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Default Used Sonata Embera Or Used Honda Accord

Iv been in the second hand market for a used premium luxury sedan within a budget of 5-7 lakhs since the last two weeks. My priorities, although not in any order, are:
  • Performance( a combination of power and good handling characteristics)
  • Comfort (isn’t that the whole point of going in for a luxury sedan?)
  • Good A.S.S( reasonably priced spares and good network…BYE BYE SKODA )
I haven’t mentioned FE as a criterion simply because the car in question will be driven during weekends along with the occasional errand during weekdays( a max monthly running of 250kms/month) as I use the office conveyance for official purposes. Diesels, obviously, are out of question.

Last week I stumbled upon a used Skoda vRS,(refer to earlier thread “URGENT ADVICE ON PURCHASING A USED vRS”) but the bad history of the car alongwith the valuable guidance of fellow TEAM-BHPians( more of reprimands in the nature of shock/mock disbelief/agony ) made me stay away from it.

However, I’v now short-listed a couple of sedans which I’v come across amongst others:

1) November 2005 manufactured SONATA EMBERA 2.4 MT(Fabric) registered in March 2006(probably was purchased for a discount of around 2-2.5 lakhs going by the sales trends, therefore, must have been purchased for around 11.5-12 lakhs OTR). The car has done 14k kms.Quote:5.65 negotiable. Clour: Deep Pearl Blue. Also, AFAIK Hyundai used to offer a 4year/80000 warranty on the Sonata, so this car would still be under warranty.Am I correct?
2) March 2005 Honda Accord 2.4 MT. The car has done 40k kms.Quote:7.00lakhs negotiable. Colour: Beige.
Both cars are in a good condition having been serviced at the respective authorised service stations. To be honest I am more inclined towards the Sonata considering that its beeen used sparingly and also the price that it is being offered at(I know a Hyundai is not a Honda….more so in the premium segment). Which is the better deal being offered here?

Guys…at this moment I can use all your valuable advice(criticism included) that comes my way as Im in no way an Auto Expert. Also please suggest the best price that can be arrived at for the respective cars that I have mentioned after reasonable negotiations.

Thanks in advance for all the bouquets and brickbats gurus….

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close your eyes and go for the sonata

search the threads the sonata is rated better except for the interiors.

dont forget the cheaper hyundai A-S-S and the spare costs.

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The Sonata is greater VFM, but an Accord is an Accord. I suggest you drive both cars to make up your mind. Will the car be driven by you or a chauffeur? If it's the former, then an Accord would get my vote. 40K kms isn't much for a Honda provided it's been maintained properly (as you say it has). If you can bargain the price down closer to 6, I'd say go with the Honda.
But if the price difference is a deterrent, then the Sonata is a great option.

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I remember readin somehwere that the Sonata Embera's brakes would give up just when you would start having any fun. Any feedback to back this up?
If you are not much of an enthusiast and do not take fast corners and shift at high rpms, the Sonata Embera is quite a package at the price.

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thanks for the replies guys, keep them coming in. also please guide me as to what would the best price be for such a low mileage clean Embera
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At the prices given, I would choose the Accord because it's probably a bit better equipped and would offer a better driving experience than the Sonata. If it's clean (read as accident free) and has a complete service history, I would pick the Accord any day.
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Go for the Sonata. More VFM as a second hand buy.
From my experience with the Accord 2.4, it isn't very stable at high speeds. Out here in the states, we rented an Accord and a Sonata for a highway drive and we preferred the Sonata.
Also, the Sonata is more comfortable, barring the interiors.
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Though Accord is any day better than Sonata, in your case, i'll prefer Sonata.


1. Less used
2. Still under warranty (?)
3. More goodies (?)
4. Better *** than Accord (used cars need to see the doctors often)
5. Cheaper Spares
6. Used Sonata price is unimaginably low (mouth watering deals available, like your case, negotiate more)
7. 1.5 lacs less you have to pay (use it in Modification / maintenance / Fuel)

Over all its a nice luxury car, having lots of life left.

Best of luck.

Do check the history of *** & running (only 14 K in 4 years?)

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Have you considered the Civic, or is that something that is not in the reckoning, I believe you can get a 2006 Civic for around that much and if lucky even a 2007 one. This will hold value better.

But if Civic is out I would go for the Sonata at around 5 or Accord at 6, that would be a sweetheart deal. I would veer slightly toward the Sonata since its only 14k km which is really low and means the car will be in excellent condition. So in this case bargain away madly and whoever gives you the best offer take that.

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Assuming we are talking about petrol Sonata, i would pick Accord over Sonata anyday. Accord will be any day better snob and resale value then that of Sonata.
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BTW - the Civic prices... are you sure a 2006 can be had for that ??
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I think 2006 Civic is around 7- 7.5, 2007 is more but there are some deals to be had with folks offloading because of the current economic climate
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The civic was available in 2006?
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Thanx for all the help guys and bearing with my queries...Team-Bhp rocks!!!!!

@ loving alaap:Is 5 lakh the best price for the Embera???....Wat if he doesnt agree? whats the next best??...

@ raullease note that the car had been purchased in March 2006....so its a 3 year old(new??) car thats done 14k kms...Also itll be really hard to find any 2006 civics up for sale at 6 lakhs unless of course it has some serious issues...

@spitfire: err....wasnt it??....pardon my ignorance...just goin by wat raul said...as i said i aint an Auto Expert....sorry

Note from the Team-BHP Support Team : Please take the time to use proper punctuation as per Team-BHP rules. Avoid...typing...like...this. Thanks.

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Did you look at Lancer Cedias? You should get a late 2006 car in 6lacs. A friend who owns a 2005 accord 2.4 MT say my car is a lot more involving to drive than his.

The embera is a big boat like most Hyundais other than the Elantra. Not at all interesting to drive.

Now the most interesting used driver's car would probably be a Petrol Ford Mondeo. However it would cost quite a bit to maintain. If you are okay with that, look for used ones.

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