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Default Used sonata gold for mother?

I'm being offered one (2005 model) for Rs.2.2L. I checked it out today and it was in a decent condition; drove well, original paint, insured for 4.5L (no claims). But the AC wasn't working although the dealer offered to fix this before I buy.

Odo says 55k km.

Is this a good buy to ferry around an old lady in? (chauffeur driven)

Daily running of about 60km. She doesn't mind the crappy FE, but would kick my butt if it had any major faults or stopped starting before a year at least.

I've heard and read a lot of horror stories about sonata's maintenance, but does the door handle really cost Rs.15k? Sounds exaggerated, would love to hear from a sonata owner.
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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

i haven't owned a Sonata before. But i sure have lusted after it.
Once i had even gone to check a pre-owned example out.
I think it's a great car, and i don't recall hearing any horror stories about it's ownership. Our neighbour has one, and i do give it a second and a third look, even though i now own a civic myself which is quite a looker in it's own right.
The price offered to you seems like a steal, but i would suggest you get it fully checked up by an authorised hyundai dealer, once given the go ahead by them and if the cost of repairing the AC isn't a fortune, i think it's quite a good buy. The only disturbing part in this deal is that the AC is not in working condition.
If it doesn't work out.
Try a pre-owned Honda, they are known to be extremely reliable.
Good luck, and do keep us posted on the advancement.
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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

I had enquired in KUN hyundai showroom regarding sonata for a colleague of mine. A service engineer who i am familiar with vouched for the cars engine but told us that sourcing spare parts is a night mare. But he added that rarely the car gives you trouble. So i would agree with mdsaab get it checked with a service engineer from reputed showroom before you plonk the money. The deal sounds great as long as their is no hidden cost. Cheers
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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

In one words, AVOID. That model of Sonata had a pathetic suspension setup and crappy rear seat. Yes, maintenance can be expensive but sourcing parts should not be an issue.

Close your eyes and try hunting for a pre owned corolla. Plenty of them to find. Best back seat comfort, decent ride and hassle free plus reliable too. Can't suggest for a more comfortable car to be chauffeured in, especially for a senior citizen. Easy to get in and out and a high set rear seat.
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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

i have owned three sonatas till date and still am a proud owner of a sonata v6. haven't had any issues till date and nothing has been changed till date and the car has always gone to the service center for regular services only. get the car checked totally and throughly before buying, i only had issues with the rear brakes once.

a pathetic suspension setup and crappy rear seat
would disagree, the apparent 'flaws' in suspension only show up at very high speeds, isnt a great handler but is a super vehicle to be driven around in and i have done plenty of highway trips in mine. infact my granny prefers the sonata v6 to be driven around in whenever she is going out.

Close your eyes and try hunting for a pre owned corolla
sidindica's suggestion of corolla is also good, a good vfm car if you find a good used example. would suggest let your mom be driven around for a short spin in both the cars and then take a decision depending on which car she felt was more comfortable to be chauffeured around in.

a well maintained sonata will not give you any hassles.

hope this helps!

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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

The Sonata Gold, at this point in time is something you should avoid. This is one case where you would consciously be getting into a white elephant. You can get these cars for even lower price and generally you dont see this variant moving fast in the second hand dealers.

It was a decent car once upon a time, but definitely not now. During some car searches, when I was trying to get an Elantra, I had come across several Sonatas ranging from a max 2.75 to even as low as 1.9. But each one had some problem or the other and they all seemed like they were abondoned. It is a different thing when you buy a new Sonata Gold and then live through it, but not pre-owned

Add some more money and pick up a decent Corolla or if you can go to around 4.5, then even a good Elantra from around 2005
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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

How about an Accord instead?
We had both, a Sonata Gold and a 2001 Accord. The Accord was more spacious and comfortable, though the Sonata looked better and felt better.
We did not spend much on maintainance, apart from regular wear and tear, for both of them, though the Accord needed parts replaced.
However, the Accord did give us problems with the power seat and music system HU.

Keep in mind that parts for both of these cars will be more expensive, and that the Accord would have the more expensive parts due to low volumes and low localization content.

What are your priorities? Budget? Length of ownership?
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Default Re: Used sonata gold for mother?

AVOID - At 2.2 Lacs I am not surprised. We have pristine condition Sonatas available for throwaway prices like 1.5 lacs - 2 lacs.

Get a Used Accord which is far better. You can find the older generation ones for about 3 lac and the newer generation ones for 5 - 6 lacs.

If it is the snob value that you need and 2.2 lacs is your budget then I am afraid a car of that size - the sonata is the only one being the best bet.
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