Surprisingly, it wasn't as much of a bother in the Vento. I didn't check back to back, but the Vento's clutch pedal did not seem to be as high set as in the Polo. They are obviously using different spec clutch systems.

If I were to push you, GTO, which car would you recommend between the ANHC and the Vento petrol to a buyer today? I think I know the answer to the ANHC vs Vento diesel question.
For anyone who loves the engine and wants to play it safe (reliability et al), the City. C'mon, you can't go wrong with one. On the other hand, to those willing to experiment with a newer brand and want a solid build / high speed composure / a better equipment level, the Vento. I didn't expect this, but as a package and when you bring in pricing, the Vento is superior. Heck, the Highline Diesel costs about the same as the City V-MT.

Originally Posted by blackasta View Post
Whats not so nice is the omission of AUX/USB, dead pedal, and unusually high priced AT variant.
Truly! Although the Vento also has other segment firsts : Rake & reach steering, one touch up / down windows, gear recommender, adjustable driver armrest etc.

Originally Posted by aargee View Post
Any specific reasons? I love to hear if they're experimenting something on this, 'cause usually its the mid (like VXi) that sells hot
Comfortline will surely follow in a quarter or two.

I hope this is on the base version & not on Highline, if it is, then
Start banging your head . The Highline spare wheel is also a non-alloy 14 incher.

Originally Posted by C300 View Post
The floor hump at the back is annoying..any particular reason for such design?(Pardon my lack of knowledge on auto design)
Possibly, to allow the routing of exhaust components?

Originally Posted by nvsport View Post
@GTO: The turn indicators are on the left of the steering column, aren't they?
Yup, Euro style indicator stalk arrangement.

Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
"Unlike any other".
If you meant my review, thanks! Your's are equally a treat to read.

Originally Posted by sureshaddagalla View Post
1) This is regarding the need to downshift for overtaking. How bad is this in the Vento really?
I meant, in comparison to the diesel. Every petrol usually requires a downshift for a quick overtaking manouveur.

Originally Posted by shivasuma View Post
How is the drivability say, compared to the multijets or the TDCi?
Better than the multijets for sure. The TDCi has better low rpm response, but its only got 68 BHP on tap. The Vento is very manageable in the city, and more than makes up with its stupendous torque delivery on the open road.

Originally Posted by sajo View Post
A tad disappointed with that. So if my primary requirement is to be chauffeured on the highway, which one is better : The City or the Vento? (petrol only).
Highway ride quality is A+. Its in the city that you'll feel some firmness. Nothing uncomfortable, but not Manza-plush either.

Originally Posted by quadmaniac View Post
2. No 4 power windows on Trendline
Trendline has 4 power windows. However, driver CP only gets controls for the front.

Originally Posted by SkyWalker View Post
GTO - this is your best review to date - great quality. Thanks and marked 5 stars.
Thanks for the appreciation, SkyWalker.

Minor Hitch: SX4 GC is not 170, but 185/195 depending on Vxi/Zxi
Not so. This Maruti website is where I got the 170 number.

Originally Posted by vinmechanic View Post
By any chance, would VW will utilize Maruti's dealer network for service? in that case, Vento will be a trouble for all C segment competitors.
My prediction has always been that, one day, VW will take majority ownership of Suzuki.

Originally Posted by Thunderbird77 View Post
BTW, why Manza is not included in the comparison? Just because it is a 'bloody Indian' car?
Not at all. Everybody knows how I'm a fan of the Manza. Remember my review?

However, the Manza doesn't delivery on the quality, finesse or dynamics that 9 - 10 lakh rupee customers expect. Hence, its not viewed as a direct competitor.

Originally Posted by suman View Post
Awright, another detailed review & excellent as always Rush
Thanks Suman.

So it looks like the Diesel Highline is the way to go, did you by any chance get to measure some 0-100 timings for the Petrol & Diesel?
I'd guesstimate an 11 - 12 second 0 - 100 time for the diesel.

How quick does the Diesel feel in comparison to say, the Verna?
Both are stonkers. Vento has the dynamics to match the engine's performance.

Would the Diesel be very boring to drive after the Fiesta 1.6?
I can assure you that you wont get bored in a diesel Vento. However, I remain a fan of high-revving petrols....and however fast diesels may be, a sweet petrol engine + stiff chassis is something else. In terms of driving pleasure, the Fiesta 1.6 S is king.

Would you consider the Highline to be undertyred, would 195x60x15 be desirable or is 185 good enough?

Do you feel that Parking Sensors are a must (because of the rear headrests etc)?
The last time I drove a 7 series, I didn't use the parking sensors. Not big on them.

how does the rear legroom & the rear seat width compare with the Fiesta apart from the inconvenience of the hump?
No comparison. Vento's rear bench is a full segment ahead.

Thank you for the appreciation. Makes all the effort seem well worth it. I shall reply to the other questions in the morning.

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You mentioned a 14 inch spare wheel. Wouldn't it make a problem if they are put on with the other 3 being 15 inchers. I don't understand the logic here. You did mention that the overall dia's match - but then whats the point in diff categorization. If its a 15inch dia it has to be bigger than 14 inch dia. I cant understand how a 14 inch steel matches the 15 inch alloy; Someone should really try it and give a feedback if this is the case.
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Nice review as usual. You guys will put Auto Mags out of business if things keep going this way.
Real High Quality stuff.

OT: Punto 90bhp review is still pending.
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@download2live i think sidindica and later another Bhpian had done a comprehensive review.
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Awesome review GTO. Surely one of your best. Had lots of fun reading it. Thank you. We have come to expect the best from you and you have delivered it.
I think VW is here to stay. VW releasing vento at such a competitive price is indicative of their seriousness to crack the indian market. If not maruti, the rest of the car makers should be worried.
They have surely addressed the important things like a great diesel engine + nice interiors + decent mileage + great ride and quality and all these at below 10 L (which is a significant price barrier for Indians). These are the primary
features of any car and they have delivered. Only thing left to see is the cost of ownership and ***. Hope they are listening and atleast try to match hyundai in the next 3-4 years

Ultimately its the customer who is the winner.
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Default 0 to 100 kmph stats for the Vento

While the VW India website does not provide 0 to 100 kmph times for the vento, the technical specs sheet from the VW Russia website has figures for the 1.6 petrol MT and AT variants (for the Polo Sedan, as it is called in Russia).

I am attaching the PDF file with this post. Although it is in Russian, you can figure out where the times are given. The third table provides the max. speed and 0 to 80/100 kmph times (7.2/10.5s for the MT and 8.1/12.1s for the AT). No specs for the diesel engine are provided, I guess Russia doesn't get the diesel version yet.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Vento (Polo Sedan) Russian.pdf (111.8 KB, 649 views)
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Loving the looks of the car. Looks like a mini Audi from some angles.

Waiting for the 1.6 AT petrol review soon.

Even though petrol does not seem to be as good as the ANHC I'm sure below 3000rpm it will be more lively than the ANHC. The peak torque for the Vento is available 1000rpm lesser than the ANHC.
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