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Default Don't let go of me say the cars...(Baleno Altura & Swift)

The family(parents,me & DOG) need to make a decision, we have time but it'll have to be done sometime.
Currently we own a baleno altura almost 7 yrs old with 72k & cng fitted. Don't want to sell the car because it's ideal for the family, dog lives happily in the boot when we travel. The car is getting old though & we don't want maintanence issues either. Dad loves the altura as well.
The swift lxi on the other hand is almost 2 yrs old & has a done barely 12k. Mother isn't very happy with it, seems to have too many accidents, I too find the esp a bit annoying, but am ok with the car.
We like the linea, & the diesel seems like a damn good idea, but seems tough to let go of either of the vehicles, specially the altura(though that should be the one to go), can some please help us take a practical decision?
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Well Suk,
If you think the Baleno will last you guys another 70k kms and would be a bomb to maintain then keep it.You will get a much better resale for the Swift.
Now I don't think a Fiat car would be a good buy due to their worse than worse after sales service and upkeep cost.
Also diesel depends on your average running.How many Km's do you intend to drive?
How many cars are need in your household?
Is there a necessity for a small city car? like your swift?
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I would suggest to keep Altura and sell the swift off. Swift will fetch more resale at this point of time than Altura.
If Altura is not giving any issues in case of reliability, then dont sell it off. I dont think that Altura can fetch good resale.
Spares availability can be an issues ( we faced it for Baleno ), but I think it wont be that difficult.

About Fiat Linea, the car is yet to hit the streets, and if you are looking at a diesel car, then also consider Optra Magnum.
Fiat A.S & S. issues are well know to us. Availability of spares can cause some problem.
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The Baleno Altura will give you something more than another hatch or sedan. A good resale amount is not a part of that.

If you sell the Altura, you will miss it's specific features, and Not get enough for the car. If you sell the the Swift, you will get a better resale amount. Almost any car -esp a sedan will give you as much or more than what the Swift offers you.

If you think the Altura has been reliable, and coupled with Maruti service & network, you could keep the Altura, give up the Swift when you are ready & get something else instead of the Swift.

Check the actual values you are being offered for each, weigh what you have / will lose / can replace, and then decide. May not be a bad idea to actually go for a 3rd car, and keep the Altura for the long drives/trips.
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I would do these things:

Sell the Baleno: Maintenance now starts hitting the ceiling

Keep the Swift : A good car, you might get some good returns, but its the same if you sell it after couple of years also. (I meant the % of return by selling it early or late is not very dramatic in swift so far, just goes with the market & depreciation value), which is unlikely in many other cars

Buy the Fiat : Linea is the much awaited car, read the review in Autocar they say its a 9/10 car.

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Thankyou for your responses. The swift is used rarely, my mother uses it for her 10 km to work & i use it whenever i need to. The altura, with cng has a running of 80km a day 5 times a week, if the altura is sold the cng would have to be fitted in the swift. That is also another important point.
I need the diesel because both cars will now be used more, specially if the altura is sold off. The optra is way out of my budget, hopefully the fiat will be priced well.
requirement of small car- mother finds larger ones difficult to drive.

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I suggest you keep the Altura since you wont get much resale value even now and you wont get simmilar features in any other car available right now below 10L. Unless you want a safari. But dont think your dog would like ot be at the back

I say you sell the swift. About the next car. What is your Budget?
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My dog will kill me if i get a safari, apart from having troubles climbing on and off. The problem with selling the swift is that both new cars would be big, mother would have her own set of problems. lets c. Budget actually depends on how much the linea costs. That seems to be my inclination despite what everyone is saying.
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Old 30th November 2008, 18:55   #9
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My suggestion:
Keep the Altura – that seems to be your lucky one. Now that you have converted to CNG, you will have running cost advantages also. Maruti should be able to support it for few more years.
Sell the Swift – that seems to be unlucky one. Go for another hatch depending on budget.
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Old 30th November 2008, 21:05   #10
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try the indigo marina DiCOR common rail -diesel, VFM, station wagon, dog will love it too.
if kept properly, the DiCOR is reliable,comfortable, torquey, fuel efficient-gives 15 kpl plus, easy to maintain if regularly serviced and will give good returns, even though it has a notorious reputation for being a TATA. it comes in only one varient-fully loaded LX.

As per small car, for women, especially for your mom-the best car-go for the santro GL base model. easy to drive, low maintenance, sturdy and solid body, good average, great resale value.

please also consider the santro automatic if budget permits for your mom (it costs 4,30,000 OTR)-easy to drive in the city streets of delhi for women and may be adequate for your use.

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You have an Altura! An absolute stunner of a vehicle. May I suggest you see how the XYLO shapes up.
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since you are planning to buy a sedan like the linea, then it would be better to sell of the baleno.. the family should not have any problem adjusting with the likes of linea or any other big car.
a small car is essential for every household as it's much hassle free to take it around town..
as far as resale is concerned, they both ought to fetch the same amount...

regarding the swift, sell it only if you find some niggling issues which you can't live with..

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Curious to know, just why those accidents with the Swift? Poor visibility?

I suppose your mother needs to try and identify that so that you can choose another small car for her. Maybe the i10 1.2, as she may not want a car with much less power than her previous one.

Now about the Baleno Altura. My suggestion... keep it. With due respects to the Weekend / Adventure / Marina owners, the Altura is a great car with proven reliability and peace of mind that its competitors can't provide. It should easily last for another 40-50 k kms. And except for the rear-most window and the tailgate and tail-lamps, it's basically a Baleno, so spares should be available for 2-3 more years atleast.

The Linea is a great car but will not make your DOG happy. Also, there is only one ASC in Delhi that can provide peace of mind to a certain extent, atleast in my experience. So, my suggestion is that you wait till Fiat ASC has really proven itself. The car itself does not need a lot of proving, I suppose!
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Hey boss - why are you even bothering with Linea - you have Xylo coming up!!!

Think no far man!
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Thanks guys, the altura stays. Drove it after a long time on petrol. what a breathtaking experience. Waiting for more vehicles to come, currently buying nothing new.
ps- any idea how long stock brakes last, it's done 75k now. time for a replacement?
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