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Default Few doníts on the highway especially when there is a loaded truck around

Team-Bhp accident thread and the discussion over there(http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...nts-india.html (Pics: Accidents in India)) is a great source of learning on how a mistake can end up fatal. It’s an unfortunate way of learning through others’ misfortunes. But, there is a lot you can learn through these incidents.

So here I am trying to consolidate some of the Don’ts on the highway especially when there is a loaded truck around. Most of these are known pointers to most here. But, seeing the proof of incidents will help reinforce these driving tips while on the road. Also, this can help the newbies on the highway.

Safe driving is not just about following the basic etiquettes, it’s also about respecting the fellow drivers on the roads, especially the TRUCK drivers who have various challenges on their hand. They are the slow movers on the road but that doesn’t mean that we can take them for granted because any encounter with them might end up being fatal.

Most of the video links were already shared and discussed in the accidents thread.

Overtake Moves:
  • Don’t try to slow them down while overtaking, like cutting across them at the last moment. For them it’s a big irritant because getting back to the same momentum can take minutes for them. So, sometimes they may not relent to your action which may end in an unnecessary incident.
  • It is better not to overtake trucks/heavily loaded vehicles on the curves even in 4L roads. If they are over speeding or drowsy, then they may come in your way with no control over the vehicle. Trucks can topple if they are over speeding on the curves.
  • During a overtake move at good speeds, avoid getting in between trucks. You will be in a tough situation if the truck in front of you brakes hard. If its on an incline/decline, then you need to be even more cautious.
  • Don’t blindly over take a truck or bigger vehicle when you are exactly behind them as you will be having NO visibility of the traffic ahead. For a neat and safe overtake move, all you need is little patience and over take only when you have full visibility or your path is clear. Don’t depend on others to support you for your overtake move.
  • Don't overtake at any inter-section.
  • Here is a clip from my dash cam on a harpin-bend, I was too close for comfort when the truck was taking a harpin-bend downhill. We thought that the truck might topple over us. It was really a scary moment. A lesson learnt through experience.

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Default Maintain safe distance:

Maintain safe distance:

On a ghat section or inclines, don’t closely follow other vehicles. If it’s a inexperienced driver or if the vehicle is over loaded then they may start coming reverse after a stop. So, better to leave enough gap so that you can avoid them.

Here is a accident where a truck comes down reverse and crushes the car against a rock.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...ml#post2655682 (Pics: Accidents in India)

Even otherwise, it’s always good to maintain a safe distance

Braking to take a turn/stop:

If you want to take a left/right when on the highway or a legal “U” turn, then make sure to slow down well in advance with proper indicators and be on the appropriate lane. Don’t perform daring stunts at the last moment. If it’s a very late decision then better to proceed ahead and take the next legal “U” turn.

Parking on the Highway:

Never ever stop your car on fast moving highway for any reason unless the engine is dead, even then you can push it off the road and turn on the hazard lights. If can’t push it off the road then place the hazard reflectors accordingly.

Here is a recent accident which claimed 17+ innocent lives.

Its always better to drive down till the next toll plaza/petrol bunk or a lay-by where you can park the car safely.

And regarding truck drivers, they drive to live and they do have certain targets to meet. Sometimes their targets are very challenging. And we all know how most of the trucks are ill-equipped/badly-maintained. So, they will really get frustrated when cars make it difficult for them to drive on the road. Its safer for us to respect the limitations of a truck and its driver while on the road.
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Default Re: Few doníts on the highway especially when there is a loaded truck around

Originally Posted by arun_josie View Post
Here is a video of a truck toppling on a curve.
Transport operators like these are willing to absorb downtime, recovery and repair expenses to their vehicles, risk to drivers' lives, but sadly will never let go of overloading.

And no, they really don't care about traffic blockages, risk to others' lives or the damage to public roads which are crushed under overloaded wheels.

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