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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Asking for help here wrt Kolkata RTO (Kasba) and functioning.

Had given RC for hypothecation removal as I was quitting my org. and moving to another location (car was hypothecated to the org). I have already moved out and the RTO is doing something or other in a manner that new RC card is not yet printed. Any suggestions?
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

The following summarizes my experience @Hyderabad i.e.
a) Visit to the Bank :
Collect the following documents i.e. NOC (signed and Stamped by Financier) , Form 35 in duplicate (signed and Stamped by Financier) and Loan Account Statement.
b)Book a slot :
Visit https://tgtransport.net/tgcfstonline/ for "Hire Purchase Termination". Please be aware that the mobile number of the financier is a required field. Please note the application number, time and venue. The fees is Rs 635. You will receive an sms i.e. "Please bring Valid Insurance, Original RC, Pollution Certificate, Present Address ProofAnd Please bring the Form 35 Duly Signed by Financier".
c) Visit to RTO : Visit counter number 3 and submit all the documents i.e. NOC , Form 35 , Loan Account Statement and Original RC Certificate (put in a small transparent cover), Insurance Certificate (photocopy),Pollution Under Control Certificate (photocopy),ID - Aadhar and Date of Birth Proof - PAN (photocopy). A receipt will be issued. Surprisingly the person in charge does not even check the documents. Then go to counter number 6 and get a picture clicked. Also submit a sample signature. The RC is expected in 10 days.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide


Indiranagar RTO has been shifted to Kasturinagar. It has not been properly organized there yet, there are no sign boards and counter numbers. So, only option is to ask fellow people.

At present for hypothecation removal you need to goto 2nd floor, approach a clerk for verification of documents(I think 4th person on right once you reach the floor, please seek guidance here).

Fees payment is done at 1st floor. Once fee is paid, go back to same clerk in 2nd floor, she would verify and lead to the officer who will issue acknowledgement.

I had gone prepared with all necessary documents for hypothecation removal(got the file and stamped envelope there in the nearby shop). Asked the RC to be delivered to my office address for which they asked write a request letter(to deliver to a different address than in RC).

I was out in about 30mins overall.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide


I am in a fix here. Had been to Indira Nagar RTO on 17 Aug with all the necessary documents and completed the formality in 30 mins. They had given me a slip which is valid for 30 working days. It has been more than 30 working days and I am yet to receive the RC card by post. Went in there today and was shocked to find that the office is moved to Kasturi Nagar. I am worried now that my file should not be lost/misplaced. In addition to this, when I googled today, found that there has been a fire in Indira Nagar RTO destroying thousands of files on 26 Aug , just 10 days after I made my visit. http://www.deccanherald.com/content/...nds-files.html
  • What should I do now to make sure my files are safe?
  • What is the procedure to follow if my file is either lost/damaged in fire?
  • Since the Acknowledgement slip is valid for only 30 days and it is lapsed, can I safely drive my car? I use my car everyday and also drive down to Chennai on monthly basis. Diwali is nearing and I will be traveling in my car to Chennai.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

You can take the slip to the rto and request them - they will endorse a new date onto it.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

I am writing again in this forum after a long long time about something I was anxious about as to how the process would go. I hope this would help many car owners especially in Chennai who have their cars on company lease and are about to remove the hypothecation (HP) and transfer ownership (TO). Also mine was a case where it was hypothecated in RTO (Central) and my residence is in RTO (South). How does one know which RTO one belongs to? There is a pin code to RTO table at the TN RTO Contact List

Part I: Removal of Hypothecation.

Go to the RTO where the hypothecation was done. For me it was RTO Central (Ayannavaram). I reached at 9:45 am. By the way I had read somewhere that they work on Saturdays too but its not for public. As soon as you enter the office on the left side there is a PRO person who checked my docs

a. NOC from financier/company. - 2 copies
b. Form 35 - 2 copies
c. Insurance copy
d. Emission Certificate Copy (Some Petrol pumps have this. I did it at the LB Road Indira Nagar (Adyar) Indian Oil Coco bunk)
e. Original RC

He said he needed a company ID photo copy and I said I have a signed letter from the company stating that they are transferring the vehicle to me and he said that should work. I needed a Rs. 5 revenue stamp (available at the shop across the road) to be stuck on that letter.

f. Company ID / Company Letter

He asked me to pay the fee at the counter which is to the right as soon as you enter the main gate of the building. The fee was Rs. 25.

I gave it on Tuesday. He asked me to come on Friday evening 5 pm. I could not go on Friday and so went on Monday evening. Reached at 4:30 pm. The papers were just lying in the same state that I had given as the person had gone on leave for Diwali. However the other officers were extremely helpful and said they would fix it in 10 min and it was indeed 10-15 minutes. They stuck the note behind the RC which said that the hypothecation was removed. And also the hypothecation lettering on the main-page was struck off.

Part II: Transfer of ownership.

Whats needed:
a. Form 29 - filled up - 2 copies
b. Form 30 - filled up - 2 copies.
c. Insurance Copy
d. Emission certificate Copy
e. Original RC
f. PAN Card
g. Address Proof (I gave my passport)
h. 2 photographs

Now go to the RTO under whose jurisdication your home (address proof) is. Reach at 9:45 am. Again there is a PRO who sits at the entrance. He checked a to h above but then came the shock. He needed 2 copies of the Form 60 (or TIN) of my company. Oops. Whats that? I said I have never heard of it and its not mentioned anywhere. He said - it is downloadable and we can print it and get it signed from the company. I told him the company HO is in Bangalore and would take time etc and that I have an authorization from the company for the transfer. He said I would have to meet the PA to the RTO. The PA also stuck to it but I again repeated my inability or the hardship to get whatever the Form 60 is, he asked me to pay the fee. I went back to the PRO guy and told him that the PA had agreed. The PRO signed on the front page and stapled them all including "i" below.

i. Company Authorization letter.

Went with the stapled doc bundle to the back of the building to the cash counter. There were 4 people ahead of me. Paid Rs.325 fee. We get 2 copies of the fee receipt. One of this needs to be stuck with glue at the front of the doc bundle. The other copy is to be retained by us to be shown at the time of collecting our RC back.

I gave the doc bundle to the Tapal counter next to the cash counter. Today is Tuesday. He asked me to come back next Tuesday evening to collect the RC.

A total of 25 for HP cancellation and 325 for TO.

Some other notes:

- At Sholinganallur office my friend went for HP and TO and he was not asked Form 60. So its slightly different at different RTOs. Also at the HP removal I was asked the ID which I have never read before anywhere.

- Also if your financier has changed names from when the lease started to when it ended - clearly get the NOC mention that. The PRO at Sholinganallur had insisted for another letter which stated that the financier had changed names. My friend insisted that the NOC has "company x - formerly y" mentioned and that should suffice - he did a short visit to the PA to RTO sitting in the next room - no big deal - and got approval from him on the same.

- From Aug 2017 RTO Chennai South no longer issues Smart cards for DL and RC.

- Request for duplicate license can be made online and the procedure for the same was stuck outside RTO South.

- International Driving License is also online. I read it on another notice outside the office.

- RTO Ayannavaram is calm, silent and cool and very helpful and less crowded than RTO South at Tiruvanmiyur. RTO South had everyone come with agents. But all and all - not very difficult.

- RTO Ayannavaram could scare you at first as its up there in the north and you would imagine crowded / narrow / old streets / difficult to navigate and park etc. but I can tell you its none of those and is very easy deal with. Its next to the bus depot and one can easily park. No one is at you asking you not to park etc.

I heard from colleagues that one agent had quoted Rs. 3500 for doing this. Its no big deal guys. You can get it done all by yourself! All the best.

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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Guys need to get it done in Gurgaon...any reference please ?
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