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Originally Posted by navin View Post
Thanks to 26/7 I'd advise that you look at cars that are newer than 26/7 2005. This way atleast you have eliminated one issue.
Hmm, thats an interesting perspective. Never thought of it. However in the case of this car (which is parked not so far from my house), I' wouldn't think it didn't face the wrath of 26/7. Will still ask though. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Bass&Trouble View Post
Hmm, I remember the HU. Stupid 2-din thing with a gay, red illumination and a rolling button like thingy in the middle. That will go out faster than you can say "Sony" though.
That's the reason I mentioned the HU as one of the changes.

Originally Posted by ashish22 View Post
here's a difference between 1st and 2nd generation camrys in these pics respectively...
There you go. Thanks Ashish. New headlights, bumper and grill in Gen2.
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Hey all,

I'm really confused about used camrys and would like some advise. Since this thread already existed I thought I'll just post here

I'm planning to buy a used Camry (2004-2005). I've test driven a few and simply love the overall feel of the car.
I've found a nice 2005 face lift V4 MT with around 90k on the odo. The car looks good overall. Asking price is around Rs. 6lcs but I'm sure it can come done to Rs. 5.5lcs.

Just not sure if 90k is ok? I have no idea how the spares and service works. I called up Toyota and told them about whatever I read on this thread (Rs. 40k-80k for big service). They told me that's not true and it should cost less than Rs. 10k for these kind of services?

Is Camry a reliable car in India? Can I depend on a 5 year old Camry run 90k + for long drives and highways? What is this car's life before a major overhaul is needed?

I also considered 2004-2005 Accords but no good M/Ts available under Rs. 6.5 - 7lcs. A little out of my budget right now.

Look forward to your responses! Thanks in advance.
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Goingout, Toyotas & Hondas easily have a healthy life of 2.0 - 3.0 lakh kms. However, there is a subtle yet significant difference between retaining the car you've driven for 90,000 kms (and thus knowing the entire history) & buying someone elses 90,000 kms car (without a clue of how its been driven).

I suggest you give the 90K Camry a slip, look out for other less-run used examples. If you have to stretch your budget by a lakh for a really good / clean car, do so at the start. It'll save you headaches & $$$ in the long run.
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GTO's advise makes sense. At times 90k km's for a Honda or a Toyota or even a Skoda is nothing and really it can do half a million miles.

But then again it's India and you never know how it has been treated.

If you still feel otherwise, have a real good look at the car's service history and then take it to Toyota to get it really verified.

Check the tyres and air conditioing and all electricals.

5.5 Lacs is a good price for a car that costs 20 lacs and is only 5 years old !

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Originally Posted by Bass&Trouble View Post
One chap told me it's going to be very expensive to maintain since the car used to be fully imported, and thus the parts will be too. Secondly that parts could also be expensive and hard to find since the model is now discontinued. Besides, I do expect it to get bruised a bit with a specimen of the fairer sex behind the wheel.
How does a 35k bill for fixing a 10" dent on the rear passenger door sound? Keep this in mind if you expect it be bruised a bit . Otherwise the routine servicing bills are not that high, generally around the 5k mark.
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a 90k old car may need some or the other parts replacements from time to time, timing belt, clutch overhaul, SELF overhaul, suspension overhaul, bearings change, brakepads change. (just an indicative list)

Please check out the prices of these component changes in the camry, its costs like these which make Camry and expensive to maintain vehicle and one of the reasons why we skipped bidding for it a few months back
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Oops I completely forgot about this thread

Thanks very much for your advise everyone. I didn't pursue that car any further after reading GTO's reply.

I had some travel and things come up so I couldn't move forward with my search. But now I am again in the zone to get one

What is my best option under 5lacs? Camry - Accord - Mondeo?

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@goingout - look for a low run 2001-03 Honda Accord. It looks boring, but the car is a gem to drive!
Avoid the Mondeo, as even though it is an insane driver's car, spares are expensive, and given that it has suspect reliability, it should go out of the window.
However, if you can find a good Camry, go for it, as that is a car you enjoy.

However, do note that the spare parts of these cars will be on the higher side. In all actuality, I would advice looking for a good Corolla.
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for 5L you should be able to get a 2004 second gen Accord 2.4 MT - which would be the best bet amongst the camry / accord / mondeo, from the perspective of maintenance and resale.
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