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Default Which is worth Buying? EDIT: Bought Corolla, 2008 at a dream price

Hey all,

I am actually into a mess where I am getting lots and lots of options as I am buying the used car still when with my budget in-hand I can get new car. It's not buy new when I have a decent budget (10L), but it's something why not buy old if good options are available in market.

After a long hustle-bustle, I have two options in hand

a) Toyota Corolla H4 Automatic, 2004, 45K on odo, Complete Service records available , costing < 4.5L
b) Honda Civic Manual, 2007, 15K on odo, Complete Service records available, costing < 7L

My mostly running will be in-city and occasional trips of the city.

Yes yes I know, we can trust blinedly japs for reliablity but still 5 years a long time. But as the saving is >= 2.5L that's why I am into a mess seeking advice which one should I pickup ??

OT: Does a Civic has much better Snob value ?? Yes, it is important for me but still not that much.

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i would have to say the civic simply because its a much newer car. also i dont think the autobox on the earlier corolla was the greatest. why not look for a civic auto used? a used auto civic will also be cheaper than a manual.

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Its really tough. One one had you have a car that is old but has one of the best reliability records ever possible. And the engine of Toyota are known to run for 3-4 lakh kms. without any major work.

And then you have Civic. The car is newer, 2007 manufactured piece, less kms. on odo. But a higher asking price.

If you are going to run more in city, go for Corolla. Its is much better in city driving as compared to Civic. Also civic has issue with GC. No such problems with Corolla.
And for highways too, Corolla has sufficient power to match Civic. Corolla will not be as quick as Civic but its fast enough. Corolla and Civic both can go upto 160-180 with relative ease. No not so much of a difference.

But 2004 corolla is no longer in production where as the current generation Civic is expected to be in production for around 2 more years.
It has higher snob value, but Corolla has higher respect too.

Not sure about Corolla and toyota, but we are facing parts issue with a model that is no longer in production ( i.e. with Baleno, 1 month for suspension parts! ).

Corolla would do all what Civic can do, but its quite old and you know about Indian operating conditions. Not that engine or transmission, but the body, suspension parts, etc. will need work.
So here Civic happens to be a more logical buy.

On the other hand, if you are ready to spend so much money, why not consider brand new SX4 ? Its also a practical buy. If you are ready to extend budget by around Rs. 2 lakh, you can also consider a brand new Honda City. And there is more peace of mind if you buy a brand new car.

IMO, if you are plonking in greater than 3-4 lakh Rs. for a car, then it makes sense to go for a brand new car rather than some used car.

But out of the two you have listed, Civic is preferable.
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It is very simple IMO.

Think about how much, where you are going to drive and what is your driving style ?

If you prefer the peaceful and relaxed drive in messed up traffic - pick up the Corolla AT eyes closed. 5 yrs / 45k is nothing for these cars. It can comfortably do another 5 yr / 45k kms without hitch. Has equal snob value as the Civic. And 2.5 L is good money !

On the contrary if you are looking for the fun factor, high revving, sporty drive in not heavy traffic areas, think about the Civic.
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I would go for the Civic simply because its a much newer car ad will easily give you 5 years trouble free experience with low maintenance. The corolla is 2004 making it 6 years old, it will start requiring spends now.
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Even I am looking for a car in the same market and I am thinking of picking up a Laura AT for about 9L. The only negative of this car is the A.S.S.

If you can stretch your budget by ~75k, you can easily get a new Altis AT in Delhi with about 15k on the odo. The Altis is better than the old Corolla.

Civic is a good car but I felt the backseat is a tad to low. So that might make problems if you have old people at home.

If you need an enthusiast's car, go for the Honda Accord 3.0 V6 or a Cedia for about 5L.
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For about 6L you can get 2006 and onwards Corolla's in pretty good shape - I am talking automatics here.

Civic (earlier ones) had some GC issues - so if you are going to be driving in rough road conditions I would say get the Corolla, it's also more peppier in the bottom range as compared to the Civic.
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Do not go for a used car just based on the looks, manufacturer's image, year and running only. First should be condition of the car, how good are both? Apart from full service history, carry out your own check on health of the car. Read the how to buy used car thread on TBHP. Also read 'my used car saga thread' by ramzys. It's an excellent thread. Did you check under the bonnet? I happened to see a 2006 Civic today with very less mileage but a louder than normal engine (an ivtec which was quite audible in the cabin). So when I took out the oil dipstick and put my hand at the hole, I could feel air coming out puff-puff so that's going to cost me good. Then I see the mountings beneath and good signs of rust there. A swap job with the engine? Perhaps. All on an otherwise scratchless car. Not scaring you here, just make sure to check both cars first.
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If your budget is 10L, I would suggest
1. A brand new ANHC
2. Used Altis or Civic

IMHO, "Corolla vs. Civic" comparo done above are not true. Altis and Civic are the real rivals; its never Corolla and Civic; Civic is leaps and bounds ahead of Corolla in every respect. 4.5L for 2004 Corolla AT may sound appealing. But since you have 10L budget buy a younger Altis or Civic instead. Between used Altis and Civic, I would prefer Altis, since Civic might have been driven quite enthusiastically and chances of abuse!
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Thanks for input guys, keep em coming.

Tested 2 Corolla in total today !!

a) Corolla 2004 H4 Automatic - Car is literally scratch-less condition, had very neat and clean interiors. Was very impressed with the interiors, Leather was also looked like cared one. Each and every button and function was working. Though some oiling and greesing sort of stuff is required for retractable orvms and power windows. Car was superb in driving and felt like having juice still in the cans. Tyres were in good condition and were original one came with car (verified & matched manufacturing year with car) and will be good for another say 8-10K kms. Had around 42,350 Kms on odo and last service was done on 12-2009 only. - asking price 4.6L

b) Corolla 2008 H1 - Car was in very good condition. Though car was H1 i.e. base model but car was pretty loaded up. Faux leather seat covers, rear camera & sensors, Michelin tyres, alloys. Car felt too good in driving and found it better then that of H4 one (MT rules over AT ) had 32121 on odo with service records. This car was a dec, 2009 model registered in jan, 2009 - Asking price 7.5L

Will be going to take test drive of Civic tomorrow morning !! Will update thread accordingly.
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Negotiate on the price if you're interested in the car, you can probably get it down to below 7 lakhs i guess. H1 does not have ABS or airbags tho so consider those also in the purchase
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Ashish - Still Confused huh

Try to hunt for a 2008 / 2009 Corrolla - I am sure you will find a top end variant for about 7 - 8 lacs as the introduction of Altis made the Corrolla's resale go down a bit.

If you are lucky enough you might just find a used altis about 15 months old for around 9 - 10 lacs !

What happened to the Verna AT ?
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15K on Civic is as good as new. Plus, if you drive my car (44K on Corolla AT in 3 years), that is also no problem. Only cost has been brake pads +service+denting/painting. Both should run you easily for more than 1 lakh kms. For Corolla if you wish to, you can talk to someone I know in Galaxy Toyota who will appraise you about the spare parts. If you wish, you can PM me.

I think your decision should be based on (a) cost (b) AT/manual.
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Why not consider a used accord as well? the 4 cylinder manual will give you about 7 kpl in the city. That is 2 kpl less than the civic/corolla (realistically speaking) but you get a helluva lot more car for your money, especially for highway driving !
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Confusion, confusion & confusion !!

Civic Manual, 2007 mentioned was a totally rubbish one. Rear right was totally accidental one. Dropped with few minutes looking at it.

After this looked at some other options meanwhile.

a) Civic, 2007 AT - Expenses - Some work needs to be done which might cost around 10K, 4 tyres needs to be replaced - 12K. Asking price is around 7.20. This is the fully loaded one with leather interiors. Silver Color, First Party owner.

b) Corolla, 2008 H! (With abs, Airbags & Company alloys) - Car in perfect condition (through dealer), Car will be completing 2 year in march, 2010. Expenses - Insurance need to be updated - 20K. Otherwise ride was tight and peppy. White Color, First Party owner.

@ Varun - Segment blues, whatelse !!

@ Vasudeva - Thanks, will pm you.

@ imp! - Don't want to go beyond 2006-2007 model, also Accord is too big to be used as personal car in Delhi.
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