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Default Re: ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT

10 Tips To Prevent Car Theft
Snapshot: Car theft is a reality that we more often get to hear about from our relatives and friends. It's a harsh reality of which we can be victims too. Here are few tips that would help you secure your car!
Read more at https://autoportal.com/articles/10-t...heft-6770.html
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Default Re: ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT

These are some safety features which got online to prevent a car jack, and found it quite useful. These apply mainly to the hi-tech vehicles.

Don’t plug random USBs into your dashboard. Data-enabled USB ports – used to update system software – offer direct access to your car’s neurosystem.

Buy an OBD lock. The on-board diagnostic system is your car’s built-in link to the outside world, the portal through which all repairs, mechanical or otherwise, are diagnosed. All cars have a port that allows technicians to access all the relevant computers controlling your car. Therefore, it is also the easiest way to get inside your car’s brains. This subterfuge requires access to your car, but once in the potential for damage is pretty much limitless. So lock it up. Besides, your OBD port is also used to access your car’s Electronic Data Recorder, a chip that records exactly how – as in how fast – you drive. So the OBD lock also promises privacy, something you might find important if you get in a collision and someone tries to access your car’s accident data without your permission.

Use a good old-fashioned steering wheel lock.

Don’t use your remote keyless system to lock your doors. it turns out the simplest hack in the automotive world is still just breaking into your car to steal all your goodies. And the simplest way to “open sesame” is scanning your push-button locking system. There’s all manner of ways to do it, but the one thing in common is that they all require you to lock your vehicle remotely and then walk away from the vehicle. The simplest solution, therefore, is to forego the key fob and use the central door lock button to close up shop. No transmission; no hacking. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use a keyless system to enter your car; you’ll be driving away from the threat.

This one is going to seem odd – completely over the top, in fact – but you might want to start putting your keyless fob in the refrigerator at night. Or in a box with some tin foil lining. Not as common as the simple “transmission” hack noted above, this exploit – that’s cybertalk for getting up to no good – involves a slightly more complicated “amplifier” that fools your car into thinking the fob is close by, therefore allowing access to your car. More importantly, if your car has push-button start, it also fools the security system into thinking the immobilizer is nearby. Not only can thieves now rifle all your belongings, they can also steal your car.

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Default Re: ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT

Dear bhpians;

Today I found my 2011 City's boot lock somewhat tampered with. The key hole is pushed in by 2cm from its original position. The key is not going into the groove for some reason, so I am unable to open the boot with the key, however, it is openable from the internal boot release button.

I don't think it was an act of vandalism, as there is no other mark or anything on the car. The keyhole on the driver's door is working normally. There is no keyhole on the passenger door.

Was this an attempt of theft?
I have heard of the bootlock being tampered with, to make a key mould in cars like bolero, old Pajero, old Scorpio, etc...

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Default Re: ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT

These guys just keep getting smarter at what they do. This video from the BBC shows a new way to steal a car using two radio transmitter relay devices. One device is held right next to the house and the other right beside the car. It seems to be relaying key code information which allows the thieves to unlock and drive away. The car looks like a AMG C Class.

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Default Re: ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT

Got a simple mechanical clutch lock for my Brezza. Product is available on Amazon, although I got it through a direct contact of the manufacturer.

It works by preventing the clutch pedal from getting pressed. Many modern engines don't even start without depressing the clutch pedal.

I feel a mechanical device is better to prevent thefts, as thieves with immobilizer neutralizing skills are likely not equipped to defeat such low-tech devices. At the very minimum it will increase the effort and time required to steal the car, which increases the possibility of getting caught in the act.

You simply lock the clutch pedal by inserting the lock from above
ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT-img_20171207_180201858.jpg

View the lock from below
ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT-img_20171207_180233794.jpg

Simple and strong lock, can be used across multiple vehicles as needed
ARTICLE: How to protect your car from THEFT-img_20171207_180526260.jpg
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