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Default SX4 OR New Honda City 2008

have been under immense pressure on deciding to buy a sedan. I just recently sold my Santro and is stuck with the inability to take a decision.

The pain is so much so that there is only one place I can turn to for help that is the TBHpian's.

I hope in next two days I would be able to make a decision with your help.

The decision is between SX4 and NHC2008. I have been a big fan of SX4, simply because the size, height, tyre size, room, safety features, VFM, spare parts, service etc.

I had been to Bangkok last week and happened to run into a road show of Honda where the NHC2008 was on display and that is when my head started reeling. The car looks fabulous. In India one does not get alloy wheels etc and price is about a Rs. 1.50 lakh more thank an SX4 with discount.

My worry is that is it worth the Rs.1.50 extra and the waiting period. The way things look I probably would not get NHC2008 until first week of december even if I choose on NHC2008.

Could you all help me make this extremely painful decision.



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I am in the same dilema as yours and have decided to go for the SX4 due to its features. Also when I drove the NHC ZX owned by one of my relatives i observed that it scrathed on every other speed breaker in Mumbai with 4 people in it. hence dropped the Idea as I saw the specs and the NHC2008 also has the same ground clearence. I am booking my SX4 next week as I am in China right now. Mine is also the same case as I sold my Getz in the last month.
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ajit, soon the knives will be out and the big debate on the 2 cars will begin. But before that it is not clear what parameters are important to you? You will get enough info on SX4 if you search, but to summarize, it is a great VFM car backed up by excellent service. I love the commanding seat position of the car and I love it's external muscular looks as well. The only reason I rejected the car was because overall refinement levels were low, and I actually found the Fiesta more of a pleasure to drive.
But I don't think anyone would have yet driven the ANHC to talk more about driving charactersitics. I can't comment in all honesty. Honda is pricey, but going by history, we can surely say that you will get a more refined car overall and with better interiors.
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Dont think buy the new honda city. It has most of the good points that the SX4 had an advantage on and the price looks good to.
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I would recommend that you wait for the official launch and then drive the NHC 2008, before coming to any conclusion.

With respect to the ground clearance in NHC, in the last 16 months I am driving NHC, I have managed to touch only once and that too due to my negligence. I have taken the NHC to some of the really bad roads and have managed to avoid the under car hits.
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Originally Posted by muralisk View Post
I would recommend that you wait for the official launch and then drive the NHC 2008, before coming to any conclusion.
Exactly, please wait for the new NHC to come out and see if there is really a huge improvement over the existing one. On paper, the car looks great. but, then many things fizzle out in reality.

If i can suggest, please postpone your purchase a bit more so you have a peace of mind for long period
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IMO, TD the NHC and then decide. On paper, NHC looks very attractive. But we need to see the performance actually. But if you want to decide as it is (now), go for NHC.
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I think you must first decide if you ready to pay 1.5 lacs more for the Honda. then whether you can wait till Nov- Dec. The E version will be delivered from Jan. S version will start soon after Diwali. I think the demo car will be available in 2 weeks. So hold on your purchase. Drive SX4 & ANHC back to back and then conclude your decision.

My frank opinion : SX4 wins hands down for VFM and features & Ground Clearance. City wins hands down in refinement . Cant comment more on New City. So if you looking at a car for good GC , VFM ,decent interiors go for SX4. If you want a car with new technology, looks and better quality of interiors apart from center console() then go for City
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Ajit, my 2 cents, wait for a month and half, let the Linea launch too, and with the ANHC and the Linea available you will get awesome discounts on the SX4.
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I'd go with the ANHC between those two. The SX4 did not feel that great to drive - esp the feel of the steering, and the FE was not great shakes either. The Honda'll be cheaper to run, but more expensive to maintain though - in terms of spares/repairs.
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Originally Posted by autoenthusiast View Post
Ajit, my 2 cents, wait for a month and half, let the Linea launch too, and with the ANHC and the Linea available you will get awesome discounts on the SX4.
Ah yes, that creature called Linea - that mystical legend whose sightings are reported on and off, that which lurks as a large looming shadow on the Indian Car Scene, whose face has launched a thousand threads, on whom pitched turf wars have been fought, about which enough has been written to match Shakespeare's output, ah yes..that bewitching, beguiling and wholly unattainable creature ..

It could be a long wait though!

Continue to focus on the more tangible SX4s/ANHC!
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While the SX4 is the true definition of VFM, I guess you can hang in for a couple of more months to test drive the new City. By that time you might even have the Linea on board. So you will do good to wait for 2 more months. I know the SX4 is trading at very attractive discounts now... If you have cash for the new city and open for other options you can even think about the current city VTEC+ trading at very good discounts now(60k+) and the new Cedia which is a bigger car for the price of the new city.
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I am a little dumb founded here to find out that SX4 rules over ANHC. I mean get REAL! (no offence meant). Its not the features that make a car, its the engine, the chasis and looks that make a car. The features are the goodies you put on top.

SX4 is a mediocre car with lots of goodies thrown in. But the car itself is quite average. The interiors are drab and lifted from Swift. The same steering can be found all the way to Wagon R. For the car of its weight, its underpowered. The 0-100 speaks for itself. The engine is fairly noisy at high revs. No rear disc. Quite poor fit and finish on interiors like all Maruti products. Very uncomfortable fifth passenger middle seat. A engine that comes without VTec only in India (resulting in 6 less horses). If you read independent reviews of SX4 sold in Europe, you would find they state that the engine is underpowered and coarse. That is with 107 horses and the Indian model only has 100. Last but not the least, the FE is nothing to write home about. But with tons of features. Like a not so good looking girl in an expensive designer bikini (topping - meant avg car with good features). If the girl itself is ugly, would we guys still marry/date the girl because of the bikini?

ANHC on the contrary has the same engine thats available in other Asian countries. The highest power in class, even exceeding Cedia for that matter. All 4 wheel disc brake with ABS and Airbags standard across all variants. An option of 5 speed automatic with paddle shift, the only other car to have this feature is Honda Civic which sells for 13 big ones. The steering is lifted from a car in higher segment (Civic). The FE would more than likely be higher than SX4. The quality and refinement of Honda engine is a testament in itself. In addition the interiors of Honda are miles apart in finishing compared to any Maruti product. Back that up with the fact that its a brand new model which will have no changes for next 3 years, and the fact that SX4 is due for a minor light and grill change. You now have a hot girl in a good non designer bikini (meant great car with decent features).

Which girl would you choose to marry? Bottom line being, we marry the girl for who she is, she wears good designer clothes thats a plus, but we dont marry a not so good girl just caz she wears designer clothes.

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My vote goes for the ANHC. Sx4 looks nice form the exterior. But their interiors look tacky and refinement will always be a question (especially. niggles) in the long run.

The reason why so many honda citys get sold is because of
1. refinement
2. they have continuously innovated in bringing the latest cars to india for which whey should be commended
3. brand honda
4. fuel average

cons for HC
The exterior plastics were wafer thin. i used to see so many citys on the road which had a minor dent. this dent noticeably didnt come from a bump. it looked more like people grazed themselves while standing against the car. a reason for the thin metal could be to make the car lighter, hence the better average.

The ANHC from all personal speculation should give a lower fuel average owing to 15' tyres.

However having said that i suggest you nevertheless take a test drive of the car as you cant pick a car off the shelf for that kind of investment even without Test Driving it. its not too far away now. If you feel speculative on the brand honda, go ahead and book the car as many have done. Its clear honda has a high brand value which makes people pick the car off the shelf even without the first TD available. Would you do that for any maruti car? I guess therein lies the answer of the quality consiouss goodwill that hondda has derived from indian owners. Hope this was informative. Choose judiciously.
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Ajit, I am a SX4 owner. My advice is just forget the SX4. There are too many niggling issues in the car and the supposedly excellent Maruti service back up is all BS. All they do is defend all the defects by saying that all cars are like that or they just thrust everything on you by saying your driving is not good.

Some common SX4 problems are:

1.) vehicle jerking.
2.) Belt noise. Dealers say there is no solution for that and ask you bring the car to them whenever the noise comes!
3.) Rattling. The first rattle in my car came in at 2xxx kms. Typical areas are dashboard and near the right seat belt.
4.) Suspension is very noisy and thrashy.The car literally shakes you up when you go over rough patches. Not saying that the Honda would be in the league of Euro cars in this aspect but the SX4's suspension feels quite crude and rudimentry.
5.) Extremely poor NVH. On the expressway at about 100kmph, I have to literally crank up the volume on the stereo to listen to the music.
6.) Horrid EPS.

You can read my SX4 review here for more details.
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