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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

Originally Posted by laluks View Post
Would you kindly care to elaborate?

I own two cars Honda Civic and Suzuki Swift.
My maintenance costs are higher almost double for the Swift compared to Civic for similar service and periods considered (upto 50K service).

Currently Civic is at 1.22 lakhs and Swift on 53K on ODO. Now Civic has taken over in all service costs by 10K.

Please don't go by a perception that Suzuki is cheaper to Own. It is Cheaper to Buy.
Laluks, Ciaz is not cheaper to buy.
I am talking about the labour charges of Maruti vs Honda.

I have friends owning a Civic and a City and a SX4.
They have categorically commented that the SX4 is much cheaper to maintain.

Eg. SX4 clutch was changed at approx. 50K kms. Cost: Rs. 9600/-
City clutch overhauled at 62k Kms. Cost: Rs. 13900/-.

Just an example.
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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

Originally Posted by 500HP View Post
Hello Bhpians,

1. Hyundai Verna VTVT
2. Honda City i-VTEC

. Ride quality
Are you not considering Ciaz or anything from VW,Skoda,Toyota stables ?

If these are the only two cars , then my vote goes to honda city. I feel it has a bigger rear seat and can comfortably seat 3 adults.
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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

I would go for the Honda City in the above two options.

I would also consider the Rapid/Vento if you haven't already.
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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

Straight-H vs Slanted-H!

I had a pre-owned 2004 Alto LX from 2006 to 2012, drove more than 70,000 kms and never had a breakdown. In 2014, transitioned to the iVTEC and no regrets. I had a general dislike for the Koreans ever since they manipulated the specs of a Maruti product to promote their car (Happened long time ago, I even forgot with cars were involved). So my opinion would be a bit prejudiced.

Engine: Love the iVTEC, never driven the Verna petrol, so no clue on how it is.
Ride Quality: City, based on the travels in my brother's diesel Verna. Verna's suspension seemed to be too soft, a little loss of confidence there at speeds.
Build Quality: Will give it to the Verna, albeit just. The City's instrumentation, especially the blue backlights are way cooler than the Verna.
FE: The iVTEC is reputedly frugal when used properly.
Cost of Ownership: Too early to tell, just 3700 km run in six months, no spares bought yet, no repairs, just two services with nothing worth mentioning. But from the attachment, the Verna may have the financial edge (I got the spreadsheet from some TBHP threads, forgot which, and no assurances on its validity)

So I'd suggest the iVTEC, welcome to the family.

Real world FE: I get around 12 - 13 in Bangalore City over a office run of 14 km a day and 16.5 in my long run of around 1000 km on highways for Christmas.
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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

Originally Posted by 500HP View Post
My contenders are:

1. Hyundai Verna VTVT
2. Honda City i-VTEC
Suggest you have some more "contenders" at least to have a better range to choose from, but decide only after test driving all of them! And please don't go into the selection process with pre-conceived notions/apprehensions/impressions.

You can include (at least) the VW Vento and Skoda Rapid as well into this list.

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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

Go for the City I-Vtec for the following points
~ Proven & Fast petrol engine (read fuel efficient as well)
~ Ample power on tap (when compared to Ciaz)
~ Excellent space management (refer to Honda's 4M principle)
~ Honda Brand Value

Ciaz I feel is very spacious, but not a enthusiast's car. More like favours chauffer driven.
Maruti's K14 motor is good,fuel efficient, refined & proven in ertiga but wont excite you if you prefer some spirited driving.
Verna & Rapid(Vento also) are good but the rear bench space is not that great when compared to Ciaz/City.

My vote goes to the Ciaz if you are ok with the price difference as against ciaz.
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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

Look no further than the Honda City I-Vtec as for the reasons mentioned above by other members. If you have a choice, Ciaz is another good buy.
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Default Re: Confused between the Japanese or Korean kid?

The ownership charges would significantly vary based on the owner's common sense in declining most of the unwanted con jobs at the ASC.

If I had kept my brains at home and driven my Jap, I may have had to buy a Hero Splendor and fit a Gas kit to that for my daily commute!

Parts and Labor charges for Maruti are reasonably within limits. What they continue doing is rip customers with unwanted jobs and thats what floats the overall bill.
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Originally Posted by 500HP View Post
To get a fair idea of my usage figures, my Alto has run 62000 kms in a span of 13 years. So i have decided to be a proud petrol- head once again. My contenders are:

1. Hyundai Verna VTVT
2. Honda City i-VTEC

Parameters considered:

1. Engine
2. Ride quality
3. Build quality
4. FE
5. Cost of ownership
If you have shortlisted these two and not wanting another brand, then my vote goes to Honda City i-VTEC.

If the choice of fuel was Diesel then it would be the Verna CRDi for its engine as compared to the i-DTEC.

Do look at Vento TSI if you are OK with cars from VW stable.
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Default Advice needed urgently. City / Rapid / Vento / Ciaz : petrol

I've searched through the forums for similar topics to avoid duplication of my query. But after many hours of browsing, I guess my question still remains unanswered. And now, with D-day approaching , i need to take a decision quickly.

I want to replace my Honda City (Dolphin version) with an equivalent car from the same segment. My family uses a Swift for our daily chores and we use the bigger car only for social events and the occasional business trips.

The current Honda City has clocked just about 51K over 7 years !!

I now need to get a car before March-end so that I can claim depreciation on the purchase. I have evaluated the Honda city, Skoda Rapid, Vento and Ciaz. For some reason, after reading many reviews of the Verna, I dropped it from my list .

Now, the Honda City has a long waiting period and having booked the VMT petrol in December, i still donot see any clear indication of getting the car in March.

The Rapid & Vento are both available in the colours I want, but reading about the Skoda ASS I feel very uncomfortable going ahead. Also, the central hump in the back seat floor makes it very uncomfortable for the middle passenger .

The closest I came to an alternative was the Vento, but the highline model does not have folding ORVM, no ORVM indicators, no rear camera (have to take it as an accessory). Plus the back seat floor hump in the Vento too is quite high.

So its time to consider the Ciaz. Overall, the reviews and comparisons between the City and Ciaz are neck-to-neck. I like Maruti as a company for their relatively hassle free cars (I've owned & driven an Alto, WagonR, Estilo, and Swift) . There is high degree of comfort in dealing with Maruti. But people (on this forum and otherwise) are a bit circumspect on their higher-segment cars.

So, to get down to the question.
Is it worth waiting for the Honda City (VMT petrol) or should I go for an alternative (please suggest between Ciaz or Vento) . I need the car by March 2015 .

Btw, I even told the Honda dealer that I was willing to take delivery of the higher model , in either auto or manual transmission, if there was one available. But I guess with Honda , its a seller's market and all i get is an icy "We'll let you know".

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Advice needed urgently. City / Rapid / Vento / Ciaz : petrol

The Ciaz has the Maruti advantage (great countrywide service & reasonable cost of spares). Also has an automatic version, but both petrol & diesel engines are not exciting.

The Vento, specially the 1.2 TSI with DSG has the best engine/gearbox combination in this segment. The 1.5 Diesel is also a good car and now comes with the DGS option. IMHO the DSG auto is the way to go. Service depends on who your dealer is & where you live. I have had great experience with the service provided by Volkswagen Downtown in Mumbai & B.U. Bhandari VW in Pune. Cost of spares is higher than that of Maruti. The Rapid is essentially the Vento in a different skin. You do have an option of Cruise Control with the 1.5L Diesel Rapid though.

The ride & handling of the Vento/Rapid is way better than that of a Ciaz.

Suggest you test drive both cars & then decide
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Default Re: Advice needed urgently. City / Rapid / Vento / Ciaz : petrol

If you look at the decision making process from a practical perspective, there are a few inputs that can be relevant:
  1. Desirability: Honda City is a slightly more desirable car for most people. This is even more evident now because the Ciaz has been launched in India with the City as its benchmark.
  2. Living with the vehicle: Both Ciaz and City are great vehicles to own. Service support is acceptable from both brands. I have not experienced Honda after sales, but Maruti is really good. (as you would know)
  3. Resale: I have noticed that once a new version of the City is launched, the resale value of the older version plummets drastically. The second and third generation City commands a price that is lower than most new entry level hatchbacks. The Ciaz, being a ''new'' launch might hold a bit more value over time.
I have a feeling that the as a Ciaz customer (the car being MSIL's flagship sedan) you will receive a very good ownership experience.
- have you considered the Diesel Zest XT? It offers the same engine as the Ciaz, and has all the safety features as well at a price lower than the entry level Ciaz/City.
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Default Re: Advice needed urgently. City / Rapid / Vento / Ciaz : petrol

Firstly, what was the commitment of the dealer when you booked the City in December? if they promised it by March, you should go and make a noise about it. Most dealerships don't have a proper priority order and in many cases, will give the car to the person making the most noise. So if you have been promised a car by March, do some strong follow up and escalations and I will not be surprised if your car magically appears.

If looking at the Vento, I would recommend the 1.2 TSI + DSG. The TSI is a brilliant engine and you get the convenience of the DSG AT. Ultimately it is the driving experience that you need to live with. ORVM turn indicators, Auto Folding are nice things to have but in my opinion not critical in anyway. You can upgrade the OEM head unit to an AVN system with reverse cam to take care of that concern.

If you are looking for a manual, The Ciaz is a very competent car and is a good all round package. And if I am not mistaken, it is quite a bit cheaper than the City also. The City is probably the better drivers car, but in all other aspects the Ciaz matches the City. I dont think you need to worry about Maruti's history with the higher segment cars. Looking at the numbers, the Ciaz is doing very well and I think this time Maruti is very focused on cracking this segment.
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Default Re: Advice needed urgently. City / Rapid / Vento / Ciaz : petrol

Petrol? City. PERIOD.

You have already owned a City so no other Petrol engine, would satisfy you. Yes, the 1.6 Ford of older times, could have, but nothing else would, if that's a priority. That engine, AFAIK is only available with the Fiesta classic and that would feel like a big downgrade.

So, in my opinion, stick with the City and wait for delivery.

EDIT: Almost an after-thought... Why not the T-Jet?

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Default Re: Advice needed urgently. City / Rapid / Vento / Ciaz : petrol

Here are a few links you might like to take a look at:

City no doubt has the best NA engine but then there are other cars making some decent case for themselves as well.This thread talks about a similar comparison :

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/sedans...ml#post3529902 (Verna Fluidic 1.6 Vs Fiat Tjet Vs Honda City)

The Rapid and Vento are mostly known for their Diesel mills unless you are talking about Vento TSi. If looking for automatic, here's a comparo between Vento TSi and City AT:


Ciaz would be great if its gonna be chauffer driven. Rest the 1.4L makes the huge car feel a bit underpowered compared to competition.

Any specific reason you aren't considering the Linea T-jet? It has almost everything right for itself except for ofcourse the brand image of FIAT.
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