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Old 27th March 2009, 19:53   #151
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Drashkum - congrats. great choice. Enjoy the admiration
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Congrats Drakshum! Flamingo Red is my fav colour too---it sort of matches the Paprika Red of my Fiesta.

I feel good that you have taken inputs from esteemed members on this forum and made an informed decision, based on your personal likes and dislikes. This is the only forum where you can get a plethora of info on almost every automobile in India.

@Vahanpujari--AFAIK, the SX4 does not have a folding rear seat. But its cavernous boot should be more than enough.
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Originally Posted by supremeBaleno View Post
Well, as per him, he was going to TD both cars back-to-back & post his impressions. So while I saw the Linea TD report, I did not see anything on the SX4. Hence my query.
You were absolutely right. He has yet not posted his SX4 TD report though it seems he has already done it alongwith TD of many other cars as he seems quite knowledgeable about every small feature of many cars.

drashkum - can you post your SX4 TD report also & points which led to your decision
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it seems he has already done it alongwith TD of many other cars as he seems quite knowledgeable about every small feature of many cars.
yeah i havedone the td. writing a report why i chose linea over sx4 will post it soon.

seems quite knowledgeable about every small feature of many cars
well not much. i have been a ardent car enthusiats ever since my father got premier padmini in 1990. ever since we have owned omni, sumo,ford ikon, verna now subsequently in addition to santro which was my last car. ikon and verna were the luxury vehicles ( fully loaded) we have owned. so i had been testdriving a lot since i was a kid. and as my profession demands travelling from one corner of city to anotheri keep asessing each car i travel for its comfort features stability security and power. i had been waiting from last september to own a car . i had been td mode since then ( spent last 6 months td ing and assessing a lot of vehicles). and thats why i have compared these cars in my test drive. after all u need atleast 6 months to choose the car which u intend to keep for next 3 years
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Default why i chose linea over sx4....

at the outset i dont wanna create a controversy and i would like to say that it is just my opinion about both the cars ( and everybody is
entitled to a opinion in t-bhp).

first about sx4

this beast is definitely a car to give sleepless nights when it comes to choosing. the car definitely stands out from rest of the crowd
with its dynamic muscular design. i definitely liked its macho looks better than linea ( a little girly girly kind which was loved by my
wife). definitely a wider car (1735 vs1730mm) . though there is only a 5mm difference than linea it translates into more interior room than
linea giving it a room feeling ( my wife was able to sit crosslegged in the seat in sx4 just like she sits in verna but not in linea).
definitely a tall boy ( 1570 (zxi) vs 1487mm) a whopping 80mm difference which translates into a great gc when it comes to driving. the
ground clearence is even better than a sumo or scorpio or a premium sedan. i was floored by the gc!!!.
definitely a beast in terms of engine ( 1586 cc, 102@5500 vs 1368,90 @6000). it definitely had a better engine displacement than a linea.
fully loaded with features which gave honda city a run for the money when it was introduced. wider tyres greater torque, greater fuel tank
capacity gives it a great edge over other cars in the segment.
but.... a few sorepoints which was blaring loud.
a greater displacement/ capacity engine with a lesser weight ( 1200 vs 1240 kg) should have made it more frugal in fe than linea but on
contrary linea is definitely fuel efficient of the two( i had made enquiry to 26 separate owners driving in chennai city on road and most
of them 85% said car gives 9.5 to 10km inside the city with 100% a/c on i usually drive with 100% a/c on) . for linea i had asked 5
separate owners petrol ( just that car is new i couldnt find more owners) they said car gives 11- 12 kmpl inside even befor the completion
of run in period and first service which is bound to increase after 1 st service. but why??? why a car with smaller weight and a great
capaicity engine should give u less mileage when compared to a hevier car by 40kgs and a far lesser engine??.
coz the engine has been tuned to give more displacement and sheer power and torque than any other car in its segment!! making it more a
lion than a trusted horse. if my job had been a marketing executive mostly driving in highway i would have definitely gone for sx4 buy i
drive mostly in city and go for occasional trips outside so i chose linea.
both cars are a little sluggish in lower rpms ( below 1500 in sx4 below 1000 in linea - i checked that out myself in td as i had info from
team bhp) unlike verna which is a great thing from 0-infinity. but linea is definitely a tad better for city bumper to bumper due to a
difference of 5mm in width and better manuovering capability ( handling was way better than sx4 which most of u will agree). so i chose
the main put off was the stiff suspension at lower speeds. just like verna i was least comfortable on potholes in small speeds in sx4. i
reside in a place on outskirts of chennai city and believe me there are more pot holes in majority of these roads. i was more comfortable
driving linea than in verna or sx4. though at greater speeds i was more comfortable over potholes/ speed breakers in sx4. linea suspension
is definitely better ( independant wheel suspensions with helical coil springs with telescopic dampeners and definitely better than semi
independanttorsion beams and gas filled mc phereson struts)
was comparable to an more or less equal extent . sx4 had a wider tyres which gave it a great grip for a tall vehicles. but linea had a wider wheel base ( 2603 vs 2500(sx4)) giving it an equal stability on higher speeds.
i dont think linea can do a 160-170 with utmost ease like sx4 but i dont need that.i am not into racing i would prefer my car touch 130 - 140 with ease which linea does as well as sx4.
NVH- i dont think its a problem for me ( may be for some people). i couldn assess linea on that so i cant comment. but since i am upgrading from santro i think both cars would definitely score better than a santro in nvh and that would put me into ease.
the interiors.....
thogh sx4 looked a lot roomy linea is not far behind in roominess.
finish of the interiors was better in linea than sx4 ( my opinion - opinion differs). although i had the oppurtunity to drive a 2009 zxi
sx4 from my friend in which the back hump was reduced it still had the hump. my family has 4 people at present the fifth addition is on the
process. so in next two year its gonna expand. i generally think no kids will sit in rear seat in city driving just for the fun of turning
the controls and exploring the car( i would definitely make him/ her sit in rear for a highway drive) in that case my dad mom and wife
would be relegated to back seat . so wont it be uncomfortable for them in coming years?? so i chose linea........
again sx4 is a car that had got launched in 24 April, 2007. at that time there was no concept of a usb input / mobile communication/ multi
information display but it is the relevant thing now. i dont see any sx4 upgrades in recent future except for sx4 ddis which might be in
the offing ( i even asked the sales exec in mul). so i chose linea which was more adaptable with futuristic technology....
audio controls: both had audio controls but when i test drove sx4 i found that when ever i steered the car to left i was accidentally
tripping one of the buttons in the channel selection / volume constantly. although it si something which u can get used to i would have
definitely preferred a flush with surface controls as in linea or a switch type one in i20 or controls on both sides of the wheel.
the acc/ steering wheel/ centre console is the same as that is present in dzire or swift zxi. c mon maruti you cant give the same controls
in each car. sx4 is a premuim sedan and swift and dzire are definitely lesser . i got the same feeling of driving a sx4 when i drove a
dzire. cant they make the look exclusive???.
i leaned more towards linea due to exclusivity.
and also some thoughtful features just like fuel tank on right side ( i dont have to get off from car each time i refuel i can keep a watch
on the fuel meter and also on the fuel person who mostly cheats if u dont get down in chennai) and others like rear a/c suncurtain which
are definitely necessary in india a tropical country.the all window auto down feature with driver side auto up also is a great feature
which is lacking in sx4 which only has a driverside auto down. also the driverhand rest gives more comfortablity which is 3 point
adjustable in linea
one blaring mistake is that none of the controls are back lit. even in my ford ikon which i had bought in 2004 had a backlit window
controls. i sadly find it lacking in a premium sedan and also the elecrically operated orvm switch ( which looks like a mickey mouse eyes)
is a little filmsy in my opinion.
so i would say the overall interior is tuned to be more comfortable in linea.
reversing .........
i always had a issue with verna itself and i found this worse with sx4. i would definitely not say it is not a issue in linea.linea also
has a moderate rear visibility issues but it was comparable to verna.i am planning to install rear sensors aswell to address the issues
the delivery
i wanted a car post i20 cancellation as all of you would know. i had been long enough without a car. so i wanted it soon. i wanted to have that bright red in sx4 and flamenco red in linea ( in america choosing a red colour car would invoke a more premium in insurance as red car drivers are proven statistically to be more rash than others). the car was not available in any dealer at present in chennai. the sales guy said it will take 6 weeks for the car to come. linea guy promised me to deliver it in 3 weeks. ( i took a gamble as no sales person would tell a exact date and to my surprise today morning the guy called me and told me that the linea is starting from pune tomorrow and he can deliver it up within april 10th . i am dumbfounded by the commitment).
as far as this is concerned mul is 1000 times better. but again i am taking a gamble here as tata-fiat jv is the next best thing that has happened to fiat. i have spoken to executives who have time and again assured me that there would be no shortage of spares and commitment.
. and from team bhp i found out from muneemmk post that parts have been 40% subsidised which is a good news. and it seems from one of owners of linea that fiat had changed even orvm under waranty which no manufacturer does. with tata i have always had a pleasant experience when i had sumo. so i am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that i will get a good service
so on the whole
to my way of driving / my lifestyle and comfort i found linea more suitable than sx4 so i chose linea.
ps: there are many issues here which the sx4 enthusiast wouldnt agree. it is just that it is my opinion and my liking. i am not saying sx4 is a bad car or anything. i would definitely recomend sx4 to many people who has a different lifestyle and driving capabilities.
but to my liking linea strikes chord

hope it is my honest decision

so come on guys wish me a happy motoring..................
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mods i am not able to visualize the previous post as i am below 50 posts so i am posting this as a separate posts. if offesinse please forgive and merge with previous post

linea : cons- very hard seats . i definitely have to do something about it. so i am planning for a comfort seat upgrade.

so on the whole of 6 months td i have found no car complete. it is just that i founf linea more car per car..........
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A very comprehensive review.See you dont have to tell 20-30 times that you are offending anyone

You have given a very very honest feedback and that matters the most.I mean one of the best have ever seen.

You are absoultely right about the SX4 interiors.Infact,they use the same in the 15L grand Vitara which is shocking to say the least

I am looking to upgrade to the SX4 in the next 2-3 months and your reviews have been very very helpful.Its good to know someone choosing a car while observing all the minute details.

I would agree to almost all your facts and I know why you have chosen the Linea.Fair enough!

Have a happy driving and keep us updated(esp the A.S.S part)
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hi guyz did you see the spare parts price comparison chat hosted in fiat linea indian website? here it is i have uploaded it for u. just have a look


seems the spares are so cheap
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wow. Linea diesel cheapest in the segment. And Fiesta spares costs 200% more!!!!
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Congratulations drashkum, thanks a lot for posting a detailed review. It is an unbiased and honest feedback and I am sure it will help lot of fellow TBHPians reach a decision.

Happy Driving and post pictures, your experiences

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Great summary on the features and issues that matter to you in identifying the vehicle that meets most of your needs.

Post your cars pictures in the garrage once you get it. Happy motoring and dont forget to write initial ownership review in the first week. I did not and wish I did. It would capture your frame of mind as it is at that time.
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very good review indeed
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information shared in the review is very helpfull.
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Congrats for the selection and very fare comments.

BTW I was not aware that Honda City is so costly on spares and SX4 is cheapest, makes me more happy
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Nice review dude.

Will definitely help to the prospective buyers.

Good decision. Waiting for a same detailed ownership review & pics.
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