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Given your choices, go with your head i.e, SX4. Very refined, M series engine, Safety features, Good A** and maybe a good resale value. Fiesta may score in couple of points but not the above. Hence my vote is for SX4.
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Please check out Chevy Aveo 1.6 with Option pack (ABS & Air-bags).

Mumbai Ex showroom price: 7.8 lakhs.
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Originally Posted by petertheo
planning to buy a new car, that will set me back by Rs.7-9 lakhs, clock up about 1200-1300 km per month, out of which 400 km is highway driving (to a farm near Pune)
You mention a monthly driving of 1300kms which is just 200kms short of what is considered a good bet for going diesel. It is quite possible that your driving will increase in the future, making a diesel car a better bet.

And as Benny, the wise-from-hindsight young man of TBHP says "Wise are they who invested in a diesel powered automobile", with increasing oil prices, it would make sense to buy a diesel powered car in India because in the near future there is no way the Govt is going to remove the huge subsidy (and subsequent price difference with petrol) on diesel.

So, to summarise, the Fiesta-D would make sense - I guess it comes in your budget of 9lakhs.

Originally Posted by petertheo
My requirements for a car were – good FE, comfortable rear seats(that's where I sit most of the time), good boot space, safety features, and of course good A.S.S and fairly priced spares. If practical, I intend to retain the car for five years.
However, if you still intend to stick to petrol, of the SX4 and the Fiesta, I would recommend the SX4 mainly due to the safety features, the attractive package with various goodies, service network, resale value and lower maintenance costs.

As others suggested, it would not be a bad idea to wait for sometime for the new cars/models that are coming like the new City.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Actually, neither the SX4 or the Fiesta are great cars to be chauffeur-driven in. The SX4 has stiff ride quality at low speeds and the Fiesta has, well, no space at all at the back!! If you have to buy between these two only, it would be the SX4 but there are better options for rear bench comfort:

1. Verna : Good space + supportive seats.

2. 3rd Gen Honda City : Just around the corner. It will be bigger, more refined and more powerful. Might be worth the wait. Always something special about buying a fresh new model.
I'd just add onto GTO here. Fiesta has little space but at 5'11 I find the seats extremely comfortable, though not really "roomy" if you know what I mean. I'd say go with Verna. Acres and acres and acres of space.
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Why not a Indigo XL? I heard its got plenty of room at the back and it comes with an Dicor engine. I don't have a personal experience, but nothing wrong in taking a look.
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Originally Posted by petertheo View Post
reversing is a real issue
Since you are chauffeured 6 days in a week and drive yourselves only on Sunday, this shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

Originally Posted by petertheo View Post
option to repair the car with outside mechanics at lower cost after warranty is expired
Most important thing! I wouldn't recommend this for any modern car. It was probably okay with the Carburreted 800, Zen, Esteem. Please think over. More comments from experts on this please..

SX4 seems to be a better option considering the safety features it has. Probably you will be disappointed after the Baleno experience.
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Originally Posted by petertheo View Post
Finally, should I wait for the 1.6 TDCI (am in no particular hurry to buy)
If you are in no particular hurry, then you must wait for the Linea and the New Honda city. It is a matter of 3-4 months. It makes sense to see those cars and then take a decision. I am not sure when the 1.6 Tdci will come. 1.4 Tdci is doing well for fiesta at the moment.
I am ruling Logan out for you, since you have a budget of 7-9 Lakhs.
But, on the parameters you have outlined, here are my two cents:
a) Good FE - For your usage of 1200-1300 Kms(800 city, rest highway), I would estimate petrol expense , at today's rates, would be between Rs.6000 to Rs.7500 depending on vehicle, driving style etc etc etc. While diesel would be Rs.4500 to 5500, similarly.
In Petrol - Honda City scores. In diesel - both Fiesta and Verna Score, Fiesta slightly better.
b) Comfortable rear seats - In Petrol, Honda City & Verna score. In Diesel, Verna scores. The Fiesta seats are a bit upright and I felt that there was a little less legroom - but, mind you, I am 6ft 2'', so it is not easy for me in any vehicle. Do check out your own comfort.
c) Good Boot space - All the sedans are quite good here actually. I think Sx4 has 505 L, but do you need that much?
d) Safety Features - Honda City with ABS and airbags is nearly 10 L. SX4 and Fiesta score. Verna comes with ABS, so half the score. Do you need airbags? Ideally, I would say yes. But, pls do bear in mind that airbags are secondary restraining systems(SRS) and you need to use seatbelts as the primary restraining systems. In cases of accidents, where the person is not wearing seatbelts, airbags may, I repeat, may cause potentially more harm than good. So it is a matter of ensuring strict discipline that the driver and the front passenger are seatbelted all the time. Check this link Air Bag Safety - The Police Notebook
d) Good A.S.S - While Maruti and Hyundai , in general, have good reputations, pls also check this forum to get a good idea for your respective city. You also need to talk to a cross section of users to get a good idea.
e) Fairly priced spares - Here, again, Maruti and Hyundai will score. But Honda makes reliable cars, right?
Net Net, if u need to purchase today, I would say Honda City for Petrol and Verna for Diesel.
All the best!
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Go with your head. I've SX4 for nearly a year & my brother has Fiesta for past 8 months. He says, he should have gone for SX4 . It's huge on pocket & pathetic service.

I'm with you on ruling out Verna, City, Logan...SX4 is the best as it offers you major safety features (which matters a lot), you have no issues when you drive down any highway as you have hundreds of maruti service stations on the way. The biggest advantage I see when I drive on highway (aout 900kms one way) is the stability & huge/big tyres.

I don't think you should be worried about reversing the car, you will get used to it. Initially I was worried but I'm pretty comfortable now, no issues at all.

Go for SX4! It rocks man.

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Go with SX4 and make your life easy in both ways save on fuel and service.

The best service you can get in India is for Maruti Suzuki.
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Mods is it possible to have a poll too? Since many members have given many other options.
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Sir i will suggest as many people had done before to wait and let the Linea and New city come so you have quiet a few options in hand. But if you can't wait then Fiesta will be a better option. Details had been given by people so wont repeat. Just an add on- two of my cousins are using it and i drive it often too. Very nice drive and ground clearance. Its done 65k and 80k respectivitely and none of them had any problems yet with it so considering your 1300-1500km a month routine i dont think it will ever trouble you!
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You have been driving suzuki all your life. Go for Fiesta petrol Sports and have some nice fun.
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Default Team BHP Rocks!

Well what can I say, but that Team BHP rocks. One post from me (a newbie) and 26 replies in a matter of a few hours.

Thanks everyone for your inputs. Will read and digest them. Probably will wait for the new launches.

Will keep you all posted on the decision and contribute my two-bits experience to the forum

Cheers- Peter
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Given that he is chauffeured around most of the week, it would be the driver having the fun, if at all.
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Originally Posted by muralisk View Post
I would not recommend both as SX4 has pretty bad rear-view (with high back and large ugly rear seat head rests)
That is not a problem at all once you install the reverse sensors.

and if you really want rear seat comfort, Indigo XL will be the best Luxury

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