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Old 25th November 2006, 16:12   #1
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Smile New car in 6.5 - 7.5 lac range EDIT : Bought Esteem!

Hi Guys,

I have joined Team BHP at a moment of my life that all of you have gone through - contemplating buying a new car but not sure of which one.
I have been through a lot of threads on the site, but couldnt find the same query as mine's. But i am inspired by the activeness of the members sharing their views and helping members (or shall I label us as a community) and therefore soliciting it once again.

I am looking a car in the price range of 6 -7.5 lacs, and have shortlisted NHC Exi and Scorpio. Though both of them are leagues apart in their contemporary definitions of sedan and SUV (Ok...MUV), but that is what I am least bothered about. The reason for me chosing them was that they individually appealed to me, and also are in the same price range.

I shall be using the car only on weekends (city), and a roughly 400 km trip once every 2 months. That makes the usage every month to be 600 - 700 kms per month (on a higher side). Mostly it would be me and my wife travelling (BTW I am getting married Dec 10), however, boing a joint family, ocassionally my parents and grandparents would also be there.

I like Scorpio for its road presence, attitude (can relate to it), but my only concern is that is it worthwhile to own a monster that would still cramp the leg room of those seating at the last seat. Thought of Innova then, but cant relate to it anyhow (though its a fantastic car). Looks are subjective!!!!!!!!!!

Liked City for its sheer trustiworhiness, brand value, comfort, but have to compromise on the lack of power when on highways (After reading a lot of threads), but hey guys, is it that noticeable?????

The vehicle will be not be shared by other members of family. Being my first car, I dont intend to sell it for atleast 5 - 6 years (thats when the finance will end , besides thats a decent time to own a car, when its your first one, and you are not filthy rich)

I intend to buy car early Jan 07. I have test driven both vehicles, and found them equally good in their own ways. Just looking for a value for money, decent, performance car that wont eat my wallet.

BTW..Heard Honda spares are expensive than Mahindra's...not too sure..

Ruling out Hyundais and Marutis here...Ford service sucks though they make good cars...If Ford can improve with their service, maybe I could go in for one...but hey!!! why do that for me, when they did not for the thousands of Ikon owners?????????

I liked the VIVA CRDi but the quality of plastics inside is so cheap, and that too ater they have beige interiors...Verna, not too good looking again..

Guys, please help. I start thinking about pros and cons of every car that crosses me and if I could own one..you can make it from my question here... or maybe confused.


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Bud, congrats on your marriage. Welcome to the league and have a blast.

If I were you, I would go in for a Honda City Ifffff the service in Delhi is good. You could ask Iraghava and other knowledgeable T-Bhp folks from Delhi.

Honda has the brand image, snob value, excellent fuel efficiency, quality stuff and peace of mind.

A diesel vehicle wouldnt suit low usage as yours, but Iffff you like the Scorpio better, GO for it!

Listen to what your heart says and take the plunge. Best wishes!

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Old 26th November 2006, 23:45   #3
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You have mentioned several things that you like about each of them but you haven't shared what features are important to you ? What do you look for in a car ? What are features that are must have and what are nice to have ?
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Old 27th November 2006, 03:18   #4
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Hello Cutdcrap welcome to Team-BHP! Nice nick & be sure to post an intro for the benefit of the rest of the members.

As for your options I would recommend the NHC since its a nice car which is Refined, Comfortable, VFM & easy to maintain. Since it's a Honda it'll not be troublesome & the spares might be costlier than the Scorpio but will be on par or cheaper with vehicles in the similar segment.

The City however would be significantly more comfortable to ride & drive than the Scorpio both in the city & on the highways. It is also much more refined with quiet interiors, good NVH & a great A/C!

So IMHO the City would be a great choice for you.
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Old 27th November 2006, 09:57   #5
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Cutdcrap I just saw your profile and have seen you do not have any car right now,I assume this will be your first car/only car right now.Now in such a situation I think in your case it would be wise to go ahead with the NHC only.The benefits and disadvantages have already been talked about so am not repeating it again.
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Old 27th November 2006, 10:13   #6
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The Scorpio is still evolving. NHC is a better choice between the 2, for a first timer. Have you considered the Optra, Fiesta & Verna ?
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Old 27th November 2006, 11:46   #7
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Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
The Scorpio is still evolving. NHC is a better choice between the 2, for a first timer. Have you considered the Optra, Fiesta & Verna ?
Also add AVEO to the list.
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Old 27th November 2006, 12:54   #8
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Hey guys,

Personally thank Raajiv, esteem lover, rahul intlad, iraghava, honda dude and gts for your responses. I have made up mind on NHC thanks 2u!!!

About me..Am an HR professional currently working with Xansa (India), Noida. Its a software company, and am joining WNS Global Services, Gurgaon shortly.

Shall be going in for Exi in Jan-07. Thanks Team BHP

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Old 27th November 2006, 12:59   #9
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Get the NHC VTec if you feel you need the extra power. Wouldn't it cost similar to a well spec'ed Scorpio ?

Welcome to T-BHP. Please read the announcements section. You have used more smileys than what is recommended
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Old 27th November 2006, 13:17   #10
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Welcome to T-BHP and congrats on your marriage.

Though the City is a good car, I feel it is a bit overpriced for what it offers (i know about the Honda brand value etc. etc. but I still feel it is overpriced).

Since you have considered the scorpio in your shotlist, why dont you also look at teh Safari Dicor. Delhi is probably the only city in the country along with chandigarh, where you can really use an SUV given its wide roads. Overall the safari seems to be a better bet than the scorpio since it has acres of space inside, teh most comfy rear seat you will find in ANY vehicle sold in India today, and the A.S.S. in delhi from Sanya motors (that is the only one I have experienced) is pretty good, whenter it is their Okhla workshop or Mayapuri.

7.5 L would land you an LX and if you bargain real hard and strech your budget by about 25K, maybe and EX 4x2 (IMHO the best FM version).
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Old 28th November 2006, 13:44   #11
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Since you havent bought it yet, why not wait till March or so? The new Baleno is verrrrrrrry tempting! And its a Maruti!!!
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Hey Why not a Baleno? Excellent Car for long term possession...You can also buy the new baleno due sometime in March-Apr,2007. Why spend so much more on honda when u have the VFM Baleno at a cheaper price...
In India if you want to keep a car for 5-6years, it is better to keep a Maruti....less maintenance and excellent resale value....

In addition, Although excellent interiors NHC doesnt have strong body compared to its price / peers in the segment...

My 2 cents
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Old 28th November 2006, 17:06   #13
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hey cutdcrap....
congrats on ur new car purchase but why do u want to restrict urself to just these 2 cars when ur budget has the max choice to offer.
for ur running, a diesel anyway does not make sense..

i own a OHC but still, i dont mind admitting the pathetic service honda offers...so dont rule out FORD bcos of just service..

FUSION is a nice car to consider after the price cut...probably it can give u a good mix of all ur preferences...good road presence as well as comfort of daily commuting....

give it a shot and keep us posted what u finally decided on
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Old 30th November 2006, 00:28   #14
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thanks guys

yeah saw baleno on thread...looks great to me!!
maintenance will be low bein maruti..but does it stand anyways near nhc??

i mean FE, and being a new car, can it be reliable..old baleno came nowhere close to NHC in sales..hey, thats wat i guess lookin at cars these days.

new baleno..or NHC???? i like the looks of new baleno, though subjective to some people...please advise, is it worth wait???

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hey.... Wish you a happy married life...

Both cars are good, although they cannot be directly compared... The NHC is a very good car, and being a Honda is reason enough to buy it... It is a tad unmderpowered on the highways... But, its really not all that bad... Just wont let you have too much fun on the highways, thats all... Its not like you would have to sit and count minutes beofre the car starts responding...

But... I would love to own the Scorpio myself... Its a different beat altogether... And would be perfect for highways... ok, it is not perfect... But.. the tough boy image and the powerful diesel compensates for all its shortcomings... But, please dont buy it for the last rown of seats... Its not at all comfortable... Can only be used comfortably for short trips...

The new baleno sure looks good... YOu'll get muich better service then the Honda... Just upto you to decide whether you want a more value for money, competent car, or have a Honda...
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