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If MT is now in the picture why not a good resale Corolla or Elantra MT rather than a DZire. Dzire is not a complete Sedan in my opinion - a swift with a boot.. thats it ! If they get a chauffer at any point sitting in the back of a Dzire especially for long rides could be a curse. Dzire is more like neither this nor that - ofcourse sells very well because most people in our country are cost conscious and give importance to price tag more and superficial features..

From your current options, my pick would be Option 1 without doubt.
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Please do not insult corolla anymore. You just can not comnpare a 5 year old Corolla with a tiny Dzire.

My vote obviously Corolla.
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Dude a Corolla is a Corolla and you are getting a good deal. You have to choose between a new car and a "quality" car, simple as that.
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great argument.
but residual value frankly is not a concern.

a good useful, comfy to drive, easy to service, easy to maintain, reasonably decent performance, reasonable space etc is of more importance.
after all just 2 elderly people buzzing around 90% of the time.
Auto Trans would certainly be easier to deal with.

While I appreciate ALL the arguments which are clearly heading in favour of the Used Corolla, I would like a specific query to be answered

Does any one here have experience of a Corolla Auto Trans and can any one share possibilities of things to be careful about on the Auto? Especially since it has been used in Bangalore bumper to bumper traffic for 5 years and has been driven by paid drivers mostly. One imagines that the car would be sitting at half clutch most of the time unless the driver diligently shifted the lever into N each time there was a hold up in traffic movement!

Else, the verdict appears pretty clearly in favour of the Corolla. I shall whet the car fully on the weekend and then my friend can take his decision basis the feedback!

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by gods-envy View Post
The following table is an assumption of the depreciation for the next 5 years. I know this is not an exact number, but still can be used as an assumption.

Assumption - The three new cars that you have mentioned depreciate at 25% for the first year and 10% there after, where as the Corolla would just depreciate 10% for all the next 5 years.

SX4 Corolla Dzire Fiesta
2009 930000 580000 750000 750000
2010 697500 522000 525000 525000
2011 627750 469800 472500 472500
2012 564975 422820 425250 425250
2013 508478 380538 382725 382725
2014 457631 342485 344453 344453

As can be seen from the table, the difference in the car price after 5 years is just about a lakh. And I don't think thats a huge amount considering your investment.

Maintenance Cost - Keeping in mind the yearly running of about 10k, the maintenance cost for the Corolla would not be more than 5K. You can add another 5k to include consumables (if any that need replacement)

I am not sure how much the cost would be for servicing the other three cars, but I think it would be a little cheaper than the Corolla, but then think of your investment for the Corolla which is almost 1.7L cheaper than the cheapest cars listed here.

So my vote goes for the Corolla.
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I dont know if anyone has brought this point up, but I would prefer an SX4 to a Corolla in Coorg only because it has a much higher ground clearance.
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1) IMHO, if one is spending more than 3-4 lakhs, its makes sense to go in for a new car rather than used one. This is purely my feeling.

2) If possible, go for the SX4. The recently upgraded car is better than the initial car. More over, the old corolla is phased out and SX4 is yet in production. I assume that spares cost will be less for SX4. Overall, SX4 is a better bet compared to a used Corolla.

3) Dzire is a nice car that is a bit FTD also. Not a bad option. Reliability of Maruti and Toyota are proven.
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Originally Posted by wanderlust View Post

I dont know if anyone has brought this point up, but I would prefer an SX4 to a Corolla in Coorg only because it has a much higher ground clearance.
Wanderlust, the GC of a Corolla is 176mm and that of a SX4-ZXI is 190mm.
I dont see much of an issue here.

Values taken respective websites
Toyota - Corolla
Maruti Suzuki SX4 - Low Band Site - Specification
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2.5 cents

1) If the purchase is for a loooong time usage, money care a damn!! - Corolla AT. I have read about T's spares getting expensive as the KMS progress. Tell your friends to budget/plan a spare Rs.1L for the next 3/4 years for a 2nd hand T' AT. Some things will surely go Bust. Newton's law. Also did you say 'chauffer?' & 'Primary/only car?'. If not, self drive by Elderly in the Hills - Stick to a NEW car. Just cant travel to city for small niggles.

2) Dont want tension, Jhanjat, buying money care a Damn - SX4 AT. coorg has a Maruti @$$ - what else comes closer to peace of mind.

Am not even commenting of Ford.
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SX4. We are talking about making things easier for the elderly couple.

The absence of a service center and the couple managing it themselves creates a greater risk than owning a car which is not so perfect like corolla, but still gives all that the couple is looking for, including support and service in the place they live.

They would love to have that peace of mind that their car will not breakdown (new car); even if it breaks down help is just within the reach.
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Hey Shankar,
My brother owns a Corolla AT in US with 1.8 lakh miles (2.7 lakh kms) on the odo and still runs like new. My vote is Corolla too, all the way!
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Again thanks a lot for all the inputs received - greatly appreciate your help and involvement
will go and check the car and basis that let my pal take a call.

will of course keep everyone posted once the decision is done and whatever transpires.

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Default Corolla all the way!


I own a Corolla H4 AT 2007 car. Have driven it for 40k kms so far, it has had a fair share of highway drives , bangalore -hyderabad kinds as well as plenty of Ooty, Coorg drives. Driving on any terrain with AT is a boon, your legs are well rested, lumbar support for drivers seat makes driving a boon. I just need to take the car to the service center so that the mandatory annual service is done.

Everything said by our friends here about corolla is true, however let me also tell you some things to keep a watch for.
  • Corolla is prone to scratching on speed humps etc due to its longer wheel base. get it up the ramp to see the under body
  • Check the discs and brakes - if the disc is scratched on brake shoes worned out that amounts to a huge bill. Disc skimming is cheap but if they need to be replaced then you can look at a bill of around 25k
  • Check the suspension for any creeks and noises.
If the above are fine the you have a fine car to consider...

SX4 and Dzire dont figure anywhere in comparison to this beauty
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For corolla chk the price. Mine is 2004 July model H4, auto, And it is going for 3.60L, the guy would come this Tuesday to pick the vehicle.

The best rate quoted to me by any dealer was 3.25L.

Take the car to an exchange dealer and try to sell the car to him and chk out what price they are offering you.

Edit: My car has done 1.25K kms. So price of your H4 should be higher.
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Shankar - go for the Corolla. An SX4 and DeZire will never match it in power, space,reliability and brand value. And I am sure a 6 year corolla will be rattling less than the other 2 new models.
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My wife and I did a comprehensive cross check of the TOYOTA H4 AT car on offer.

Here is the review with pictures.

Spent a couple of hours and a lot of effort taking it to a good garage (not an authorized toyota garage but a pretty competent one all the same) and having it thoroughly whetted by a good mech. Ramped the car up fully and checked the underbody etc minutely. Mechanic's feedback was that it is a good car but typically as a car approaches 50K Kms on the clock, thens when all the expenses start popping up. He gave me a potential price indication which is pretty much in line with what my pal and I later discussed - (see below.)

This is for the most part a driver driven car - while the driver seems a nice pleasant enough chap, he is a typical smart young local chap and likes to swank about in the car - a little extra unnecessary acceleration and loud music etc was observed in our short interaction. But he's a polite enough fellow so I will let it pass.

1. Owner - decent sort of chap. Businessman. Quite loaded. Has 3-4 cars in the garage.
2. Service History - well maintained in a proper file.
3.RC Book - all well. April 2004 purchased and registered.
4. Insurance - will die in 7 days - needs immediate renewal.
5. Battery - changed a year ago - Exide Freedom - should last another year at least.
6. Interiors - clean and un-spoilt. little bit of dust - nothing beyond a good grooming session. Nice leather upholstery. Smells clean and no weird smells. Nice original 6 CD system, climate control and all the jazz.
7. Comfort, Rattling etc - Good comfy car with all the bells and whistles more or less. No rattling even during acceleration, driving on baddish stretches and over speed bumps etc. One issue for a tall chap like me though is clearly the lack of sufficient under-thigh support in the front seats as well as the back seats. Anyway not as much support as I would like, in comparison with say, the SX4 whose seats are deep and cosseting, in comparison.
8. Auto Transmission - responsive, bites well in the 4-5 km drive I took.
9. Engine - free revving and feels nice and sounds clean - no evil sounding noises. car drives well, no strange pulling this side or that side. all electrics work ok.
10. Likely FE - 8-9 in city - 10 MAX on highways.
11. Engine bay and general maintenance - nice and spotless - only AC water dripping inside. No dirty oil stains etc in the engine bay and underneath.
12. Boot - usual wear and tear under the carpet but ok.
13. Insides - no strange things beneath the carpets - no rust stains and corrosion per se.
13. Outside - several scratches - normal use in Bangalore but it looks like both sides have suffered at the hands of some wall or something.
14. Tyres - I think it is certaily holiday time for them - definitely needs an immediate change. They are badly worn on the outer edges, a pretty sure set of signs of incorrect alignment, balancing, air pressure, driving quite fast-ish with some occasional pavement scrapes and tell-tale suspension chaos along the car's 6 years of use.
15. Suspension - Front - lower arm, tie rod ends, ball joints - beginning to burn - defnitely will need work in another 6000 odd KM.
16. A general service is necessary too since the last recorded service was 1 year ago at 40K Km. The car has now done 46000 + Km - very little running this last one year as originally claimed by owner.
17. Normal bumper underneath scratches and pits and scars.
18. Alloys - all of them are pitted and scarred -this can be expected of an almost 6 year old car but also argues occasional pavement scrapes and so on.
19.Underbelly - no serious dings and scrapes, but I guess the normal rusty bits and scratches are going to happen especially on our dear local roads with their home made speed breakers and pot holes. No evil looking stains and oil leaks and sump leaks etc to be seen so far. There is a dark-ish patch on the sump which looks a bit like a weld, but could just be the colour because there dont seem to be any other signs of welding there.
20. Asking Price: 5.65 Lacs. Negotiable Max to 5.4Lacs! (Insured Declared Value is 5.85 Lacs)
21. Likely Expenses in the immediate and near future: Insurance - Min 15000, New Tyres - About 20000, Suspension (Front) - Definitely worth getting done especially since the car is going to be driven in Coorg on those pot holed roads - It is likely to cost at least 20-25grand as per the mechanic. Some small rubbing, polishing and servicing with all oils being changed- possibly another 10 grand worth. Therefore one can safely assume an expenditure coming up of about 60Grand after purchase.

Have discussed deeply on this with my pal - we both believe that our best offer will be Rs 4.8 -MAX 5 Lacs and that's pretty generous, considering it is going to be a 6 year old car shortly and more than that, considering all the likely expenses that are going to crop up soon. Being a Bangalore car the price is likely to be a bit higher than rest of India even for a 6 year old Toyota.

Owner claims he has an offer for 5.2 already so I said that if someone is paying and buying, then he should go right ahead. Awaiting answer. Owner not in a great hurry to sell, is intending to wait for his quoted price so we will see what happens over the next 10 -12 days.

Beyond this, it is upto destiny!
Whatever the decision is that my friend finally makes, I will keep everyone posted on this thread so that it can also be formally closed.
Hang in there until then!
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