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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Two such incidents

1-In 1997, on my HH Splendor when this autorickshaw overtaking me from the left suddenly cut into my lane. Survived this fall at around 50 kph on a busy Mumbai road with some bruises , torn shoulder ligament and some 9K INR worth of repairs on a bike costing 45K INR at that time

2- Same month , I had just got my bike back and was riding to my college in Nerul . Was on the rightmost lane at Juinagar at around 50 kph when this drunkard on the divider suddenly jumps in front of me . With no time to react , I crash head-on into him . Not much damage to the bike with just a cracked fairing and a bent handle . Luckily none of us were hurt from the fall . But more lucky that we werent run over by other vehicles .
Since this second accident , no matter what speeds I am doing , I never ride/ drive on the rightmost lane unless I am overtaking
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

One so far.

11th July 2014. Bangalore - Hyderabad highway. 145 km from Hyderabad.
Speed - ~90 kmph.
2 dogs suddenly jump from the bushes along side the road and right in front of me. I somehow manage to avoid the first one but hit the second dog at full speed killing it instantly.

The bike dragged some 40-50 feet and I took 5-6 turns on the road before hitting the edge of the divider with my leg on top of it.

Riding gear saved the upper torso completely. No visible wounds. Not even a scratch. Had knee guards which broke into pieces. Left knee was badly wounded though!
Sadly, I dislocated 2 bones in my right arm and broke a finger too.

Got timely help from friends in Hyderabad and the rest is history.

Added new riding jacket, riding pants, gloves and boot (ordered) to my arsenal already!
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Red face re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

This happened in April 2014 ( I remember the month since I had renewed the Activa Insurance).

I was on my Activa riding at 30-40 speeds and the i20 driver suddenly decides to screech halt and take a right turn without any indicators. Crashed into the car and fell off the scooter. A few bruises on me but the rear bumper of i20 had borne the brunt of the impact. Luckily the i20 guy accepted his mistake and did not argue. The scooter front fork was bent due to this and had to be replaced.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

My first tarmac kiss was in 2007.
Riding my trusty old fiero on the kudremukh ghats while fresh tar was laid down. (As few people might know this stretch of road is a biker's dream, long twisting curves and some long open stretches with nill traffic surrounded by vast endless greeney). While taking a corner at brisk pace and with some lean angle was too late to spot a huge speed breaker mid corner . by that time it was too late.
God knows who came up with the idea of putting a speed breaker on a open deserted road
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

The first time I hit the tarmac apart from the cycling lessons was when I was learning to ride a Lamby scooter(my friend's dad scooter), in the late 80s. I had learnt the balance, clutch release and the gear changes. Thats when I got a bit over confident, and took a right turn into a street and skid on the sand hitting the ground real hard. It broke a few parts under the handle bar, and also few other dents as well. Will never forget this fall. Also the present day children, can only dream of having. The road is the collectrate colony road at Aminjikarai. In fact the place I fell is currently a bus route and a one way.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Bought new TBird in 2003, had kissed the tarmac by 2004.
Very stupid incident, but opened my eyes (literally).
I was riding the bike, but my attention was on the rear view mirror (I don't remember exactly, but perhaps I was checking my hair!!), the front wheel went into the left side road ditch (which was pretty deep).
Took 3 people to bring it back on road, had to repair the headlight assembly, and straighten the forks :(

From then onwards - full attention to where the bike is going.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

I have a Yamaha RX-135 (4-speed). Around 2 years back when i was coming from my office late night. I hit a stray dog which tried crossing the road because i couldn't see the dog. It was actually my mistake. I should have come little slower because the street lights on that particular stretch was not working. Thanks for the Lesson.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Normally ride: KTM 390/Pulsar 220 Dts-FI
Years: 8 yrs
Kms: 1,10,000 km (2 wheelers)

First fall: On a pulsar 220, wifey in tow, in March 2010.
I was descending down to Kiratpur Sahib from Mandi and on the foothills. Took a turn and saw two trucks coming towards me - one at 10kmph and the other at 11 kmph and trying to overtake. I flashed my lights, beeped the horn but the trucks didn't leave me any space at all!. Finally, had to lower the bike onto the rough edge of the road ( a 3 feet rocky bed between the road and the valley below)
The front tyre gave way and we crashed onto the rocks. Riding gear saved us both from any scratches and the bike held up too. Needless to say, both the trucks deployed their nitro boosters and were out of sight

So technically, I didn't kiss the tarmac, but did taste the dirt.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

My first and hopefully the last (stopped riding quite some time back) tarmac kissing (literally) was in November 2000. It was a bizarre accident. I was on my CBZ, riding at around 30-35kmph, through a small town some 750m from my home. There is a school at this place and it was 4:00pm, school closing time and there were many kids on the road, waiting for the bus, walking etc. I was extra careful. But then, suddenly one student hit another one in a friendly fight and ran right across the road, without looking. He ran into me from my left side and the impact pushed me & the bike to the right side. There was some loose gravel on the road due to rain the previous day, making matters worse for me. The bike fell and I flew onto the middle of the busy road even before understanding what had happened. I slammed my right shoulder on the road during the fall, heard a cracking sound, which I later realized, was my right collar bone breaking into two :( Luckily for me, there was no other vehicle coming on the road that time, otherwise I would not have been writing this today.
Recovered from it after a couple of months, kept on riding till 2006, when I bought my first car. After that, my family never allowed me to use the bike again.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Learnt how to crash my BSA SLR before I learnt to ride it.

So, considering that, my first tarmac kiss would be around 1990!

The earliest recollection of my motorbike fall (its a fall and not a crash) goes like this.

Year 2001, I ride my roomie's Bajaj Boxer to the colony arch gate and stopped to say 'hi' while focusing on a few people() walking through the gate.

Try to put my foot down when the fashionably torn jeans' hem gets stuck in the footpeg and I lose balance and go down in slow motion, in front of a huge evening walking crowd. Dragged myself out along with my dignity and moved on.

Learnt how to focus on my bike from then and wear the right set of clothes. No frayed jeans for sure.

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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

My first huge tarmac kiss was on my new BSA Streetcat back in 4th grade, I think 1994 (a red & black combo that was the envy of my friends). Taking a turn into my lane at speed, slipped on some dried concrete/sand mix at the bend under braking and skidded right into the gutter with the cycle on top of me. Saving grace, it was peak summer so the gutter was dry Miraculously, the worst bruises were to my adolescent ego.

I also managed to bump into and fly over a buffalo sideways once, I was a real showman back then! Closer to adulthood, fell off my training moped because I wasn't watching where I was going. Haven't had a fall as an adult (yet).
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

My first was on a friend's Bajaj scooter, while he was riding pillion. I was on this narrow 2-lane highway, and a truck came bearing down on me from the rear. That being my first drive on a highway, I panicked and tried to get off the tarmac. But there was 6 inch height difference between the tarmac and the loose soil on the side. As the tyres landed on the loose soil, the vehicle grinded to a halt, I flew over the handle and landed face first on the soft/loose soil. Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet with visor. So my face and eyes saved. After we got up, my friend took over and we rode to a clinic to get us both first aid.

This narrow 2-lane highway was none other than the hosur road stretch between E-City and Silk board. The year was 1989.
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Ahh someone had to bring up this topic!!

It was sometime in 1990s ... I was on my Bajaj Caliber with my GF (now spouse) riding pillion. Was talking to her and driving near a footpath. One guy suddenly stepped down from the footpath, I swerved but couldn;t control. Down we go falling flat on the middle of the road. Luckily no heavy vehicles were behind us and I was wearing helmet. But, I had a nasty twist of my right knee and my GF suffered some bruises. Years later I had to do a ligament operation to mend the knee. Thats right, I lived with the broken knee for quite sometime!!!
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Year - 2003. A month before my Exams (First year of College).

I had a Hero Honda CD Dawn back then, and I was used to its drum Brakes. One of my lucky friend was able to acquire a Pulsar. It was a big deal back then. Those were the days, when I could not even tell you the difference between Disc & Drum brakes.

So, one fine day I borrow his bike just to quench my thirst of a bigger/better bike, only to apply the disc breaks suddenly not realizing that they were not my regular drum brakes. Few minutes later, I found myself lying face down on a busy road, torn clothes, blood tripping from everywhere. My bike slipped at a speed of 50/60 KMPH. I could not even tell from which part of the body was actually the blood coming from. It was bad, real bad.

I recovered, few stitches & one month later to appear for my exams. Few good things about this accident was I stopped borrowing any of my friend's bikes & scored good marks because I had all the time to study in my bed .
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Default re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Haa haaa... Nice thread. Fun to read everyone's experiences !!!

Year was 1991. I was in Class 3.
Phool aur Kaante featuring Ajay Devgan was up at that time. Ajay Devgan riding on two bikes was sensational !!
I didn't have two bikes, but then was interested in some kinda stunt.

One fine afternoon riding pillion on my dad's Bajaj scooter, while coming back from school, near the gate of our house (about 50 mts), I decided to do my stunt.

I stood up resting my foot on the engine cover on one side, and the bulge on the other side. Then slowly turned to the left side of the scooter.
And jumped off in an attempt to start running as soon as I land. Felt like Ajay Devgan for a fraction of second.

I landed thud on my bum and rolled over (due to the momentum) on the broken road. Ended up with a sprained right elbow and bruises all over my healthy body.

Been riding since I turned 18. Started off with a Hero Puch for 3 years and then a Yamaha Libero which turns 10 years this year. Rode many bikes and scooterettes in between.Touchwood. Never kissed the tarmac.
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