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Default Bangalore to Rajasthan

Dear All

After doing Bnagalore - Bhutan in 2007, we are doing Bnagalore - Rajasthan in Dec 08.

The route we are taking is:

I welcome your advise on road conditions, route, places to see enroute (I am covering the car museum in Ahmedabad) and highway dhabas & must eats!

I am reachable at ateet.jayaswal@gmail.com

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I would strongly suggest you add Jodhpur in your itenary ,its a must see place ,post ahmedabad you can head to jodhpur ( you can do udaipur on your way back)..

Dont miss visiting the majestic mehrangarh fort ,if you are in jodhpur.

Jaisalmer is a treat ,and you can always live in the tents in the middle of the desert.they are very spacious and the hospitality is excellent.do the desert safari on the camel as well...

Nothing much to see in bikaner ,incase you are the religious type ,do visit the karni devi temple in deshnok ,which is like 30 odd km from bikaner ,the temple is also famous for the numerous rats which roam around in it ,and if u happen to spot a white rat ,consider yourself blessed and lucky.( i coudnt).

The road from baroda to ahmedabad is simply awesome ,jst like the mumbai -pune expressway ,driving from surat to pune will be a pain as the 6 lane work is in progress.

do visit the many travelogues on this forum for actual pictures of the road condition...

enjoy your trip! will wait to see you post your travelogue with pictures...
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I suppose you are returning to Bangalore also in the same route. If that is so, you can plan as follows:

You can see the route in the following log book of mine:

H V Kumar - Driving Log Books - KUMAR'S DRIVING LOG BOOKS Rajasthan, Dec 2000

Road conditions are great throughout. Facilities are poor outside the big towns, which are also few and far between. Speeds are high, and you can cover 700-800 kms a day easily.
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Amdavad ma car museum? You gotto be kidding me.

I would say this:
Amdavad - Abu - Udaipur/Kumbhalgarh/Nathdwara - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Bikaner - Jaipur - rip back.

Why Delhi for the love of God?
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Never heard of a car museum in AMD. Heard of some textile museum. If there is something that I am missing please enlighten us. There are two popular places for tourists in AMD. One is Gandhiji's Shabarmati Ashram and the other is Akshardham temple.
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You never posted the travelogue of the Bhutan trip. Lot of avid travelogue readers have an axe to grind there.
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All the best dude!

Drive Safe and Enjoy your drive.

Cheers! cheers:

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The latest Jet Wings has covered a CAr Museum at Ahmedabad..will post the details shortly.
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Mumbai to Delhi is the GQ on NH8 and excellent all through. As suggested include Jodhpur in your itinerary and you shall not regret. The majestic Mehrangarh, elegant Ummed Bhawan and serene Kailana Lake are something that you'll cherish forever.
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2.5 years, some 35k odd km all over and I didnt find a car museum there.

Maybe you are looking for https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/pre-1...ollection.html but last I recall, thats about 370km off
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Default Bangalore to Jaipur Route

Hi All,

I have been planning for this trip for a long time to drive down to my native place Jaipur. This is the route info I get from the search on yahoo maps:

Yahoo! India Maps

I would like opinion from you experts, that the route suggested by yahoo maps is decent enough and the roads are in good shape. \

Pasting the ruote sugested by yaho maps:

1Straight (0.2 km) on Madras Bank Rd going toward Museum Rd
2Slight 2nd Right (past Museum Inn (Hotel) on the right) onto Museum Rd, go 0.3 km
32nd Left onto Church St, go 0.1 km
4Take Slight 2nd Right (past Win (Hotel) on the right), go 0.1 km.
Enter Shivaji Nagar.
5Slight 1st Left (past St Marys Cathedral Church on the left) onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd, go 0.1 km.
Enter Shanthala Nagar.
61st Right (past Mahatma Gandhi Statue on the right) onto Queens Rd, go 0.5 km.
Enter Gandhi Nagar.
7Slight 2nd Left (past Golden Residency (Hotel) on the left) onto Raj Bhavan Rd, go 0.6 km
8Slight 2nd Left (past The Capitol on the right) onto Raj Bhavan Rd, go 0.4 km
9Continue down Race Course Rd: 0.6 km (Past Exhibition Hall on the right).
Via Seshadripuram. Enter Gandhi Nagar.
10Slight 3rd Right (past Taj West End Hotel on the right) onto Hare Krishna Rd, go 0.2 km.
Enter Seshadripuram.
11Slight 2nd Right (past Sri Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa on the left) onto North Park Rd, go 0.2 km
124th Right (past Bharat Sevadal Central Office on the right) onto Kumarakrupa Rd, go 0.8 km
13Slight Right onto Kumarakrupa Rd, go <100m
141st Left onto Shri Chowdaiah Rd(NH7 Hwy), go 1 km.
Enter Rajamahal Guttahalli.
15Slight 2nd Right (past Bangalore Palace And Mysore International Travels on the right) to follow NH7 Hwy, go 0.8 km.
Enter Sadashiva Nagar.
16Slight 5th Left onto Ramana Maharishi Rd(NH7 Hwy), go 0.4 km
17Slight 3rd Left (past Ganesh Nursing Home on the left) onto NH4 Hwy, go <100m
18Slight 1st Left (past The Oriental Insurance Company on the left) onto Cv Raman Rd(NH4 Hwy), go 2.9 km.
Via Rmv Stage 2. Enter Mallesvaram.
19Continue down NH4 Hwy: 0.4 km (Past BP Petrol Pump on the right).
Enter Yesvantpur.
20Straight (Keep Right) on Tumkur Rd(NH4 Hwy) flyover, go 16 km.
Via Rajaji Nagar Industrial Suburb. Enter Yesvantpur.
21Slight Left (past Sri Renuka Institute Of Management and System on the left) to follow NH4 Hwy, go 42 km.
Via Nelamangala at 4.1 km.
Enter Tumkur District at 32 km.
22Slight Right onto Tumkur Bypass(NH4 Hwy), go 7.4 km.
Via Tumkur at 6.5 km.
23Slight Right onto NH4 Hwy, go 43 km
24Slight Left onto NH4 Hwy, go 76 km.
Via Sira at 2.8 km.
Enter Chitradurga District at 23 km.
Via Hiriyur at 43 km.
25Slight Right onto NH4 Hwy, go 7.5 km.
Enter Chitradurga at 4.8 km.
26Right onto NH13 Hwy, go 127 km.
Leave Chitradurga.
Via Davanagere District at 30 km.
Enter Bellary District at 42 km.
Via Kudligi, Hospet at 101 km.
Enter Koppal District at 125 km.
27Slight Left onto NH13 Hwy, go 57 km.
Leave Munirabad Project Area.
Enter Kushtagi at 54 km.
28Take Slight Left, go 15 km.
Leave Kushtagi at 1 km.
29Slight Left onto NH13 Hwy, go 20 km.
Enter Bagalkot District.
Via Ilkal at 9.1 km.
30Slight Right onto NH13 Hwy, go 79 km.
Via Hungund at 1.8 km.
Enter Bijapur District at 36 km.
31Left onto NH13 Hwy, go 18 km
32Slight Right onto Bijapur Bypass(NH13 Hwy), go 9.3 km.
Via Bijapur at 3.1 km.
33Continue down SH141 Hwy: 8.2 km
34Right onto SH141 Hwy, go 50 km.
Enter Maharashtra at 4.2 km.
Enter Solapur District at 45 km.
35Slight Right onto SH141 Hwy, go 9.7 km
36Continue down SH41A Hwy: 34 km.
Via Mangalvedhe at 12 km.
37Right onto SH3 Hwy, go 2.1 km.
Via Pandharpur.
38Left onto SH161 Hwy, go 0.3 km
391st Left onto SH141 Hwy, go 31 km
40Left onto SH141 Hwy, go 6.9 km
41Slight Left onto NH9 Hwy, go 5.7 km
42Right onto SH32 Hwy, go 86 km.
Via Karmala at 44 km.
Enter Ahmadnagar District at 57 km.
43Slight Right onto SH32 Hwy, go 53 km.
Enter Ahmadnagar at 53 km.
44Slight Left onto NH222 Hwy, go 0.6 km
45Slight 2nd Right onto SH2 Hwy, go 114 km.
Leave Ahmadnagar at 3.7 km.
Via Nagapur, Rahuri, Shirdi at 41 km.
Enter Ahmadnagar District at 85 km.
Via Kopargaon at 97 km.
Enter Nashik District at 103 km.
Enter Yevla at 113 km.
46Continue down SH14 Hwy: 51 km.
Leave Yevla at 1 km.
Via Manmad at 25 km.
47Continue down SH16 Hwy: 5.6 km
48Continue down NH3 Hwy: 3 km
49Right onto NH3 Hwy, go 4.7 km.
Via Malegaon at 1.8 km.
50Left onto NH3 Hwy, go 42 km.
Enter Dhule District at 15 km.
51Left onto NH3 Hwy, go 188 km.
Via Dhule at 4.4 km.
Enter Madhya Pradesh at 85 km.
Via Sendhwa at 104 km.
Via West Nimar District at 165 km.
Enter Dhar District at 171 km.
Via Dhamnod at 178 km.
52Slight Left onto SH31 Hwy, go 4.6 km
53Slight Right onto SH31 Hwy, go 41 km.
Enter Dhar at 40 km.
54Slight Left onto NH59 Hwy, go 0.4 km
551st Right onto SH31 Hwy, go 22 km.
Leave Dhar at 1.1 km.
56Left onto NH79 Hwy, go 69 km.
Enter Ratlam District at 39 km.
Enter Ratlam at 66 km.
57Slight Right onto NH79 Hwy, go 36 km.
Leave Ratlam.
Via Namli, Jaora at 23 km.
58Right onto NH79 Hwy, go 98 km.
Enter Mandsaur District at 22 km.
Via Mandsaur, Piplya Mandi, Malhargarh at 63 km.
Enter Neemuch District at 76 km.
59Slight Right onto NH79 Hwy, go 2 km.
Enter Neemuch.
60Left onto NH79 Hwy, go 56 km.
Leave Neemuch.
Enter Rajasthan at 15 km.
Via Nimbahera at 25 km.
Enter Chittaurgarh at 53 km.
61At Round Cir, take 1st exit onto NH79 Hwy, go 0.3 km overall
623rd Right (past Nehru Bal Udyan on the right) onto NH79 Hwy, go 0.1 km
63Slight 1st Left (past BP Petrol Pump on the right) onto NH79 Hwy, go 3.1 km
64At Madhav Cir, take 1st exit onto NH79 Hwy, go 62 km overall.
Via Chittaurgarh District at 17 km.
Enter Bhilwara District at 30 km.
Via Bhilwara at 48 km.
65Right onto SH12 Hwy, go 87 km.
Via Shahpura at 37 km.
Enter Ajmer District at 62 km.
66Left onto SH26 Hwy, go 0.9 km.
Enter Kekri.
671st Right onto SH12 Hwy, go 44 km.
Leave Kekri at 1.3 km.
Enter Tonk District at 14 km.
Enter Malpura at 41 km.
68Slight Left onto SH12 Hwy, go 0.6 km
691st Right onto SH12 Hwy, go 74 km.
Leave Malpura at 4.9 km.
Via Jaipur District at 48 km.
Enter Jaipur at 69 km.
70Take Right (past Petrol Pump on the left), go 1.4 km
71Take Slight Left, go <100m
72Slight 1st Left onto Tonk Rd(NH12 Hwy), go 4.4 km
73Straight (Keep Right) on Tonk Rd(NH12 Hwy) flyover, go 0.7 km
74Continue down Tonk Rd(NH12 Hwy): 0.9 km (Past Vatika Resort on the left)
75Straight (Keep Right) on Tonk Rd(NH12 Hwy) flyover, go 0.6 km
76Continue down Tonk Rd(NH12 Hwy): 0.1 km (Past Police Station on the right)
77Continue down NH12 Hwy: 1.7 km
78Take Slight Left, go 0.1 km
79Slight 1st Left onto Bhagwan Singh Rd, go 0.7 km
80At Ambedkar Chowk, take 2nd exit onto Bhagwan Singh Rd, go 0.2 km overall
81Take 1st Left, go <100m
82Take 1st Right, go 0.2 km

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Thanking You for your anticipated co-operation

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when you are doing this trip mention dates please. What is the car and who are companions. I may take rajashthan trip from mumbai in december in my Alto. May be can join you from mumbai.

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Hi Recker us,

Best route (quickest not shortest) is:

Bangalore to Mumbai (NH4 via Tumkur, Chitradurga, Haveri, Dharwar, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Satara and Pune ). NH 8 from Bombay to Baroda via Navsari, Surat, Bharuch . National Expressway 1 from Vadodara to Ahmedabad. NH 8 from Ahmedabad to Udaipur via Himmatnagar. NH 76 from Udaipur to Chittor. NH 79 from Chittor to Nasirabad via Bhilwara. Connecting NH from Nasirabad to Kishangarh (bypassing Ajmer). NH 8 (Kishangarh - Jaipur express Highway) to Jaipur.
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