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Old 22nd June 2005, 14:33   #1
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Default New Baleno Vs used NHC CVT

This should have been in the What Car section, but i do not have permissions to create a thread there. hence posting it here.

i have two options:

1.NHC CVT about 8months old, 10K kms - approx 6.5L

2.New Baleno Lxi

This is for city driving - bangalore.
about 20kms per day.

I was about to decide on NHC CVT - but many threads here kinda discourage me from going for NHC.

If i were to consider both brand new - Baleno at 6.5L and City at 7.6 (Exi. CVT would be about 9 i guess), i would have gone for Baleno. But getting a less used CVT for same price is tempting..

gurus, what do u say ?
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Old 22nd June 2005, 14:35   #2
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From guru to shishya : Baleno lo vats ...
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Old 22nd June 2005, 14:54   #3
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Baleno anyday buddy!!!

a new car is a new car...

why will someone sell a relatively new CVT ?
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Old 22nd June 2005, 15:07   #4
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If you are looking for purely City driving and very less highway, CVT deal looks very tempting to me. NHC is meant for city driving and Baleno can't compete with NHC for its interiors, ride, space etc. And here, CVT comes as a bonus. You are not a performance freak, are you? And if you are, are you going to drive fast in the city? If yes, then Baleno is the option.

p.s.: Check why is he selling CVT at that price in short time.
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Old 22nd June 2005, 15:19   #5
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yeah firstly find out if tht nhc is clean.it basically depends on your driving style.

NHC CVT - pure cuty driving.very little or no highway driving.interiors and space much better than the baleno.this car will not give you the thrill of driving but if you just want to use this car to go from one place to another in the city its ideal.

Baleno - its basically a performer.once your behind the wheel you wouldnt want anyone else to drive.it can be pushed to the limits.a good allrounder for city as well as highway driving(provided its got thicker rubber).except for the looks its got almost everything.interiors not as good as honda but not bad either.

so now its all in front of you.depending on what you are really going to be using the car for you can make your decision.

Edit : the baleno will be a brand new car while the cvt eventhought hardly used will be old.there is a big difference in owning a new one and a pre owned one !!


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Old 22nd June 2005, 15:48   #6
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I would pick the CVT anyday.
I own a CVT and have driven a Baleno....no doubt the baleno is quicker.... but for city driving the CVT is pleasure to drive...literally....Traffic become hassel free once your in an automatic car....I dont know the exact mileage the Baleno delivers but i am sure the CVT beats it or is almost equal to the Baleno even though its an automatic. My CVT gives an average of 9-10kmpl in bombay with AC.
Overall the CVT is a much better package ....thats if the car your buying is in good condition, 10,000 Kms is peanuts for a honda engine so i am guessing the car is in good condition. So basically with the CVT you get the mileage of the Baleno with the comfort of an automatic along with much much better interiors, whereas in the Baleno you just get power and cheaper spares maybe since its maruti.
Enjoy your ride, whichever it is you choose.
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Old 22nd June 2005, 20:07   #7
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Everyone here has given you the reasons to choose one over the other. My suggestion; If you have more than one driver at home, especially if that driver is a lady or someone who is 50+, go for the NHC. By the look of your driving habits and considering Bangalore traffic, its a boon.

If you do more than 25% driving on the highway in a year consider the Baleno. Also remember a newer car is better to drive than a used one, no matter what. So check the history of the NHC carefully before picking one.

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Old 22nd June 2005, 20:29   #8
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go in for a new car... end of the day a new car is a new car.. & moreover the baleno is a very good car in the city or on the highways
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Old 22nd June 2005, 22:48   #9
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They are both good cars, not really comparable. One is all about comfort and the other is all about VFM performance. Ultimately its what you want.

With the NHC CVT, you are getting a lot more for your money, because its about 2 lakhs cheaper than brand new. 10K is nothing for Honda
unless it has been thrashed.

Is this a private seller, a broker or Honda official pre-owned car? Find out if you can get an extended warranty.

If I already had a hot-rod sitting in the garage then I'd go for the CVT for everyday driving, cant beat the convenience. But if its my only car, then I might want the performance
of the Baleno.
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Old 28th June 2005, 20:20   #10
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Go in for NHC CVT dude..I just got mine a few days back,and it's amazing..I think currently,the average that I'm getting is around 10.5km/litre in City..I'll get to know exact figure once I fill her up..I'm currently still in my first tank full after delivery !..
Honda people told me that the car will return around 2 km/litre more average after 1000kms and first service..so,dude,you can expect around 12.5kms/litre in City driving with AC on all the time.
NHC CVT is best bet..especially at the price you're getting it for.

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Old 29th June 2005, 14:31   #11
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Dude- a New car is a New car
Nop hassels, no squeaks, warranty, driving pleasure
& new car smell - all unbeatable!~!
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Old 29th June 2005, 15:07   #12
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Just find out whether everything is fine with the Honda car. HONDA deal is tempting in its commercials. But the feel of a new car will be certainly missed if HONDA is opted.

Don't get discouraged on going through the threads about NHC. Your worry should be on performance, yeah this hold good if you want to race in your car for your 20 kms city driving, which I do not think so
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Old 1st July 2005, 11:42   #13
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a new car is a new car mite!

if u plan to keep the car for around 4-5 years, then definately go for a new one.
if u r one who keeps changing cars every 2-3 years, then go for the used NHC as u wont make much loss while reselling it in a short time.

the feel of a new car is never there in a car driven even a little by someone else.
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Old 6th July 2005, 22:29   #14
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I think NHC is clean. this is apparently a case of a NRI buying a car for the time in india and selling by the time they leave, or something like that. but One contact at the local Honda showroom gave a history of an accident ('fender was replaced') and a bill of Rs.30,000 for repairs though (this 'fender replacement' would cost so much ?)..

anyways, i am in no hurry..let me wait and see if the owner of the car will reduce the price further (i guess CVT does not have much appeal in kerala).
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Old 7th July 2005, 01:07   #15
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Baleno and NHC are two distict models competing in the same segment.

Want power and maruti service? go baleno

want Fresh looks(remember it is a love it hate it feature) and HOnda reliability ? go Honda

both have good fuel efficiency . Baleno ac rocks but tyres suck while ride is good in HOnda but ac just about average.
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