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Originally Posted by d_himan View Post
I'm not sold out on the Cedia's looks, but yes, a drive as good or better than the Corolla. Plus, good A.S.S. stories. Most important, way cheaper than the Corolla and reliability should be first grade. The first owner takes the big depreciation hit.
Are you sure about the good A.S.S? In my experience HM/Mistu have poor A.S.S. Maybe it's different in your part of the country?

Originally Posted by d_himan View Post
3. RS - 1.8 Rider - RS in, 1.8 TP out. For a 70k-1 lac more, the RS is worth it. I'm worried about the ride quality - very critical for the missus. Is it bad compared to the stock Skoda? Muneem, my wife travelled in a TDi and no motion sickness - thanks for the tip though!
The ride is stiffer in the RS, but I wouldn't call it bad. Basically if you're travelling on bad roads frequently, then this becomes a problem.
Originally Posted by d_himan View Post
4. Magnum Diesel - Shuvd, is the ride-handling compromise really bad? Didn't push too hard in the test drive, but found the handling ok, though nowhere in the league of the Ikon 1.6/Swift P (my regular experience). Again, like the Cedia/Elantra, the first owner takes this HUGE depreciation hit, so I can land up with a bargain if I find a nice one.
Ride is soft & pretty comfortable but handling is iffy. Steering feedback is poor, cornering stability isn't good. Since you're looking at an overall package, I would not recommend the Magnum.

Originally Posted by d_himan View Post
So, Final Shortlist, as of now, in decreasing order of priority.

1. Skoda RS if ride quality acceptable to wife.
2. Elantra CRDi
3. Magnum TCDi
4. Cedia

Hopefully, I can get a 15-25 K run example. In for a long, tough quest.
My pick would be the RS, any day. It's tough locating one in good condition at a reasonable rate though!
Don't restrict yourself to 2007 specimens only - there are some end 2005, 2006 RS' with low mileage and in good condition. carwale's recommended prices are much higher than the ground reality in the used car markets. Would suggest you do some hunting in the local classifieds along side the internet-based listings. All the best

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One of my friend bought a RS one year back and has run it for about 2000Km's only...
He bought it for 14.8 and is asking for something around 11.5, is this right?Lemme know if you are interested.
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Though I am an advocate for great used deals, in your case, I'd recommend a brand new Honda City. After all, new is new. Period. Advantages:

- Fresh off the block. Always has that special feeling.

- Brand new showroom piece. Not only are you the first owner, but also you'd avail of a 4 year warranty, zero troubles (for atleast 10 years) and a low ownership cost.

- Great to drive. It really is. And fun to high-revv!

- Fantastic mod potential. Just wait for the after-market to start supplying parts for the ANHC.

- Fab looking (unlike its outgoing sibling). With meaty alloys, it has the potential to become a head-turner.

Nearly 6 years on my OHC Vtec and it still brings a smile each time that I drive her. The reliability is outstanding too, last time it went to the workshop was in Jan '08 for a scheduled service. I see a lot of similarities in my OHC Vtec (for the time) and the ANHC. Only downsides to the ANHC are okay'ish quality interiors and relatively lower practicality (compared to the NHC). However, it is the class topper today. The balance of performance, economy, looks and driving pleasure is unmatched by its competitors.

In the event that you must have diesel, I'd recommend waiting for the Linea. Believe me, it is a fantastic package for a sub 10 lakh diesel sedan.
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I think the cedia makes a lot of sense !
Its the cheapest in your list and has a LOT of MODing potential..

You can find an 20K km cedia for 6-6.5L , and you will have a whole 2L more to spend on the car..!
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the vRS has a really cramped rear but then who cares when you are at the wheels. When you buy the vRS treat it as a two-seater, the rear seats are thrown just for the sake of it

also the suspension is supposed to be bit stiffened in vRS in comparison to other octys. I have myself found the suspension bit on the sportier side rather then a luxury cruiser. Your missus might get irritated by it but then who cares, just listen to the whistle of turbo and relax. Its something which you and missus can live with!

your missus might also get scared when the surrounding gets blurred while you gain speeds, but dont worry just focus on the road ahead and you shall survive :P

if your missus gets really angry beacuse of the attention you are giving to the car then just open up the sunroof and let her head cool off while your enjoy the drive

If you love cars and like driving and have the moolah to take care of the beauty then dont even think about anything else.
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