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Default Narrow and Tall vs. Wide and Squat

Originally Posted by prabuddhadg
A lot of people have been talking about looks of these cars, but I have to say, (and I do think there just might be a few who think along my lines) that
both the Aveo and the Fiesta (the Fiesta more than the Aveo) look very narrow and tall.

In spite of its backside, I prefer the Baleno and even the Petra, for that matter, if you go by looks.

A three box car has to have that solid sitting-squarely-on-the-road look.
I agree totally!

The Baleno has a visually balanced, respectable executive sedan look about it.

As an engineer, I can say that besides the elegance of its soft curvy shape, the curved metal distributes collision stress and is easier to restore to original shape if dented than sheetmetal with tucks and folds.

As an artist and photographer, I have another observation. Commercial photos of both Fiesta and Aveo, use extreme wide angle shots and trickery to visually confuse.

Snap on a telephoto lens on your SLR and take a long shot of the Aveo and Fiesta from 40-50 feet away.

Both Fiesta and Aveo look ugly and blocky.

And just compare with the Baleno.

Your eyes will tell you all!
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Looking at the pics above, the Aveo and Fiesta seem so alike - the front, the sides, rear etc. It's almost like twins and makes you think who copied whom. The only difference seems to be the bowtie and blue Oval at front.
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Default Hi guys,

I own a Aveo and have clocked more than 4900 kms till date... My cousin owns a Fiesta and thus have the knowledge of both the cars inside out. When we talk about 1.4 version Aveo goes ahead and vice-versa in 1.6 version. When I thought of buying a car this summer I had a few things in mind.
1. Can I revv the car the way I want to?
2. Can my wife and family enjoy when they drive?
3. When the whole family is together for a drive, will all of them enjoy the drive or will it be only the driver?

I found Aveo to be my best fit in 1.4 version. Because
1. I am able to revv the car to my charm from 1500 rpm itself.
2. My wife and family are able to drive the car as the car performs very well even at 3-4 gear.
3. The most important of all..... My family found the rear seating to be way more comfortable in Aveo as compared to Fiesta.....
4. The small but significant battery features giiven in the car make me njoy the technology...
5. Off the topic, but the interiors make me feel like a KING by just paying a small token...

Now, some people did talk about the maintenance. My experience - Somebody banged my car from front and I went to Shreyas Auto in Pune (who also owns Talera Ford in Pune). When I compared the cost of Headlights, Front bumper, Badge grill and AC I was very happy that I made the right decision. moreover, service guys who are common for both Ford as well as Chevvy assured me that I had made a correct decision of going for Aveo....

The ONLY thing that bothers my family in AVEO is the american pattern of Indicators and Headlights (ulta-pulta).....

When my cousin drove my aveo, he was also impressed by the performance....

Wht I mean is that for people like me who drive slow and cautiously 90% of my day will not find much difference between Aceo and Fiesta. We will look for a car which suits our taste and interests. For example, I found Battery saver to be more important than the DTE of Fiesta (as Aveo already gives a indicator when the tank has less than 5 litres of fuel, which makes me go another 50+ kms), while some people will find it vice-versa.

last but not the least, I am a member of Fiesta Yahoo Groups and have figured out that FE of Aveo is way better than Fiesta 1.4.....

***Please note that these are my opnions and have no intention to offend anybody....
****One more thing, I have sincere request to please keep the threads in conjunction. I do respect Baleno, but comparing baleno everytime is just not getting the objective of the threads going.
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Moderator Note: It seems that every thread these days ends up with a argument which then drags on and takes over the thread. Please consider this a warning. Stick with the topic at hand or this thread will be locked.

Also, posts between a few members have been deleted to prevent the fire raging beyond control.
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Is the Aveo so bad?
Well I own a Fiesta 1.4, driven if for close to 9000 Kms, driven the Baleno (BS2) for about 50 odd Kms and I have test drive the Aveo, and heres my take.
1) The Baleno was the fastest car out of the block, but then its got a 1.6. Compared to the Fiesta 1.6 (which I incidentally checked out when i was taking the test drives), the Baleno aint that FAST, as what some of the guys on here would want us to believe.
2)The Chey, feels a bit slow, and the power steering is a bit too responsive for my taste.
3) The Fiestas gearbox, is probably the best, and coupled with the responsive accelerator and super smooth clutch, I think its a better value for money.
4) The interiors of the Baleno are DATED, but the suspension is the best amongst the three.
5) The Aveo has the best interiors, is extremely airy and the rear room is very good indeed. It is one heck of a good looking car. Especially the rear.
6) The sales guys from Ford impressed me the most and, followed closely by Maruti. Aveo pre sales service sucks big time.

I bought the Fiesta because I wanted a car which I would enjoy driving. No doubt that the Aveo is good too, and it all boils down to what you are looking for in a car, but if you keep the looks aside the Fiesta is a car which when you drive, will get a smile on your face, knowing that your money is well spent. ON that other had if you can afford a chauffeur, go in for the Aveo.

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